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Nighttime Dog Walking Gear: LED Dog Collars and Beyond


Nighttime dog walking gearNighttime dog walking safety calls for reflective/high visibility gear for both you and your canine companion. LED collars, reflective leashes and vests for both of you are top on my list.

LED dog collars are battery operated with the LED light embedded in the collars. When I did Search-and-Rescue training with Pip, the Nite Ize Dog Collars were recommended to me. Because these products contain batteries, I take them off after walks. This goes double if you are a multi-dog household where your dog may engage in collar-grabbing rough play. Clip-on collar lights are also popular.

Helpful to oncoming motorists are reflective dog leashes, which create a clear relationship between the sometimes confusing bobbing lights moving along on the side of the road. The clear strand between the ground and the human makes even a black dog easily predictable, if not immediately visible. I am no fan of retractable leashes for walking along roadways at any time, but especially not at night! It’s not just about your safety. I know a young bicyclist who broke ribs and an arm when he did not see a retractable leash until too late.

You and your dog can really stand out with reflective vests. Three good dog choices are Canine Friendly High Visibility Dog Vest, the Petflect Reflective Dog Vest and the PooBoss K9 Utility Vest (which has zippered pockets). For winter walking, where you’d like to combine dog warmth with reflection, check out the popular Kakadu Pet Explorer Fleece Reflective Dog Coat.

You have many reflective vest options to select from for yourself; chances are excellent that one will suit your need and style.

Lastly, headlamps can make locating your dog’s waste and bagging it possible (though keep the light aimed low or completely off when walking on the road). Put that on top of a reflective cap and everyone will see you and your dog coming, making nighttime walks safer for all concerned.

Reader Dianne raves about  Lighthound Visibility vest offered by Noxgear and also recommends a flashlight. Here’s a selection on Amazon for walking:


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