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Help! My Dog Eats Too Fast


A dog eating too fast.Pip eats fast. Very. The phrase “inhaling her food” applies. I’m lucky this habit has not caused any problems. Some dogs choke when they gulp so gluttonously and fast eating has been identified as a risk factor for bloat, an emergency health problem most typical in large/giant breeds.

Although how your dog prefers to eat is pretty tough to change, what your dog eats out of is easy and a difference there can slow your dog down. Here are simple solutions if your dog eats too fast.

Anti Gulping Bowls

Skid Stop Slow Feed Dog Bowl
Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl 

  • Heavy duty plastic bowl designed to slow rapid eating
  • Rubbery base to prevents the bowl from sliding or moving around
  • Rust and bacteria resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds up to 30-ounces or 3-¾ cups

Brake-Fast Dog Food Slow Feed Dog Bowl
Brake-Fast Dog Food Slow Feed Bowl 

  • Medium- 5 cups
  • Helps reduce the risk of Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV or ‘Bloat’)
  • Slower eating makes an animal feel more full and reduces instances of ‘re-eating’
  • Veterinarian tested and recommended
  • Works with kibble or canned food
  • Elegant, no-tip shape, durable, dishwasher safe plastic
    Others Sizes and Colors of Brake-Fast Bowls

Alfie Pet Vea Slow-Eating Anti-Gulping Dog Food BowlAlfie Pet Vea Slow-Eating Anti-Gulping Pet Food Bowl

  • Please note that this listing is for the MEDIUM size bowl – 5.5 inches diameter and 2.6 inches height. It’s best for mid-size dogs like Miniature Schnauzers, Silky Terriers, Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, etc.
  • The Healthy Diet Slow Eating Dog Bowl’s unique revolutionary design is a result of deep thought and research. The design was borne out of the observation of dogs gobbling up their food every time as if they came right out of a famine. This ‘vacuuming’ of food may result in a myriad of physical and behavioral problems including overeating, vomiting and coprophagy.
  • The design in the center of the bowl has 3 apexes, which serve as an obstruction to deter your dog from making a clean sweep of the food. The same obstruction also makes it more difficult for dogs to get their muzzles near enough to the base of the bowl, and thus preventing them from “inhaling” their food.
  • Even your dog doesn’t eat fast, The Healthy Diet Slow Eating Dog Bowl can be used as a regular bowl. In fact, the bowl may aid/enhance your dog’s body’s ability to assimilate the nutrients from his food.
  • NON-SLIP: The Healthy Diet Slow Eating Dog Bowl has non-slip pad around the edge of the bowl. Spare your dog the indignity of having his bowl move from end to end when he eats. With its weight and around-the-edge non-slip pad, your dog can feed comfortably.

Anti-Gulp Feeders

Northmate Interactive Dog Feeder
Northmate Interactive Feeder

  • Turns your pets meal into a challenging game
  • Prolongs eating time
  • Reduces the risk of vomiting and gas
  • Decreased the risk of “bloat”
  • Dishwasher safe

Buster Dog Maze Feeder Buster Dog Maze

  • A daily challenge for all food ‘n fun loving dogs
  • Stimulates the senses and substantially prolong meals
  • It is perfect for treats as well as big meals
  • Use the BUSTER Dog Maze both indoors and outside
  • Dishwasher safe

There is an array of other food dispensing dog toys on the market but all of them are a bit more demanding of your time loading the toy up than these options. If you’re curious, click here.

One of these options should be a simple slowing solution if your dog eats too fast.


  1. I use the 3th one from above for my ‘ I inhale food’ doggy. But it only slows her down a little bit to be honest. I sometimes do worry about her teeth with this type of feeding bowls. You can hear her teeth scrapping along the objects in the middle to slow her down. She still want to inhale her food so she still tries to eat as fast as she can…

    • Hmmmm… wonder if the Northland Feeder would be a better fit. Soft material and they have to nose around in it to find their food or one of the food dispensing toys like a Kong Wobbler. Either way she’s have less to “grab” at. Pip always eats like it’s her last meal ever so I know of what you speak.

      • You mean the Northmate, the green one? Would be helpfull if it’s softer material yes. A Kong wobbler isn’t really an option I think, I feed my dogs raw meat 🙂 . Think it will be stuck in the wobbler hihi 😉

        • Ah… raw… well, if she isn’t vomiting after eating and seems otherwise fine, I probably wouldn’t worry too much. Raw is easy to gulp and swallow. So, my guess is the bowl you have is the right option.

  2. We have a couple of these “gulping dogs”. We put large plastic balls in the bowls with the food. It works for one, but doesn’t deter the other. I might look into these items. They are a boxer and doberman.
    Thanks for the article. Good Stuff.

  3. I have a 12lb Yorker who inhales her wet food ,as well as, any type of snack that your give her wether it be large or small. She feels like she’s not getting the same as her brother because hers is gone and I make her wait till he finishes his. Any suggestions since it’s wet food??

    • Hi Kim – Some dogs just eat really quickly. Putting things in her bowl that she has to eat around or smearing it on the bottom of a larger bowl or plate can slow her down.

      She may not feel like she’s not getting the same as her bro, she may simply want to keep eating. Who knows? But keeping her out of his is the right thing to do.

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