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The Dog Scooter: Outdoor Fun


dog scooter fun imageA dog scooter can be a blast if you have the know-how and the right gear. This picture was taken at my old farm of a friend and her late, great dog, Andrew, racing down the farm road. This duo were experienced at dog scootering. I am less so, so I wear a helmet (top-rated ones with free shipping from Amazon). A good rule I heard long ago is: If you intend to go faster than you can run, wear a helmet.

I’ve read that dogs 30 pounds and up can use a dog scooter successfully. I’d guess it’s a combo of your dog + you + the terrain. To learn the details, here is a book on the topic:

dog scooter book image

Dog Scooter – The Sport for Dogs Who Love to Run
“‘Dog Scooter’ is a how-to book and an introduction to the sport of dog scootering. It describes the sport, the equipment needed including the dog himself, and how to train the dog. There are numerous photos and mini-articles from people practicing the sport with their dogs.”


Here are a couple of Dog Scooters on Amazon. Look for sturdy and stable vehicles.

Diggler Dirt Dawg Image
Diggler – Red Dirt Dawg with High handlebar – Scooter
Oversized Aluminum Skateboard Platform, Ovalized Hi-ten Steel Frame,Big 16″ Wheels with All Terrain Tires,Front & Rear Linear-Pull (V-type) Brakes, Suspension Fork, Skid-plate,42″ Wheelbase, Adjustable Handlebar Height 40″-42″, Platform: 7″ Height, 21″ Length, 7.5″ Width

Diggler Scooter Image
Diggler – Black Alpha Dawg – Scooter
Oversized Aluminum Skateboard Platform, Dual Position Drop Out,20″ Front and Rear Wheel Size,Heat Treated 6061 Aluminum Frame, Front and Rear Mountain Bike Brakes (linear pull), Sealed Cassette Bearing Hubs, Double Walled Rims,Kenda Kinetics 2.35″ Wide Tires,Spinner Grind 320 Suspension Fork, 45″ Handlebar Height,Platform: 7.5″ Height, 26.5″ Length, 7.5″ Width

Kent Scooter Image
Kent Super Scooter (Black/Red)
Manufacturer Suggested Age: 8 Years and Up
Deck Dimensions: Length: 17″; Width: 5″
Number of Wheels: 2
Wheel Size: 152mm
Wheel Material:Urethane
Dimensions:Height: 18.0 “; Length: 34.0 “; Width: 6.0 ”
Product Weight:18.0 Lb.

You’ll also need a good X-back harnesses for your dog. Here are a few. Such harnesses are designed so your dog can lean into them and still move freely. Never attach your dog to a scooter using a head halter or collar.

Canisago Harness Image
Canisago Sports Harness
Easy on and off, and easy fitting for larger & thicker sized breeds
Anatomical no-choke/chafe design allows for load distribution, full range of movement, & all-day comfort
Multi-Activity uses such as running, biking, Canicross, fly-ball, or Joring
Lightweight modular design allows for add ons such as Molle gear or carting attachments
American made and Veteran made.

sledding harness
UltraPaws Dog OneHarness
Padded through the neck and chest.
Ideal for pulling in medium to light activities.
Comfort fit adjusts at the neck, chest, girth and belly.
Floating o-ring puts less stress in the dog’s hips when pulling at an angle.
Belly strap restricts dog from backing out of the harness.

Once you have the right equipment, you can start teaching your dog how to get out in front and run! And that is the fun of a good dog scooter for both you and your dog!

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