Sarah Wilson

Dog Expert

Dog Puzzle Toy: Bully Sticks + Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball


This is a quick, easy, and fun doggy delight:

1) Put a few of your dog’s favorite food treats into the Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball.
2) Insert a USA Bully Stick through the Treat Ball.
3) Let the games begin!

For an extra challenge get some Thick Bully Sticks which are harder to remove from Treat Ball!

Having a variety of toys you can use in multiple ways allows you to entertain your dog easily. I’m a big fan of getting creative with your dog’s toys to create new interest in older items. Those everlasting balls are well named. I’ve mowed mine a few times outside by mistake and besides getting wedged into the chainlink fence, they have been no worse for the mowing. (I do set my mower high, though, and that may make a difference.)

A busy dog is a happy dog. And a busy dog doing something non-annoying and non-destructive has a happy person!

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