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Preventing Ticks on Dogs: Damminix Tick Tubes


Preventing Ticks on Dogs ImageEveryone, and I do mean everyone, hates ticks on dogs. And once you’ve had a dog sick with a tick-borne illness or seen a bloated tick crawling across your floor, it’s war!

And in this war, I have a secret weapon. One I have personally used for many years on my property and am a big fan of: Damminix Tick Tubes

Tick Tube Image

These were developed at a leading Lyme disease research laboratory at the Harvard School of Public Health, have a long safe track record and tests have proven that they can greatly lower risk of encountering ticks on your property.

Add to that, these tubes are incredibly easy to use, safe around dogs and kids and the tubes themselves biodegrade over time.

Here’s what you need to know. Though deer are frequently viewed as the “bad guys” who bring ticks into your yard, it is actually mice harboring the tick larva that are the biggest problem.

Ticks stay close to home. They land in your yard, lay eggs, those eggs hatch and the larva attach to the mice. It’s when they detach from those mice and look for new hosts like you, your kids and your pets that things get ugly.

Damminix Tubes are filled with soft mouse-friendly bedding that is permeated with tick-killing permethrin. You tuck the tubes around your property in mouse-likely areas such as sheds, stone walls or brush piles and that’s it! The mice do the rest.

Whole placement procedure takes under five minutes. Twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. A minor investment with a major pay off.

And you’ll be SHOCKED at how quickly that soft bedding disappears from those tubes. That is exactly what you want.  The mice nest happily. The larva die. And each one that does is one less tick around your yard and home.

Other things you can do to minimize ticks around your home:

  • Remove leaves and stick piles from your yard.
  • Stack wood away from walking/play areas.
  • Put a 3-foot “moat” of wood chips or gravel between your yard and any brushy/wooded area.
  • Keep your kids and pets out of brushy, wooded areas.
  • Keep grass mowed.

Want more ideas?

Ticks Off! Controlling Ticks That Transmit Lyme Disease on Your Property
Upwards of 70% of Lyme disease victims are infected in their own yards, and the number of Lyme disease cases has been climbing in recent years. Fortunately, the arsenal of tick-control measures has also recently expanded, and these tick-thwarting strategies are detailed in the new book “Ticks Off! Controlling Ticks That Transmit Lyme Disease on Your Property”.

I love to spend time outside. I love my dogs to spend time outside. I hate ticks. These tick tubes allow me to enjoy my own property with a much lower risk of ticks. That’s a win for me and totally worth it.


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