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Why is My Dog Scared of Slippery Floors?


 dog scared of slippery floors imageDoes your dog hate to walk on slippery floors? Was he fine before but now he hesitates? Or did he always hate it, romping happily on carpet but going from one throw rug to another when crossing a slick area? Whatever the pattern, I find this to be a sign of pain in dogs.

Not always pain you know about but a reliable indicator nonetheless.

  • If it’s always been true, your dog may have a long-standing issue.
  • If it’s come on recently, arthritis or injury may be to blame.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a dog with this fear who was pain-free.

What do you do?

  • Talk to your veterinarian. Time for an exam. Write down all the symptoms you see so the vet knows everything that is going on.
  • Seek out a canine physical therapist – they are trained in seeing such pain in dogs and knowing how to help.
  • Buy a really good dog bed – dogs sleep a lot, especially as they get older. A good orthopedic dog bed can make a huge difference.
  • Supplement! Good nutrition helps the body deal with adversity.
  • Keep your dog lean. Lean means you can easily feel their ribs. No ribs? Time to slim down.
  • Use skid-resistant carpet runners across slippery flooring. This is a simple kindness and can lessen your dog’s pain instantly.
  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed and fur trimmed from between his toes. Long nails can make matters worse on slick flooring. And long fur can be like walking in socks. Too slippery!

Understanding this common sign of pain in dogs then both adjusting your dog’s world and getting needed help can quickly make your dog both healthier and happier.

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