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Dog Expert

Why I Wrote “How to Train Your Dog to Come”


My Smart Puppy Guide ImageEver had your dog get away from you? Refuse to come? Take off into the woods? I have.

I’ve stood calling with my heart in my throat. Hoping to see the flash of my cherished dog returning to me.

Those moments motivated me to create a better system for teaching this most-likely-to-save-your-dog’s-life command:”Come!”  This book gives you step-by-step instruction how to train your dog to come simply, easily and consistently.

If you’ve just been calling your dog randomly when he’s off leash and you are not getting the results you want (and you can’t with that approach) or strictly using treats and not getting the results you want (and you can’t with that approach either) or correcting on a long line to make your dog come (and that won’t get you to glory either), then this book shows you exactly what to do, how to do it and why.

You’ll be able to identify where your dog is weak and use games to strengthen your teamwork. My goal is to help you both succeed, get better, win!

Also, there’s a problem solving section as well as a chapter on common mistakes and what to do instead.

This short, to-the-point, anyone-can-do-it, great-for-all-age-dogs guide is available on Amazon (paperback or kindle) and Smashwords.

Tell me your heart-in-your-throat come failure moments. Everyone who runs dogs off leash or has had a dog escape has them.


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