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Seeing Pain in Hindquarters


After watching a much-loved dog who was clearly in a great deal of pain recently, I decided to create this blog. Please review it, share it, teach each other. The more of us who can see this sort of thing, the more dogs can be helped.

The short course: The top dog, my German Shepherd, Bracken, stands with her head up. Her head is above the level of her spine. The dog below, a golden retriever, stands with his head low. His head is below the level of his spine. Dogs who stand and/or walk with that head position are often using the weight of their head to take some of the weight off their sore hind end. Think of a see saw; when you press down one end, the other end gets “lighter”. It’s the same idea.

Review the other clues outlines below. Ask questions below and I’ll be as helpful as I can.  Thank you for caring and for learning. Our dogs need us to continually do both.

seeing-pain-hindquartersFREE PDF: seeing-pain-in-dogs-hind-end





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