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Winter Dog Games: How to Play “Hidden Treasure”


Winter Dog GamesRight now, the Northeast of the US is being hammered by a major blizzard. Many dog lovers are about to be confronted with cold weather and deep snow which can combine to make exercising your dog difficult. But, if you have a snow drift, you can play great dog games with your friend that provide both mental stimulation and exercise. This one is super easy.

  • Grab a broom or mop or anything with a  substantial handle.
  • Grab some of your dog’s favorite treats. (Want to up the ante? Use freeze-dried meat treats (skip the liver which can be too rich for many dog’s tummies). Here are some of Amazon’s top choices.)
  • Go to the drift and, using the end of the handle, tap a shallow hole into the snow. Drop in a treat. Repeat a few times.
  • Get your dog and encourage them to get the treats. Sound excited. Point to the holes. Help them out as needed. It doesn’t usually take long for a dog to catch on to “Hidden Treasure”.
  • This can be played on or off leash, depending on what is safe in your situation.
  • Skip roadside drifts which can filled with road salt and debris.

As your dog improves, make the holes deeper and deeper. Pip, in the picture above, is after a deep one almost half way into the hole she has excavated. And no, this did not teach her to dig at other times. It might, with some dogs, but it never did with her. This is just a snow drift game. When the drift if gone, so it the game.

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