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GoughNuts and West Paw Design: Durable, Guaranteed, Made-in-the-USA Dog Toys


Very few dog toys have any sort of performance guarantee for the simple reason that dogs chew in various ways — some much more efficiently (and destructively) than others.

Those of you with chompers — dogs that simply chomp down on toys repeatedly — will have relatively good dollar-spent to toy-endurance ratios. You don’t really need GoughNuts, but do look at the West Paw Design toys.

Those of you with cutters — dogs who get toys into the back of their jaws and then cut through the item with magnificent-molar efficiency — have varying dollar-spent to toy-endurance ratios. The key to toy longevity with these dogs is buying toys they cannot maneuver into the back of their jaws. Toys from either company should work for your dog.

Those of you with pluckers-and-pickers — dogs who use their front teeth to rip apart toys — have lousy dollars-spent to toy-endurance ratios. Your dog is the T-Rex of chewers — they destroy everything in their path. I sympathize. You need to buy smooth toys without holes or ridges, which are entry points for your mega-efficient dog. Look at GoughNuts.


Made in the USA

Amazon Link: GoughNuts Dog Toys:

GoughNuts designs their industrial-strength toys with a red-alert inner layer as a visual cue to us humans that it’s time to trade it in (for free). The first such toy purchased is pricey but, since it either lasts forever or gets replaced, it’s an excellent long-term value. I think of GoughNuts as the old LL Bean of dog toys — wears like iron and, if the product doesn’t, gets replaced without complaint.

GoughNuts toys come in various shapes and ruggedness. Amazon reviews point to a great deal of satisfaction with Goughnuts products and the company.

Many Labradors are serious chewers with more than one chewing style, so you need an industrial-strength toy if you want it to last (and be safe, since Labs can tend to swallow everything, too).

“GoughNuts Safety Guarantee – If your dog chews through the outside wear layer of any GoughNuts Ring or Stick, Green, Black, Yellow or Orange, to expose the indication layer, Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy.”

This is a lifetime guarantee.

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Made in the USA

West Paw Design, another great American dog toy company, makes less-industrial-than-GoughNuts toys. The same rules apply: chompers can play with most toys, cutters with toys larger than the back of their jaws, pluckers-and-pickers with smooth toys with no obvious entry points.

This Rottweiler looks like a cutter – trying to position that toy way back in their jaws. This toy is properly-sized for this dog, so that won’t be possible, meaning the toy will last.

West Paw toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

“West Paw is Proud to Guarantee all products. West Paw offers even more ways to keep you — and your dogs — happy. West Paw guarantees every product we manufacture here in Montana – that’s all of them. If you are unhappy with the performance of a West Paw product, our Love It Guarantee entitles you to a one-time refund or replacement, per toy design. It really is that simple, easy, and hassle-free.” 

Fine Print: One-time replacement per household per toy design. So, if you buy five of one of their toys which your dog cuts through like a hot knife through butter, you can one replacement or refund.

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