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Selecting a Dog Water Bottle


Water Bottle for DogsToday I am selecting a dog water bottle for Pip and thought I’d talk you through my process.

First of all, Travel Water Bowls haven’t worked great for me as on-the-move water bowls. My main complaint is that after use, they are damp and when I toss the bowl back into my pack things get a little wet and the bowl gets a gritty/dirty. I see a zipper option now exists but I know me, I’d zip it up damp, forget about it, then the next unzip would be mildew-city. So this narrows the field to bottle/bowl combos.

The plastic Gulpy Water Dispenser is a popular plastic. It is a clever design that has a flip-out bowl that fits snug against the bottle. I’ve used this one with success. But.. it’s not my choice today because a) I still would have to close it wet; b) Pip and I now live in St. Louis where it gets hot, hot, hot in the summer so I’d prefer a wide-mouthed container for easy ice insertion and c) I know I’ll leave the bottle in the car at times where it will bake. I don’t like her drinking water from plastic that’s been heated that way and the Gulpy does not say it is BPA-free.

So, a wide-mouthed metal container please and that is either the 25-Ounce H2OK9 or the 9.5-Ounce H2O K9 stainless-steel water bottles with lids designed to be K9 cups. With this design any wetness left in the lid goes back into the container. Now we’re talking.

NeoSling Adjustable Bottle Holders are neoprene holders for the H2OK9 bottles that come in matching colors. Nice! Thanks Noelle Fischer of Smiling Dogs Training for pointing these out to me!

Pip being a 35-pound, lean, heat-seeking dog and me being a casual walker, not a vigorous hiker, I selected the 9.5 ounce one pictured above. There are 8 colors (steel, black, yellow, green, blue, pink, red and purple) and is well priced.

The 25-ounce is just more than I want or need to carry on a quick walk for my dog. If I still had a German Shepherd, I’d get the larger size.

Some reviews mention that the lid of the 9.5-ounce model has a raised bump in the center to seal the container well but that tipping the lid slightly makes it easy enough for the dog to drink. We’ll see.

I’ll do a follow-up on what Pip and I think of it after some use. I hope you’ve found this helpful and Pip and I wish you safe and well-hydrated summer fun.


  1. Love your comments about the travel bowls, I have had the same problems with mildew etc…

    Now- I was not even looking for a water bottle/ bowl but after clicking the link for the H2OK9 ones… I find myself making a huge effort NOT to buy the cool blue (or purple) one that I don’t actually need at the moment. (Okay, I can use it and I’m going to buy it, but really originally I was not shopping for one!).

    Also- there is a neoprene cross body sling holder at the bottom of the amazon page- you should add that to your review. I like that idea better than a carabiner at my waist, for me anyway!

    Great article.

  2. Thanks for all of this information, I’ve been looking for a dog water bottle! I’ve never heard of the plastic Gulpy Water Dispenser. You mentioned that you’ve used it with success. Is it a good option for people who are just wanting something decently priced that will get the job done? My dog doesn’t necessarily need a high quality water bottle…just something that will work decently enough.

    • Yup, they work just fine or pack a small plastic container and use that. No reason to get anything fancy to go out and hike with your dog. I’ve also watered my dog from my hand many times.

      The bottle attachment on your link looks more complicated than I am interested in and would take a long time for a dog to drink a significant amount that way. Enjoy – Sarah

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