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World’s Best Dog Training Method Revealed!


Dog training should be fun for dogs and people.Drum roll please… the world’s best dog training method is…

the one you will do.


The world’s “best” medicine doesn’t work if you won’t take it.

The world’s “best” book is useless if you don’t read it.

And no exercise strengthens you if you don’t do it.

Dogs learn when we practice with them and only when we practice with them. If you don’t like a method or a tool – for whatever reason – then you won’t do it. And if you don’t do it, it won’t work.


So, forget whatever hype you may have heard and go find a teacher and a method you like. And then, as Nike says, “Just do it!

Dog training is much more about persistence and practice than perfection. Just keep trying and I bet you and your dog will get better.

Every dog trainer in the world loves the way they train. Some will tell you that their method/favorite training tool is the only good/effective/humane one. Nonsense. There’s a lot you can try; no approach or tool is right for all dogs, people and situations.

Myself, I’ve been in the business a long time. I’ve done nearly everything there is, tried all the tools, learned the advantages (and disadvantages) of each. Over time, in order to help more dogs and people, I’ve become much more focused on the goal than the exact route taken to get there.

My training goal? A happy, relaxed, responsive dog with a happy, relaxed, confident person.

That goal means I must use methods that both the person and the dog find comprehensible and fun. That’s why I teach largely with games and play.

I tell people: “This is – currently – my favorite approach. I’ve used other ways in the past and will, no doubt, find new ways in the future. But, right now, these games get terrific results for people who enjoy them. Try them. If you like them – great. If you don’t – there are other things we can do. The most important thing is to find a method match for you.”

Now, go have fun with your dog!


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