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4 Dog Games to Combat Canine Cabin Fever


Combating Canine Cabin Fever ImageThe weather outside if frightful,
Your dog’s behavior inside is not delightful,
And since you’re tired of saying “No!”
Here are some dog games from a pro….

When you cannot exercise your dog’s body, then engage his mind! Focus and learning are both tiring for a dog’s mind so that’s what I work out when the weather isn’t working out. Here are 4 ways I combat canine cabin fever:

1) Play Mind Games
Games keep dogs as busy as they do kids. Find It! is a favorite of mine, just play with sensible rules and you’ll both have a great time. There are lots of dog games books on Amazon, many in Kindle for instant gratification.

2) Teach Tricks
There is a never ending supply of dog tricks to teach. Here are two of my favorites:

3) No Free Lunch (Or Breakfast or Dinner)
Most dogs love their food so we have their full attention around their meals. Why give them all that for free? Put the bowl down and, if they are like Pip, in under a minute they’re done and in another minute their walking around with an “I’m bored” look on their face. Make them work for it!

4) Snow Fun

Tossing some delicious treats into the snow so your dog can sniff them out can entertain them in the cold weather and is excellent nose work for any dog.

Have a snow drift? Play “Hidden Treasure” which I explained in a separate blog:

Pip and I hope these dog games help you all pass the time happily. Share your favorite ways to combat canine cabin fever blow. We’d love to know!

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