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Button is one cute puppy! At 9-weeks-old Button, a mini doodle, has discovered a vacuum attachment. Unclear about exactly what that is, she does the classic “approach/retreat” pups (and dogs ((and people)) ) do when unsure. Go toward it – retreat. Do that again – retreat. Touch it – retreat.

Finally, when she is confident it is safe, she picks it up to explore it in thorough puppy fashion by chewing. That’s when I intervene. I don’t want her making a chew toy of such things but I do what her to practice coping with small stresses regularly. This was one such moment.

Raising a puppy is a balancing act between encouraging confident exploration and preventing bad habits. Since she is destined to be an assistance dog, I need her to be comfortable interacting with everything. If I am tending a shy pet dog, I let them do this. If I am tending a confident, “chew everything” type of pup, I quietly take it away while I send that pup to get an appropriate dog chew toy.

This is all part of training toward a goal: a happy, confident, responsive puppy. Some pups will need my help in the confidence department, others in the responsive. And many will need slightly different things at different times in their development.

With puppy training there is no one answer. You have to stay on your toes, adapting your methods to the moment. It’s always a pleasure and, when I have a cute puppy like Button around, it is a whole lot of fun, too.


Remember:Puppy training begins the moment your puppy joins your family. Taught with fun and play, the My Smart Puppy way, both you and your pup can learn while having a blast.

Also, the toy you see in the background of this clip is an Invincible Squeaky toy¬†and, so far, it is living up to its name. Despite quite a lot of vigorous play, it squeaks on. The company says you can drive a nail through it and it will squeak. Haven’t done that. Yet. But I’m beginning to believe it.

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