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Sarah Wilson, Dog TrainerHi.

I’ve been a professional pet dog trainer for over 30 years. I’ve run full, popular classes; managed an urban daycare facility; consult for Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s puppy program, written nine pet-related books;  been on PBS, ABC, Fox News, taught other pros through ASPCA, Tufts University, Humane Society of Missouri and more as well as helped thousands of pet people with their pups. Word of mouth is the only “advertising” I do and my business is bustling.

Need a mentor to help you grow as a trainer and/or a business woman?
Feel stuck with a dog or a client?
Need to brainstorm classes: curriculum, games, creating a client base eager for more?
Have a problem with your own dog that you want help with?

Let’s talk!

I’ve coached people in Brazil, England, and all over the USA and Canada via Skype. FaceTime and phone with great success.

Positively focused, I tailor my advice and methods to fit your approach. My goals are results oriented, not method oriented.

I look forward to helping you.

My starter session package is $150.00. That covers a session to thoroughly discuss your goals then create an action plan followed a check-in session a week or so later to answer questions and review guidance given.

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  1. I have a 4 yr old “chi-weenie” male pup that has just had a herniated disc surgery at A&M emergency vet hospital. We have 4-6 weeks recovery in a crate and I am looking for any books,advice, or info I could get to make his healing process as easy as possible for him and myself.

  2. I just want my dog to understand and listen to me all the time, dogs do like to take orders sometimes and most of the time the dog is rude.

    • Hi Gina –

      Good goal. And, like most goals, it is accomplished one small step at a time followed by another. Consistent response can be built. Let me know when you want to get started. Sarah

  3. Hi I have staffy mix with German shepherd he’s 5 months old but we have problem she’s doing his toilet in the house I keep taking him outside but is not help it’s not all the time like that please I need help because all houses smell and one more problem he’s scared too much of another dogs

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