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Dog Overheating Prevention: Just Add Water


outdoor water bowls prevent dog overheatingIn the summer, water is needed to prevent dog overheating. Inside and outside – water needs to be available. The more time your dog spends outside (and the more prone he or she is to overheating), the more water needs to be  reliably supplied.

This year a bizarre event happened in California, a shiny dog bowl, reflecting the sun’s rays, started a house fire. With that rarity in mind, I offer non-reflective options for outdoor bowls.

Did you know there are ant free water bowls These are a convenience anywhere but in areas where there are fire ants, these are more than a luxury.

If you want to go old-school, a large, easy-to-clean dog bowl can work well for dog’s who don’t tip or carry bowls around. Here are a couple of truly jumbo bowls that hold enough for most dogs: Pureness Heavyweight Translucent Jumbo Crock Dish, 106-OuncePureness Heavyweight Jumbo Crock Dish, 106-OuncePureness Heavyweight Large Crock Dish, 52-Ounce.

Got a water digger (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t have one) or a bowl tipper? Try a Heavy Duty Plastic Buckets clipped to a fence using large carabiners to hang them high enough to discourage the digging. Or how about a Lixit Outside Faucet Dog Waterer for an endless water supply? These attach to an outside faucet. The dog licks the end get water, hence the name. This is the only metal option I share, so use on shaded faucets otherwise it could get too hot to lick.

If you have a heavy drinker or need an endless supply, an Automatic Watering Bowl that attaches to a hose can let you rest assured your dog has water at all times.

For supervised pets, cooling water bowls are a happy luxury. These insulated bowls keep the waterer cool for hours: FrostyBowlz 28-Ounce Chilled Dog and Cat Bowl (FrostyCore Spare Ice Pack for FrostyBowlz Chilled Pet Bowl So one can be freezing while the other is in use. FrostyBowlz® 48 Oz. Chilled Large Dog BowlFrostyBowlz® Deluxe Combo Package) or FROBO Cooling Pet Bowl (All FROBO Products)

Now, the ultimate in large “water bowls” is a wading pool. There are some inflatable “dog pools” which cause me simply to laugh. I call those de-flatable dog pools. 😉 A rigid plastic child’s wading pool works for many dogs but if you need something a bit sturdier or just want a cute one take a look at the Paw Pool.   Adding a cooling dog bed is another way to help beat the heat.

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