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Pip Favorite: StarMark Fantastic Foam Ball


durable dog toysStarMark Fantastic Foam Ball is tucked into my Pip walking bag next to a canister of Direct Stop (don’t leave home without it), my iPhone, and various poop bags.

This morning, in the relative cool of early morning here in muggy St Louis, she and I played fetch in a local field. At almost 13, she’s still got game!

I love this dog ball because it is both soft in her mouth and durable. We’ve had the one in this picture for over 8 years. Pip is a chomper (she likes to chomp up and down on toys) so she’s left many, many holes in the ball. Matters not; ball still holds together well.

If she were a gnawer (put the toy in the back of the jaws and gnawed) or a picker (use the front teeth to pick at toys) I’d put this ball away when we weren’t actively playing.  Dogs with those chew styles need durable dog toys that can survive such treatment for unsupervised toy time. For them, try Goughnuts or West Paw’s toy line. Both companies guarantee their toys.

If you’re looking for a soft-in-the-mouth, durable dog ball for games of catch, I think you’ll be pleased with the StarMark Fantastic Foam Ball. Oh, and it floats.

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