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Dog Games: Find It!

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Dog Games ImageStuck inside because of foul weather? Can’t get your dog out as much as you’d like? Time for some dog games! One any dog can play at any age is “Find it!” meaning you go hide something then your dog searches for it until they find it.

How to Play

  • Show your dog a treat he likes (if he’s toy-crazy, you can use a toy).
  • Have him stay (or tether him to something he cannot pull or have someone hold him).
  • Walk a few steps away and, showing him exactly what you are doing, place the treat in the floor.
  • Walk back to him, tell him “find it!” and let him go.
  • Walk with him if need be. Praise him warmly as he eats the treat or play with him for a few seconds excitedly.
  • Take him back to start. Repeat a few times, each time walking a bit farther away.
  • Then, step out of view and repeat the process.
  • As he understands the game better, go farther and tuck the treat out of side. Safe places are behind a door, piece of furniture, trash can or such.

Having Trouble?

  • ┬áDog staring at you not hunting around? Don’t stare back – he loves your gaze. Instead, look where you want him to go.
  • Dog looks a bit then quits. Cheer him on, encourage him to hunt around the room with your voice and by looking around yourself. Try not to take him to the treat/toy but allow him to “discover” it then throw a party. He’s brilliant! Gifted! What a DOG! Enthusiasm is contagious.


  • Do NOT hide treat in furniture or under couch cushions.
  • Do NOT hide in trash cans or behind books on the shelf.
  • Do NOT hide in cabinets or bureau drawers or up on the counter.
  • Do NOT hide it in or under your clothing or shoes.

In other words, if your dog has fun doing something he will do it again. Don’t encourage him in play to do anything you don’t want him to do in general.

Now, go play. It’ll help pass the time and exercise both his mind and his body a bit. Interested in learning more dog games you can play? Click any of these titles below for more information.


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