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Best Martingale Collars

Best Martingale Collar


Best Martingale CollarsI just used a martingale collar on a balking dog last week. He had learned how to throw his weight backward while ducking his head causing the flat collar to threaten to slip off nearly instantly. I prevented that by moving quickly toward him (a dog needs tension on the leash to slip a collar so keep that leash slack at such moments) and then I switched him over to a martingale.

It’s the right collar for that job because of its clever design. It is a flat strap that goes around the dogs neck. The ends of that strap are connected by a loop with a ring in it. The leash attaches to that ring. When pressure is applied, the loop tightens and snugs the collar up slightly making it impossible to slip (or nearly)*.

It has many other uses, too. Many people like them for both walking and training. They are perfect for dogs whose necks are as big as their skulls making them great greyhound and whippet collars.

Alert: Either remove a martingale (aka “check choke”) during any dog-to-dog play or use a quick-release martingale (listed below).


Red Dingo Martingale Collar
Red Dingo Classic Martingale Dog Collar, Mid-Blue
All Sizes and Colors of Red Dingo Collars

Ruffwear Limited Cinch Collars


A quick-release buckle makes this collar easy to take on and off big-headed dogs. Otherwise, such dogs need their collars adjusted each time, which is a hassle. With a buckle martingale you can fit it the way you like and then just clip on and off.

Also, these are the only martingales to use during dog playtime—buddies, dog park or play group. Without the buckle option, there is no way to get the collar off if a dog’s jaw gets caught in it. This doesn’t happen often but when it does, it can be a nightmare. Use one of these quick release options or take the collar off during such play.

Quick Release Martingale Collar
Canine Equipment Technika 3/4-Inch Quick Release Martingale Dog Collar, Small, Black
All Sizes and Colors of Technika Collars

Wellbro Martingale Collars for Dogs, Dog Training Collar, Reflective Pet Limited-Cinch Collar, with Quick-Release Buckle

EzyDog Martingale Collar
EzyDog Checkmate Martingale-Style Dog Collar



Leather Martingale Collar
Bold Lead Designs Martingale Collar – Tan 

Martingale Collar
Genuine Leather 3/4″ Wide Martingale Dog Collar Choker, Fits 13″-15.5″ Neck

Red Martingale Collar
Genuine Leather 1.5″ Wide Martingale Dog Collar Choker


With their sleek skulls, muscular necks and often thin skin, sighthounds need wide, soft limited check collars to stay safe. Here are a few to consider.

Padded Martingale Collar
Sheepskin Lined Leather Martingale Dog Collar 2.5in wide

Martingale Collar Slip Lead
Fuzzywumpets Narrow 8 Inch Fleece-Lined Walking Leads

Greyhound Collar
RC Pet Products Hound Pets Collar, 16-Inch, Modern Damask



For those who want the highest quality collar for their companions.

Dean and Tyler Martingale Collar
Dean and Tyler “LEATHER MARTINGALE”, Dog Choke Collar with Chrome Plated Steel Chain – Brown
All Sizes and Colors of Dean and Tyler Martingales

Pink Martingale Collar
All Sizes and Colors of Bitch and Stud Chic

Martingale collars are my go-to collars for many walking situations. They are secure and humane options. Let me know below if you have a favorite you don’t see listed here.

* When a martingale collar is fit properly the two rings from the strap should not touch no matter how snug the collar becomes. That prevents the collar from slipping. If the rings can touch, the collar is too loose. Adjust the collar so those strap rings cannot touch and you’re in business!


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