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What to Expect After Neutering a Dog


dog after spayThe dog stumbles on the curb as I walk him to the car. I’m ready for it because I know what to expect after neutering a dog. After this blog, you’ll be ready, too.

Day Of Neuter Surgery

Some vets allow dogs to go home the same day and others keep your dog overnight. Both approaches are normal. If your dog comes home the same day, this is what I would expect:

  • Your dog may be groggy and disoriented from the anesthesia so watch him. He may stumble down stairs or trip off the curb as described above. I keep dogs on leash and a wide flat collar or back clip harness with me outside and inside, if there are stairs that I cannot block off.
  • Pain meds. Giving dogs pain relief after surgery is standard practice. Thankfully.
  • May or may not poop. Depends on the dog, but I am not surprised when they do not. They should tomorrow. If assuming the position is painful, they may have a few false starts or poop in an unusual pose for a couple of days.
  • Keep things clean. I clean the crate with a bleach wipes daily and make sure any bedding is fresh and clean. I continue this practice for the first week.
  • Limit food and water. The general guideline I’ve been given is 1/2 the normal amount that evening. This is to prevent tummy upset and vomiting post anesthesia. Always follow your vet’s guidelines.
  • Expect a lot of sleeping. They may snore. They may sleep with the tip of their tongue hanging out.
  • If they were given IV fluids, they will pee… a lot… multiple times. So walk outside, on leash, a few times until the lengthy peeing stops.

Days After Neuter Surgery

  • Dogs recover shockingly fast. Some dogs will feel darn near 100% 24-36 hours after and then your work really begins: Keeping them from overdoing things.
  • Prevent climbing up or jumping off things. Remember, they just had surgery. No gymnastics, no matter how “ordinary” it may seem. Focus them on floor level flop zones, sitting on the floor  with your dog can accomplish this, or crate them, if control is difficult.
  • Female surgery involves cutting the muscles into the belly. They must be kept on leash and calm during the first 7-10 days, as directed by the veterinarian. Don’t take your dogs word for what is good to do. Dogs are very bad judges of such things. She’ll tell you rabbit chasing and stair racing are great. They are not. On leash, inside and out, with lots of engrossing (and sometimes just gross) chews, food toys and other “projects” is the plan.
  • Male surgery is less complex. Though harder for many psychologically, male neutering is a smaller, “simple” skin incision. Nonetheless, male dogs, too, must be kept quiet for as long as your veterinarian advises.
  • Scrotum may swell. Sometimes fluid will fill the scrotum after surgery making your male dog appear unneutered. In time, this will be absorbed by the body. If you have questions or concerns, always call your veterinarian.
  • Accidents can happen. The rapid change in hormones that come after neutering a dog can lead to pee accidents. So walk more often and, as mentioned above, crate your dog. This will pass, in my experience, in 10-14 days. Please don’t be angry if an accident happens, your dog is surprised, too.
  • Wounds start to itch about 5-7 days into healing so watch your dog for licking. If they start to worry the wound you’ll need to use a Bite Not Collar, Comfy Cone or Elizabethian Collar for a few days.

The good news is that neutering a dog only happens once. When the healing is done, your dog will be ready to go!


  1. We just adopted a 3 year old shih tzu, who was neutered 11 days ago. We’ve had him for 2 days. He gets taken out about every 1-2 hours and he has not had any long pees. He does seem to be marking, but I’m not sure. Any suggestions??

    • Hi Evelyn – congrats on your new shih tzu! It’ll take about 6 weeks for his hormones to completely shift over to neutered status. And, if he was a big marker before, he may not know how to really let it all go at once. Also, he may be anxious about being adopted (that is standard) and that anxiety can increase him marking.

      Is he clean in your home?

  2. Hi! I have two Shih Tzu puppies one female and the other a male; they both are siblings. Both puppies are 6 months of age. The female seems to have potty training down. She will use the potty pads each time. The male on the other hand does not. He will poop on the pad, but he recently stopped peeing on the pad this week. He was neutered almost two weeks ago. The female will be spayed in a few days.

    I would like to know what may be the cause of my male puppy not using the pad to pee anymore? My partner and I are planning to contact our vet to see if there is a medical problem. We almost think there could be a possibility that he is acting out for an unknown reason.


  3. Hi there. my weimeraner was castrated a week ago… his behaviour of the last couple of days has been so hyper active… he has had plenty of exercise , so I can’t understand why he is being so crazy?

    • Hi Clare –

      Hmmm… a week ago is a bit early for plenty of exercise. He’s still healing up. I know it is basically self-defense at this point but I’d focus on leash work and self-control, not running hard yet.

      As long as you vet says he’s healing well, then could be rapid hormonal changes (how old is he) or confusion (if extra attention is being given).

      Either way, same recipe should help: On leash work, self-control, plenty of rest and tincture of time.


  4. I have had my dog for 2 months and no peeing in the house. I got him nuetered a week ago and since then he has peed in the house 4 times. I have him on a schedule for eating and going out and actively goes but still also in the house. Can you help me determine why this is happening

    • Read the article

      • Hello I have a 3 years old yorkie and after 3 weeks of his neuter surgery his having an unexpected peeing accident in the house. what should i do?

        • Hi Rhia – Go back to puppy-type training. Close supervision, crate time when he can’t be watching, and up his training a bit. That might get him back on track.

    • My seven month old Yorky was neutered and now he is pooping in peeing all over my house what can I do he was housebroken before I had him neutered

      • Hi Donna – Take a few big steps back in housetraining. Get him on a schedule he can be successful on, then, slowly, start to give him more freedom. I add a bit more freedom every two weeks I get totally clean. He should get back on track quickly. – Sarah

  5. Why does my Bishon frise puppie keep sitting down when walking since his castration he also keeps hiding in corners which he did not do before

    • Hi Tina –

      That’s a question for his veterinarian first. Assuming all is well medically and that he’s on the pain relief needed after major surgery, then we can guess something behavioral.

      Hopefully he’ll snap out of it soon. – Sarah

    • hi tina,
      My Pomeranian puppy did that too. did you notice panting? Hes gotten over it over this last week but for Teddy it was just a case of needing to take a break. He was still sore (hence the panting and restlessness in the house) but wanted to walk. I just took him for short walks on dry roads and paths allowing him plenty of time to stop and sniff so we made it more of a sensory walk than just exercise based- which cheered him up a bit. Hope that helps

  6. Our 1 year old Retriever was castrated on Wednesday and try as we may to keep him to rest he is just as active. But today (Saturday) he has been sick several times. He seems well in himself but its a worry to hear a dog wretching.

    Also his poo is runny today and hasn’t been up to now.

    Is this normal post op stuff or should we watch for anything else?

    • Hi Colin –

      That is not normal, in my non-vet experience. Is he on antibiotics? Could be a reaction to meds but I’d run it past his veterinarian, for sure.

  7. We just adopted a. 3 mo old Daschund-Terrier mix. He was neutered three days ago, has a mildly warm dry nose, and is.pretty sleepy. He’s been alert and playful for small periods, but we have really tried to keep him melloweven during these small moments. Should we be worried? Or is this typical? There’s no swelling or evidence of infection at the incision site,. It does seem like he may have a bit of a cold. Advice?

    • Hi Bianca – Congrats on your new rescue. That’s a cute mix. 🙂

      I’m not a vet, as you know, so I share this from my experience in rescue and in dogs. A dog in a new home may sleep for many days as they catch up with the stress/changes on the rescue experience. A dog can get a kennel cough (doggy cold) during rescue, as their immune system is stressed by the stress.

      But, there are more serious things that can look like a cold at first so watch him like a hawk. If he seems sick rather than sleepy (skips meals, diarrhea, bad congestion), you R-U-S-H to the vet ASAP. And, I would talk to his vet when the office opens next to get your concerns answered by people who know your dog, know that rescue and may know what’s “going around”.

      I hope all is normal with your little one. – Sarah

  8. My barely 6-month old Yorkie was neutered two days ago. The surgery was performed in the evening and he spent the night afterwards at the clinic for 24-hour observation.

    Up until this point his potty training has been 100%. He always goes ONLY on his potty pad. Tonight, though, he peed on the bed, not once but twice. The first time, I wasn’t entirely sure, as I noticed a little spot after I walked back into the room after stepping out, but it had no odor. The second time though, he stood up, assumed his usual squatting pee pose, and just peed a copious amount all over the bed, tail erect, no sign of fear or embarrassment or having done something wrong. Anyways, I did not punish but I crated him afterwards. I’m wondering if this is normal two-days post-op or I should be concerned? Could all his training have been forgotten in one night in a vet kennel without a potty pad, or is this a symptom of surgery, a an adverse effect of surgery? Thanks so much.

  9. Hi,

    I just got my 2yr old neutered that I got from the shelter — turns out he was bilateral cryptorchid. Any way, he was the master of markers before outside, and now when I take him out, at least last night and this morning, I noticed he did not mark as much nor did he really go to the bathroom. Instead, this morning, he went on the carpet in front of me. I have not seen him make a mistake inside, besides when first getting him used to his crate. After that, I never saw a mistake.

    I saw you mention that they may not be used to going all at once. Do I need to redo house training making sure when they are outside they really do go? He stays in his create usually, but I wonder if I need to slim it down again?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    • He’s in recovery so more walks outside, more supervision inside, more eagle eye for the moment and more crate rest are all helpful. This too shall pass and he’ll be all healed up in 10-14 days.

      If you have any worries or he seems in pain or sick, call your vet ASAP.

      Best – Sarah

  10. Hi Sarah – Back in May, you replied to some that it takes about 6 weeks for the hormones to settle down. I was wondering if you can expand on that as to what changes one can expect (in a male). I’m assuming less marking, less mounting (if not too entrenched), etc. Anything else?

    Also, we are about 12 days past neutering (11 month old, Maltese/Yorkie/Norwich) and our guy seems a bit more tired than before surgery. Normal? He was at the vet 3 days ago for a bordetella vaccine and she said he looked good.


    • Describe “tired”?

      Resting more? Not barking as much? Less “busy”?

      Could be the combo of almost a year + neutering. As long as he has the vet’s okay, time will tell.
      (At a year, I took my field=bred Springer to the vet. Thought she was sick. Nope. Just a bit grown up. 😉 Hope the same for you.)

  11. I just had my 3 year old shitzhu-poodle mix neutered. He has always been very healthy and has had regular vet checks. It has been 7 days since his surgery. His incision looks great, no redness, no swelling, no discharge. Last night he felt slightly warm but today he feels normal. No other symptoms. He is sheepish acting and is whiny, which is not his normal personality. Should I be worried? He HATES the vet…and considering what happened this last time, I don’t want to take him and stress him out unless it is absolutely necessary.

    • Hi Paula – A week, huh? He “should” be feeling much better soon. At this point, the I would not be expecting infection with the healing you describe; that would have probably shown itself earlier than this. I’ve never had a dog have surgical issues at a week later who had a healthy, healing incision.

      I consider recovery from surgery behavior normal: more tired, possibly in pain (did you his vet give him pain relief?), more “hiding” as many dogs will tuck under or into something when they feel less than well. He’s also having a rapid hormonal shift which he may be reacting to.

      Now dogs do run warmer than us (101.5) and a worried hand can feel that warmth and worry BUT… not a vet and can’t see him so you have to judge the situation. I tend to trust loving pet people instincts quite a lot and if you think something is different or “wrong”, I respect that.

      Hope that is helpful –


  12. I just had my year and a half old american bulldog neutered yesterday . he seems normal he goes to the bathroom outside but when I brought him in last night he was bleeding from his stitches I walked him on a leash in the back yard. He pooped and peed can it be him straining from pooping. I put him in the crate and he goes crazy and barks and almost cries and I’m scared he will hurt himself. He sleeps on the bed with me so last night I put the mattress on the floor so he doesn’t climb. I’m worried about the bleeding and crateing

    • Hi Nicole. I bet you’re worried! Bleeding from the stitches is a “call your veterinarian” situation. Big, active dogs can pull the stitches moving around and they can lick the wound if not in a head cone. Hopefully all is well but please come back and let me know. {{{ }}}

  13. I just found this page after googling about my 2 year old potty trained aussie having an accident on my rug right in front of us- without getting up. He was just neutered today and I found the information on this site very helpful and helpful for keeping me calm. It has the most relevant info and I just wanted to say thanks for it. Thanks for the insight!

    • Sounds like a long day for everyone, Dee. I had and loved Aussies for over 15 years. They are wonderful companions but they can be sensitive to events and chemicals. Especially the merles and chemicals. So, I’m not surprised by your report but I am so pleased to be of help to you during some confusion.

      Things should heal up (and dry up) quickly. Give him a very gentle pat from me and thank you for taking the time to let me know this helped—that is the best reward you can give me. – Sarah

  14. Hi Sarah,
    I just got my dog back from the vet today (he is male). I was wondering if it was normal for dogs poop to be jet black and watery, also gassy as he is pooping, after getting neutered. He spent two days afterwards with the vet before bringing him home today but he ate the same meals as he would have at the house. So I’m not sure whether I should be concerned about this or is this just a phase? (The vet did not tell me anything about black poop when we took him)

    • Hi Mia – I’d certainly give the vet a call. Black poop can be serious (blood in the stool) or it can be a result of medication (pepto turns the stool dark). My guess, from here, is that he has diarrhea after surgery (some dogs do from stress) and they treated him but you have to call and ask.

      Blood in the stool would be extremely unlikely after a neuter, BTW. Never heard of it in 25+ years in dogs but I would check with the vet. Hopefully all is well. – Sarah

      • My yorkie just got neuter today. He too is pooping dark bloody stools. He will try pooping anywhere quickly. Wonder if it’s the medicine given doing surgery that is causing this problem right now. Hopefully he will be better in the morning

  15. Hi Sarah

    We are fostering a stray in our neighbourhood who was spayed two days ago. We used to feed her whenever she comes by. She was sent to our house yesterday afternoon. She is eating very slowly, and doesn’t want to walk at all. Totally listless. She has yet urinate or poo for two days at our place. Is this normal after spaying?



    • Hi Rain –

      “Listless” two days after surgery is unusual. I’d certainly call the vet.

      Additionally, has she ever lived inside? Gone to the bathroom on leash? Both these things might inhibit, confuse a free-ranging dog.

      Fill me in –


  16. Hi, I just adopted a 1 year old miniature pinscher mix. I took him to get neutered today. When we came home he was very out of it and we laid down. He has suddenly got up and started to have diarrhea, it seems to be just pouring out in a sense and it appears to be watery but gel like at times and blood is present. Is this normal? He is moaning while it happens, please any advice is appreciated!

    • Oh, poor little guy.

      Always call your vet about such an extreme thing. My guess? Stress of changing homes (even to a much better one) and surgery threw his tiny system off. But he needs medical support so talk to his vet. I bet a few days of TLC and rest will set him right but find out for sure. Hard way for both of you to start off.

  17. Hi Sarah –
    My 6 month old German shepherd just got nuetered today. I have not yet picked him up from the vet, but I wanted to ask you a few questions so I am prepared for what may happen. He normally sleeps outside in his dog house. Should I put him in his crate inside the house for a few nights? Or is he okay to stay outside!? Also, will he have to pee a lot? He’s not really house trained so I know he’ll pee if he has to in the house wherever. Should I take him outside often? Thank you. Hope to hear back! – Jenna

    • Hi Jenna – Great questions. Yes, bring his crate inside until he is healed up. Yes, walk him more often. Yes, speak to his vet about exercise and his stitches but usually it is “keep him quiet until he is healed up” and that takes a week+. Until then he’s in recovery (though he won’t think so) so it’s on leash or crated. When on leash most dogs will resist peeing so that should help with his house training and that will help for a life time.

      Supervision is key and supervising an outside dog just isn’t possible.

      It’ll be a hassle over the holiday but it’s worth it. Both of you never have to go through it again!

      Hope it all goes smoothly for you both. Thank you for asking.

  18. Hello I got my male dog neutered 11 days ago the last 2 days he’s been having accidents in the house im getting worried is this normal or has my dog now developed a problem? Please help!! 🙁

    • Hi Heidi – I’ve seen this before. Supervise him more, crate him more and walk him more. Should be done with this phase in less than a week. But… not there, can’t see him so any concerns need to be run past your vet. Oh, and if it has snowed where you are and the accidents are big, could be snow-eating related more than neutering related.

  19. Hi hope you can help I got my dog neutered 11 days ago after 4 days at his follow up check up I told vet he wasnt settleing as if he couldnt lay down that his sack was really red and I thought it was hurting him they gave me antibotics and more pain killer to give and a different type of neck collar to use the first 3 days where fine when given medication but on 4th day he started being sick wasnt keeping anything down I noticed it was after the medication he was being sick until there was nothing left to bring up I have stopped given meds do u think this is whats making him sick I will phone vet when he opens up but he his closed for holiday period could you help with any advice at the moment my dog is a lab doodle and hes 6 years old.

    • Hi Jane –

      Glad you’re contacting your vet. Always a good plan. What I can share is my experience so here goes: Older dogs’ scrotums are going to be more stretched than a pup’s after neutering. Being a “low point” after surgery, I’ve seen them bruise, get red and be quite swollen afterward. That can take a couple of weeks to subside. For the swelling, even longer. And yes, some antibiotics can upset their stomachs (google that med, dogs, and side effects, see what comes up). So, my g-u-e-s-s is that all is basically okay and will just get better.

      If he is otherwise acting normally, that would be reassuring to me. If he is acting sick then I would find an ER. (I don’t know why this stuff so often happens over holidays but it seems to be the rule. If you’re worried, find a clinic that is open. All I can share is my experience, I’m not a vet.)

      Were you instructed to give the meds after he had eaten? That can help some dogs.

      My hope is that the worst is behind both of you on this. It should be, at this point. I hope so. Please let me know. – Sarah

  20. Hi! Hope you can help. My dog got spayed yesterday! She has only peed 2 times since then. Once after she came home and once over night. She hasn’t pooped at all after the surgery. Should I be worried? Thank you for your help/advice!

    • Hi –

      Some dogs, esp. sensitive dogs, will avoid any “pushing” or squatting since they just had abdominal surgery. Bowels can be slowed by pain meds. You may see her walk outside, start to squat, then stop, stand up and walk some more. That can be ouchiness as she squats.

      It is major surgery and dogs can be “off” for several days afterward. But, always – always – consult your vet with concerns. They know your dog and their surgery best.

  21. I got my dog neutered today and he is still bleeding from his cut is that normal

    • That’s best a vet call.

      Some seeping can happen with some dogs, in my experience, but how much and what is normal? Give the vet a ring.

  22. Hi Sarah,

    My 7 years old female dog got spayed two days ago.

    She’s having small meals, drinks much lesser than before.

    I’ve noticed small amount of poop she did, not really like diarehhea but soft?
    Also she tries to pee a lot, nothing much is coming out but everytime she goes out
    she just poses to pee, pee and pee…

    Oh.. Also on the first day she came back after the surgery I could hear this very loud loud gurgling sound…. funny it went away after pooping..

    Called vet to ask if its normal.. and they said it is…
    but I am just still very worried..

    Do you see anything wrong going on here?

    Thanks Sarah

    • Hi David –

      Glad you checked in with your vet. All dogs, and older ones in particular, go through massive hormonal shifts after neutering. It passes but the body can take a while to settle back in. Also, if she was in or near heat, that is even a bigger swing. So feeling “weird” and acting “weird” can be part of that, esp. in the first few days. It is major surgery.

      Soft stool can be a result of the pain medication or other medication.

      My guess is that she’ll be feeling better and better starting today and that your big challenge now will be keeping her quiet so her body can fully heal. She’s lucky to have such a concerned person. Keep me posted.

      • Hi Sarah,

        It’s almost 0900 in New Zealand here,
        its becoming the 5th day my Forman had the surgery.

        And she just did proper poo!!
        so happy!

        She is behaving normal, but still a playing game ‘why did u do this to me dad..’ hahaha

        Thank you for all the advice given Sarah…
        I highly appreciate it!

        • That is good news!

          Smooth sailing from here, I expect. It’s a BIG hormonal swing, depending and where the dog is in their cycle, so she’s adjusting. She should be 100% soon!

          Thanks for letting me know, David.

  23. Hi, my 5 year old Chihuahua was neutered in December 30, and has been wearing the e-collar except for going outside. I decided today to remove the collar, but he has been licking the site like crazy, I guess to remove the crusty stuff or scab. He removed all that crusty stuff, but the incision site looks like when we pick a scab on ourselves, Should I continue him on the collar?

    • Hi Michele – Good job on the healing up! That pink skin beneath is the brandy new healed skin so that part is done. My guess is he will stop once he feels it is “tended”. Has he? If he persists then I would put the collar on and give your vet a call.

  24. Hi Sarah!
    I have a 6 mo. Lab-boxer mix who just got neutered 6 days ago. He has been playful and happy since I brought him home and I have limited his activity, I leash walk him and he really hasn’t licked at his incision site. I understand some swelling is normal but also too much swelling is not normal. His scrotum is swollen about the size of a grape and it is “freckled” red/purple. He is acting completely normal so I am not sure if I should be concerned or not? Thank you for all of your great advice!

    • Hi Candace –

      A grape is actually a small swelling, as such swellings go, and should diminish in a few weeks. Bruising is also to be expected. The scrotum is “downhill” as it were, from the wound so drainage tends to gather there.

      As always, I am not a vet and can only report my experience. But, if a male dog came home to me after neutering with that sized swelling I would not be the least bit concerned.

      If this is a change or your dog acts in anyway abnormally, if the swelling is hot and your dog extremely tender, then I would call the vet ASAP.

      Hope that is helpful and you both will be back to your active lives very soon.

  25. Hi Sarah…

    Yesterday I had my 4 month old chihuahua neutered. Today he was still a little groggy so I left the cone off as I am able to give 100% supervision and able to stop him if he attempts to lick his wound. luckily he has had no accidents in the house as he has been 98% potty trained … Around 6 pm today he back to his old self and was bouncing off the wall and wanting to play and tried licking his wound so of course the Cone went back on.

    I just want to know if it makes me a bad pet owner to keep him crated for longer periods of time as he only goes in his crate at bed time 12am/9am and maybe 2 hours when I run errands. Tonight when I put him to bed he cried and my heart just sank but I know this cone is not fun or comfy for him.

    So basically am I doing right by keeping it on except for when he eats or needs water? I don’t want him to think he is being punished when he know it’s not bed time and him thinking why am I going in

    • Oh, it IS hard, isn’t it?

      But YES, you are doing the right thing. You are helping him heal and protecting him from MORE surgery (what would happen if he opened the wound). So, stay strong!

      And by next week this will be over and you’ll never go through it again.

      In the meantime, cheer him on in his cone. Tell him how handsome, cute, dashing he is in it. Sell him on the idea. Get that little tail wagging. It’ll help both of you manage. 🙂 Sarah

  26. Thank you so much for your quick response

  27. Hi Sarah my 5 month old male boxer/Doberman was fixed today and I noticed a little pink in his urine at the end of his pee is this normal?

    • Hi Katie – What a beautiful dog your pup will be. Pink in the urine would make me call the vet ASAP. Hope all is well but please check. – Sarah

  28. I just adopted a rescue 3 year old terrier mix female. The rescue place of course had her spayed before I could pick her up. She had the surgery yesterday. I picked her up at 4:15 pm. She was sleepy and out of it but overall she looks good. She did take a few laps of water about 9pm last night. No food. This morn around 4pm she again slurp down about a cup of water I stopped her fearing she would get sick if I let her drink her fill. I have pee pads and both my husband and I have took her outside to see if she has to potty. Nothing nada. I’m worried to death. We have waited for this precious angel for 3 weeks. N I don’t want anything to go wrong with her. They didn’t give us any pain med or antibiotics. She seems uncomfortable but I can’t tell if she is hurting. She was a lovey dovey before and now she is super loving now to where we are packing her around. Don’t know if that’s good either. Should she walk on her own? Of course we don’t mind packing her we love her dearly but again don’t want to mess up any of the healing process. Help?

    • Hi April – What a lucky dog you have!

      She is going to be uncomfy for a bit. She had major surgery. And because she had major abdominal surgery, picking her up may cause her pain. A better bet would be to sit on the floor with her and let her curl into you or climb up if she wants. If you MUST pick her up then one hand under her chest and one hand scooping from behind but no hand on her belly and do NOT pick her up “by the arms” in front. Never a good idea and esp. not after surgery.

      I’m not alarmed she hasn’t pottied. Some dogs don’t for a bit. But if she seems sick or is worrying you, talk to her vet.

      What she needs most right now is a lot of sleep and a lot of quiet. She’ll feel better very soon and be ready for her new and much better life with you.

      Does that help? Best, Sarah

  29. Hi Sarah, I’m so glad I found this place with such great info. I have a 3 year old miniature poodle that got neutred and had anal sac rupture 3 days ago. Therefore, you can say that he had 2 surgeries. One he got neutered and two his anal sac was cleaned and left with a drainage tube to prevent infection from the inside. Ok my concer is that my baby is not eating pretty much nothing I feed him. He drinks water but it’s been 2 days 1/2 with out peeing. I take him out side but nothing and he has not pooped since his surgery. I’m worried because since he is it eating and I can’t really give him his medications. My questions is: do you think that his recovery will be longer since he’s not taking meds. Also, not peeing/pooping for that long bad for him complicating his recovery?

    • Hi Marline – Your poor little dog and poor you, too! Please speak to your vet ASAP. His meds – whether anti-biotics or pain relief – are not optional after such surgery. And yes, skipping them could, depending on what is being skipped, cause either complications or slow recovery or both. So sorry. 🙁

      Not surprised about the pooping, given the pain level and the anal sac surgery, but the no urination has me concerned. So, to repeat myself, please speak to your vet.

      And then do me a favor, if you can, and let me know when all is well.

      I’ll be fretting for you both – Sarah

  30. Hi Sarah
    I was able to take brownie to the veterinarian today and she gave me good news brownie is healing up pretty good. There is no infection in none of his incisions and she took out the drainage tube Now we just need to wait 10 more days for him to heal completely and this morning we took him outside and encouraged him to pee and he did. He is still very fussy and whiny because he still feels pain. He doesn’t want anyone to touch him to the point of biting but hopefully this nightmare will be over soon 🙂

    • Oh THANK YOU for taking the time to let me know. I’m so glad all is well with Brownie. Phew!

      He may want to hang out near you but be frightened of being picked up. Sit on the floor and do something else. He may well nestle in for a snooze. Let him cuddle on his own and he’ll start to relax.

      And yes, it WILL be over soon. Be well – Sarah

  31. Hi Sarah,

    I rescued a 3 year old Retriever mix recently. He was neutered yesterday (Monday). I have a few concerns.
    The vet sent us home with neither a cone or pain meds. In fact we were told not to put anything around his neck/head for 24 hours. I found this odd and was concerned about him licking.
    He is drinking water but barely eating. He seems completely disinterested in food. He did eat one treat that I left in his crate but that is all.
    Also he of course went to licking. He seems to be leaving the actual sutures alone but has razor burn – which he has licked!
    I went ahead and got a cone.The vet also recommended hot spot spray with lidocaine to numb the area. This seems to help for only a little while.
    I know he is a little older so it may take him a while to bounce back but I’m concerned. He just seems so uncomfortable. He doesn’t even want to lay down. He is falling asleep standing up!

    • Hi Emily –

      It is tough those first hours. Let’s see: many dogs don’t drink a lot as they were on IV fluids and the meds can make dogs not interested in eating that first night. That should normalize today. If not, ring the vet.

      Razor burn is a hassle and happens. That spray will help and the sting of the burn will be gone by tomorrow, I would think.

      Every vet has their own way. No harm, that I have experienced, with a head cone and I feel more comfy using them but your vet knows this dog’s surgery and what works for him/her.

      Now, did your dog finally lay down? Did he or you sleep at all? Maybe you can get some pain relief for him. No harm in reporting his discomfort and seeing about meds. If he has any ortho issues, the procedure may have made him sore (dogs are placed on their backs and paws tethered once they are “under” to keep everything necessarily stable/still for the surgery).

      There will probably be some swelling of the scrotum. Older dogs often have that. But, as always, ask your vet about any concerns.

      Let me know how today goes – Best, Sarah

  32. Hi Sarah,

    My dog is doing loads better. It took a very low dose of asprin (at the vets suggestion) to get him comfortable enough to lie down.
    He has Houdinied his way out of two cones…I’ll take that. I’d rather have rambunctious energy. He seems to be healing.
    Now we are tackling seperation anxiety but I know we will make it through.
    Thanks so much for giving your advice and experience. It gave me some much needed peace of mind!

  33. Hey my dog just got spayed 4 days ago and she really tired all the time she used to be hyper active but now a 10 minute walk will make her sleep for hours she also goes to the toilet ALOT she went 10 times today and didn’t drink any water? She also will no longer play and will just sit there staring at nothing I don’t know if this is normal but it’s worrying.

    • Hi Tianna – Your girl has had major surgery so her exercise intolerance does not surprise. That much peeing does though. If she was spayed close to her heat cycle, major hormonal shifts could cause both these things you notice, but, in general, young dogs bounce back faster than this so I’d certainly talk to her vet. Better to be sure all is well. Certainly hope it is. Best – Sarah

  34. Hi Sara, My puppy was neutered two weeks ago and now besides peeing in the house, which he didn’t do before, he has enormous energy and destroyes his toys and blankets and runs around like a speeding ball. How long does it take for him to calm down again?

    • Hi Fara – What you describe doesn’t really sound like a results of the neuter but more like a case of cabin fever. You in a cold part of the US (and what part of the US isn’t cold right now?). At 2 weeks out, he is all healed up so work that mind with training, work that body with toys and play and keep a good crate schedule to minimize accidents. Good luck! Spring is coming! – Sarah

  35. Hi Sarah, i have a six month old little pom-chi (Pomeranian Chihuahua mix),and he was neutered today, and he was fine up until an hour ago, he started pooping out poop,with quite a bit of blood, and then he would bend over in his pooping position, and let a tiny drop of blood fall. this happened for several minutes…anything i should do?

    • Hi Irvin. What you describe sounds like it could be a stress response. Some dogs, like some people, get an upset gut when stressed and that repeated straining with bright red blood in it (a result of the straining) is often part of that. So… talk to your vet this AM and see what they advise. I would not be panicked but I would take immediate action. Best – Sarah

  36. Hi Sarah, My 3yr old Tibetan Terrier (I got her 8 wks ago) was spayed two weeks ago as well as having a stomach hernia fixed and anal sac cleaned out and cauterised. She of course was a very sick puppy for 7-10 days. This evening I found that she still had one stitch which had not been removed by the vet so as she was sleeping I cut it and removed it without upsetting her. Otherwise she seems to be healing well I thought but then she began to clean her vulva and when I checked it there is blood there. Should I worry about this or ??? Would appreciate your input!

    • Hi Patricia – What a saga you both have been through and what good care you’ve been giving her. Now, there is no reason I can imagine for her to have blood in her vulva so yes, talk to your vet about it. Hoping all is well. Best – Sarah

  37. Hi I just adopted a min pin/chi mix. She was spayed yesterday evening and we picked her up at 10 this morning. She has not went potty and is not eating. Has drank small amount of water. Is this normal?

    • Hi Sarah – It can be. It is major surgery on any dog and sometimes harder on the tiny ones. And it’s always harder on older dogs, too.

      What dogs often need the day after such major surgery, more than anything, is a warm spot to sleep deeply in for a while. A crate is ideal so they can really conk out. Imagine how you’d feel the day after a hysterectomy.

      That said, the little ones can also get into more trouble, medically, and more quickly so always check and double check with her vet.

      If she were in my care, I’d probably try to tempt her to eat a tiny amount just to get some calories into her. Sometimes soaking her food in water or mixing in some plain yogurt can make things more appealing.

      I hope she’s feeling better soon.


  38. My dog was neutered on Monday. Today being Wednesday afternoon my maltipoo will not walk. He has yet to poop. I can’t not even put him down. He makes me hold him 24-7.

    • Hi Lori –

      Well, if his vet says he’s okay, then take him for a walk on leash, if the weather permits. And you’ll have to put him down and do something else. If you are loving on him majorly, he may be anxious because of that. Try acting confident and relaxed, put him down and do other things. After a few minutes of asking for cuddling, he should go off and do something else. You have a VERY smart little dog and I am sure he’s enjoying your constant attention. – Sarah

  39. Hello, I have a 2 year old lab that we just had neutered 6 days ago. In the middle of the night he woke up whining (not a potty whine), spinning in circles, and with his tail between his legs. He walked out of the room and stopped. I checked to make sure that his incision and stitches didn’t look infected etc. We have been keeping him calm and not playing with the other animals in the house. Do you know what could be causing this?

    • Hi Kristina – That is an odd one. Sounds like pain or surprise/unusual sensation. I’d give your vet a call. My guess is it’s nothing major, some phase of healing for him, but best to check. Most upsetting, esp. in the middle of the night. {{{ }}} – Sarah

  40. Hi Sarah, what a wonderful person you are to give all of us worried dog lovers your time, care and advice. Thank you! I’m in Australia and my 7 mth old shitzhu x Maltese was desexed 2 days ago. Understand about the accidents inside and that’s fine, but he’s panting a lot (way more than normal), noisy breathing while sleeping, bit growly which is not usual (don’t blame him) and eating more at meals than ever before. He’s on pain meds and the vet gave a sedative to use for a few days as he was jumping up etc. he’s also a licker so have found a Kong Cloud for him which seems better than the collar. No poops yet. Does Chilli sound ok to you. Sincere thanks again

    • Hi Yvette –

      Panting can be discomfort and /or stress so yes, can be normal. If it concerns you or if your dog looks like he’s in pain, talk to his vet. Noisy breathing can be from the surgery (they tube them for the anesthesia and that can cause this, esp. with short-nosed breeds that have malformed soft palates as a result.)

      Growly – yup, let him sleep, don’t pick him up, let him heal. It could also be a result of the pain meds, oddly enough, Some meds can disinhibit some dogs. Anyway, I would expect that to pass.

      Eating more? Time for controlled, measured meals. No reason for him to be eating more or needing to eat more.

      My guess is he’s fine but his vet is the only one who can actually decide that.

      As for pooping. Pain meds can slow the bowel down and many dogs don’t want to squat or push after that surgery. Make sure he gets a lot of water. Take him for short walks on leash (if that’s okayed by his vet) as moving can get things…um… moving.

      You’re almost through the worst of it. Hang in there! He should be “his old self” by the end of this weekend, if not before. – Sarah

  41. Btw Chilli also had a hernia repaired, three baby teeth out and heartworm injection, poor little guy

    • Oh no! He has heartworms or that’s how you guys prevent it?

      Anyway – no wonder he’s feeling lousy! The mouth heals up quickly and the rest will, too. Give him space, rest and time. {{{ }}}

  42. Thanks soooo much Sarah. He seems a bit better this morning – breathing more normally. Yes, that’s how we prevent heartworm.

  43. Excellent. Thanks for letting me know, Yvette. I do wonder how things progress. Hoping this is all steady improvement now.

  44. Hi, I bought a dog that was rescued from an abusive home, they told me he was a pup until I took him to the vet and he was 4 years old. He’s a chihuahua cross terrier, he’s gotten fixed 3 days ago.. And it’s still red where is balls use to be there blood red, I make sure he doesn’t lick it much, but i feel like when we’re sleeping he licks it a lot. He has been going pee and poop and eating, srinking daily like he use to. Im just scared if he’s gotten it infected.. Or should I still wait for a full week before I start assuming?

    • Sounds like your new friend is lucky to be with you!

      Yes, the now-empty scrotum of an adult dog can get very red, swollen and/or bruised looking after neutering. That is not, in my non-vet experience, unusual but, if you have concerns or need a head cone to keep your dog from licking the wound, talk to his vet. They will know what’s going on.

      Hoping all is well –


  45. Okay thanks a lot Sarah, I could
    Probably sleep more now..
    Lol I barely got any sleep lately, worrying about him. He has been acting like nothing happened, running around jumping on things. I keep on tryna calm him down, but for some reason isn’t listening very we’ll probably because “dad” my boyfriend lol is at work for the week, and he listens to him
    More than me. Thanks for ur time .

  46. My dog was spayed on Wednesday the 18th.The local rescue center took the last litter of her pups & said they would get her fixed so we dont go thru this again.Anyways my dog is panting alot & really is not interested in her food.I can tell shes really in pain cuz shes barley moving.she didnt come home with ny pain meds or antibiotics at all,Is it normal for them to do that…..we cant keep her from getting on the couch or chair.what can we do about all of this?

    • Hi Nancy –

      Oh 🙁 Spaying an older female can be a bigger deal than with pups and seems to, at certain times, cause more of an adjustment/recovery period.

      That said, you’re 3 days post neuter today and she “should” be feeling better so please call your vet and check that all is well with your new friend. Chances are they are but better safe… While you’re chatting, mention her not moving and panting. She does sound like she could be uncomfy and they can help her with that.

      She’s clearly lucky to have you in her life now.


  47. Hello! Just a quick question! 🙂

    I have two pups. One is 11 months and one is 7 months. I got both of them neutered yesterday. Prior to the surgery, they had lived together for about 3 months and haven’t had any problems. They’d occasionally mount each other but not very often and would play and wrestle for most of the day. Now the younger one is doing just fine, but still a little sleepy, while the older one will NOT leave the younger one alone. He is constantly sniffing, licking or trying to mount him. Like I said, it was rare for either of them to do it before being neutered. Do you think this is just something being caused by the changes in hormones? Do you think it will subside a bit after giving it some time? It’s driving me crazy having to tell him to leave the other guy alone every 5 seconds. The young one is getting pretty annoyed and snippy with him, as well, but he just won’t stop!

    • Hi Jade – Who knows why but definitely intervene. They both need to heal up. Crate them then have then out one at a time. Put him on leash so you can manage him better. Work on his training, he sounds like he needs something to occupy his time. Put up a baby gate between rooms so you can keep him from hassling her. Any of these should help keep the peace. Good luck! – Sarah

  48. Hi Sarah, I have a three year old toy Australian Shepard. She just got spayed yesterday morning and since she’s been home she doesn’t seem to want to take it easy, every time she gets up to move she yelps. I tried putting her in her kennel but she freaked out. Any advice as to what I can do? Also the vet didn’t give me any pain medication, is that normal? Thank you -Taylor

    • Hi Taylor – some dogs get more active when stressed and it sounds like yours may be one. Keep her on leash in the house and with you so she can’t run or jump. If she is active she can tear her sutures and that means an immediate vet trip. I’d call your vet and discuss the yelping and the pain meds.

      Sorry to hear she is stressed in the crate. That certainly makes everything harder. 🙁


  49. Hi Sarah,
    Wow their are lots of things happening with peoples puppies after searching. Our poor lil man had his op 5 days ago. Food and poo’s are normal. He is on pain relief (biggest sook for a German shepherd) and has a cone when I’m not able to watch him but today (day 5) it appears that when he moves he feels a twinge or itch, takes off like a bull in a china shop then buried his head into the couch or cushions and wants to lick. Only his incision is a little pink now – much better every day. Do you think this is a temporary thing if he’s uncomfortable? I just don’t want him to hurt himself on our tiles and go slippy slidding around the house. Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Amanda – Day 5 & 6 are itchy days, often. It’s a healing thing and usually a good thing. Keep him on leash with you to prevent bolting and sliding or close the door to minimize scrambling. Check with his vet for suggestions and feedback.

      Sounds like things are probably going well, not that he understands that. Hang in there! Sarah

  50. Hi, I have a 7 month old male pug who was fixed 2 days ago. He seems to be doing great but his eyes are a little bloodshot and he’s trying to play with his other puppy friend here all the time. We’re keeping them separated most of the day until they’re exhausted and both are falling asleep. When can he start playing with her again and are the bloodshot eyes a huge concern? Thank you!

    • Hi Megan – Ask your vet about how long. Usually at least a week. Sometimes 10 days. So, until then, keep them separated and keep him calm. Crate one at a time. Use gates. Keep them on leash with separate handlers. Whatever it takes. Then you’ll be done forever!

      As for the eye, ask about that at the same time. Probably nothing but your vet will know. – Best – Sarah

  51. I need to say thank you it’s the most useful site I found so many questions when you get home and the vets closed. Had my staffie spayed today & she has not pee since bringing her home, mind she hasn’t drunk much either which is worrying, how can I get fluids into her, or will she drink when she ready?

    • Hi Julie – It doesn’t surprise me when dogs take a while to pee after surgery. It’s a big day and a major surgery so I expect them to sleep deeply and often. They don’t want to go out for a walk. Imagine how you might be a few hours after a hysterectomy! As long as everything else is pretty normal and the vet was not concerned, I’d table this worry until tomorrow. Let her sleep. Offer her water when she wakes up. Sometimes I wet my fingers and touch it to their mouth and that can get them going.

      If she doesn’t want to get up, don’t make her until the last out of the day then lovingly insist. She will probably go then. Take your time. Gently ask her to walk a few steps if she stands there spacing out. Take heart, she will probably be much more herself by tomorrow.

      If at anytime she seems truly sick or something changes for the worse, call your vet ASAP. Otherwise, keep her quiet, let her rest, and report how she is in the morning, if you can. Hoping for a good night’s rest for both of you. – Sarah

  52. hi
    We have just re homed a whippet cross bread from a shelter, we know he was neutered aprox 2-3 weeks ago. (we don’t have much information to the date, but the wound is still scabbed. there is no signs of redness or anything ;like that.
    he is a lovely little dog but we have noticed that when another dog goes near this area he growls and shows his teeth. we don’t know if he is still healing or if he is over sensitive or if this could be behaviour. we are just looking for some advice.

    • Hi Emma – Congrats on your new dog! If he has scabs then the surgery was probably more recent than that. So, maybe he’s feeling defensive of that area or maybe he just doesn’t like that in general. Time will tell. Enjoy your new friend! Sarah

  53. 5 month male bichon poodle tzitzu neutered today with et tube for anesthesia. Has not barked since surgery. Is a barker by nature to let me know his specific needs. Should I worry?

    • Hi Ryn – I would not worry, he’s probably still feeling punk after today. I would fully expect him to be feeling great and back in full voice by the weekend. To be even more reassuring, I’ve never seen surgery impact a dog’s ability to bark but I routinely see surgery leaving a dog quiet and healing for a few days, as it does for all of us.

      As always, if you have concerns and questions, give his vet a call. Best –


  54. We just had our almost 4 month old puppy neutered yesterday. When he came home he slept for a while but after like 2 hours he was full of energy. Today all he wants to do is run and play and he’s just a ball of energy. We have another dog who is 2 years old and we are doing our best to keep them from playing with each other but it’s hard because I am home all day by myself. Is it normal for him to have so much energy the day after the surgery?

    • It can be and your job is to keep them separated and him relatively calm for the next week so… great time to work on training! Put him on leash when he is with you and keep those two apart! Have one in their crate when the other is out. Use gates. Use crate toys and good chews in the crate. You’ll all survive the hassle but it is a hassle.

  55. Hi my dog been neutered 3 day ago and he not had a poo since he been neutered I think he need one but he not go

  56. Hi! My mom has two male dogs. One was neutered last year, and the other was neutered 4 days ago. Since the day he came home the two dogs can’t even see each other without fighting to the point of drawing blood. We have been keeping them on separate ends of the house. They never acted this way before. Is this normal? Will it last forever? What can we do?
    Thanks for listening,

    • Hi Jesi – That’s unusual. Sometimes the at-home dog doesn’t recognize the dog who has had surgery so comes on strong. The surgery dog doesn’t know why the other dog is doing that and chaos ensues.

      Options: #1: Good hands on pro help. In lieu of that: Rub them both down with the same towel so you exchange the scents. Use two towels and leave one on each of the dog’s bed. Repeat and switch towels around. Install a gate so they can see each but not attack. Take them for walks – two handlers and at a distance from each other – so they get a chance to settle.

      This “should” settle out if the behavior hasn’t become a problem in its own right now. – Sarah

  57. My 5 month old maltese/cross male was desexed two days ago. In the last 24 hours he has been going crazy trying to get to his stitches, which he can’t reach due to his e collar. He is very distressed, whining, barking, running crazy and unable to settle to sleep.
    Is this just a phase which will wear off, or should I be worried. Is there anything I can give him to settle him down. He is currently on a once per day pain killer.

    • Hi Julie – Well, is he calmer after the pain med or not? If yes, then it’s probably some level of discomfort. If no, then it may be just a novel sensation rather than actual pain. I’d ask his vet tomorrow to be sure. It is not a standard reaction. Sarah

  58. Hi Sarah,
    It has been about 3 weeks after my 6 month old Pomeranian’s surgery. Lately he has been urinating on the sofa and on the carpet. I don’t understand why is he all of a sudden displaying this type of behavior?

    • Hi Beth – That is not a typical response to neutering 3 weeks ago. However, it can be a typical response to getting a lot of attention and babying after neutering. If you might have happened, go to the “You’re Grounded” article here and apply those suggestions. They should help if that is indeed happening. But first, discuss this with his vet. If he has a tick borne illness or a UTI, it could cause these symptoms, too. Good luck! – Sarah

  59. Sarah,

    I just had my 2 year old Chow mix neutered earlier today. He is the typical groggy and sleepy but my concern is he has had two loose stools with a small amount if bright red blood. I called the vet and let a message and found your page.

    What are your thoughts? Thanks!!

    • Hi Kate – I’m glad you called your vet because it’s always good to run such things passed them. In my non-vet experience, this could be “simple” stress for the surgery or the meds or the day itself. Sometimes dogs strain a bit when passing that sort of diarrhea and that straining can cause that sort of bright red blood on the outside of the stool. I never like to see blood on/in a stool but the bright red streaks on the outside worry me the least. That blood is near the exit, as it were. I’ve never had a vet show much worry about such blood. They get things straightened out and that straightens that out. Hoping it is just such a case and that your dog feels much better soon. – Sarah

  60. Hi sarah. I am so excited when I found this site because I have my 6 mos old poodle bichon mixed neutered on Tuesday and I have some concerns. The vet sent us pain killer and an e collar. On the first night he went ok. I think the anesthesia still kicking. But on Wednesday I noticed mild redness and bleeding on the wound. And also his scrotum has some redness too. Not sure if it’s swelling the scrotum was covered by his fur all the time. Anyways, I could see that he isn’t comfortable and he has been licking the wound even with the e collar on. Would it be the itch cozing the excessive licking or just something normal in the healing process. Should I get a different e collar because the current e collar isn’t doing it’s job but making it worse by scratching the wound n scrotum when he licking.

    • Hello yu de – Talk to his vet and get a different e-collar. If it doesn’t prevent such licking than it’s the wrong collar for your pup (or it needs to be snugged up tighter and higher on his neck, if he can push it down that can allow for this.) Licking can certainly contribute to redness though it can also be normal for some dogs but don’t like the sound of bleeding and only his vet can sort out such concerns. Hopefully all is well. – Sarah

  61. Hi sarah i have a golden retriever puppy that is about seven months old and we got her spayed 4 days ago. There is a hard lump around the incision and a small amount of drainage.

    • Hi Klary – The body can have a reaction to the internal sutures (there are a couple of layers of sutures) and that reaction can feel like a hard bump or a series of hard little lumps under the skin. So that is most probably that. But the drainage you want to speak to your vet about. Any drainage from a surgical incision needs veterinary review and, when you do, ask about the lump, too. My guess is she’s just fine but you need to double check today. – Sarah

  62. Hi Sarah,

    I have a 7 almost 8 year old shih tzu named Miley she is my baby. In a couple days she is going to be spayed as well as have a small mammary tumour removed about 2 1/2 centimeters in size which the vet figures is benign because It’s not attached. Miley had testing done to make sure she is okay to have the surgery but I still can’t help but worry what If my baby doesn’t wake up from the anesthesia.? What are the chances of that happening?

    • Hi Terry – It has been many years (maybe a couple of decades?) since I’ve heard of a dog not waking up after a spay, even with the mammary surgery, too. It IS scary and it is hard not to think of worst outcomes but you’re doing the right thing for Miley’s long-term health. PLEASE come by and let me know when she is awake and it is over. We’ll be relieved together. – Sarah

      • Thank you so much Sarah just hearing somebody say that does make it better. There are so many things going through my head of things that could go wrong. I really appreciate your response her surgery is Thursday morning so I will be sure to message you back Thursday night to let you know how It goes 🙂 Thank you again for your quick reply 😉 – Terry

  63. Hi Sarah, I am happy to tell you Miley is out of Surgery and awake and everything went well. 🙂 She does have a canine tooth in her gums that never erupted and It has a bit of swelling. but she has lived with that her whole 7 years so were just going to keep an eye on it. I am so happy right now that she made it through the surgery. Thank you again for your response and your caring words 🙂

  64. P.S That was the longest 5 hours of my life he he

  65. Hi Sarah!

    I have a 7 month old cane corso female pup. We got her spayed on May 20th and she is still having accidents in the house at least once a day. I expected accidents, but is this normal? We are an outside family and she is definitely an outside dog, so I know talking her out is not an issue.

    • Hi Kallyn – If they are big puddles than take her out more than you are and on a schedule. Crate her when you can’t keep an eye on her. If they are lots of small puddles than she may have an infection. Either way, I’d certainly run things by her vet.

  66. What happens if the day they’re getting nature they drink water

    • Hi Lisette – Let your vet know. The concern is dog’s vomiting under anesthesia and inhaling the mess. That is why they are not supposed to eat or drink before surgery. However, water leaves the stomach pretty quickly. Your vet will know what is safe for your dog. Good question – Sarah

  67. Hi, my 8 month schnauzer was neutered aprox 3 weeks ago. Yesterday we did some visiting around and one dog was humping him before we could rescue him. Tonight he is very moopy and whiny. I checked his incision area and it appears some swollen and a little irritated. What can we do until we call the vet. We are thinking of kenneling him again, he was fully trained before surgery and now seems to pee on the carpet. What are we to think about all of this?

    • Hi Kate –

      Three weeks after surgery your dog should be entirely healed. My guess is that the normal bumps under the skin from the internal sutures plus the pale but bright pink of a healing wound may be what you see but please get it checked. I can only guess and you need to know.

      Riding out the hormonal changes can take a bit longer so yes, kenneling would help. At 8-months, he’s young to be out of the crate full time so I would not hesitate to crate him again and on a schedule for at least a few weeks.

      He should be in NO discomfort from the surgery itself now so please get him checked. Oh and the humping may be unrelated. Some dogs hump everything in sight. Keep me posted – Sarah

  68. Hi I’ve had my male shistzu neutered and he’s started carrying a squeaky toy everywhere with him he sits for ages with it in his mouth he takes it to bed. He won’t bother with his other toys like he use to is this normal after neutering

    • Hi Michaela – How long ago was he neutered? No real thought about this one and, luckily, it seems harmless enough. I might get a few more of that toy since he has such a strong preference. If you want this to stop for some reason, you can take the toy away completely but I, personally, don’t see any particular reason to do that. Best – Sarah

  69. I just had my 8 year old beagle/lab nurtured. His testicles were quite large and he now has a lot of skin hanging there.
    Given his age and their size, will the skin shrink?

    • Over time, yes. Maybe not all the way, like a pup, but they will lose that “deflated balloon” look. It will take a while though.

  70. I just got my 2 year old Golden Neutered. My vet told me that his recovery time would be be no more than a couple of days so i planned it for when I was off so I could be with him. Well when I pick him up the surgeon tells me 2 weeks!!!!!!! Because they used external stitches!! I received no answer he is not sleeping he pulled one e collar off he was eating now he is not and surgery was 5 days ago. He is energetic but doesn’t want to play with his toys should I be concerned??

    • Hi Joe – All sounds normal (a hassle but normal.) Recovery time from the surgery itself—a couple of days. As you now see. He now feels ALL BETTER! Healing time for the incision? 10-14 days. And that is what it is. There is no shortening it. Even with internal stitches, it’s still about that long.

      So, get that plastic collar back on him properly and batten down the hatches. He can (and probably will) pull all those stitches out if he can and you’ll be right back into surgery so – plastic collar, on leash when out of confinement, a great time for training, no leaping or racing around and it’s a great time for chews he likes. Hang in there. It’ll be over soon!

      Oh, and check with your vet about the eating. If he was eating after the surgery and now he is not, vet! If he was eating before the surgery and now he isn’t since, he probably will start again soon but I’d still chat with the vet. Sarah

  71. Hello Sarah,

    My parents are planning to take my two year old golden labradoodle to the vet soon but I have some concerns. We had got him fixed a while back I can’t remember the date and a couple of days ago I noticed that his sac is red and swollen like it looks like it could be infected. I looked up some stuff about it and I’ve seen that it could possibly be fluid just filling it up or he might have nipped at it and caused the swelling. But I’m worried that it might be cancer. He isn’t really using the bathroom , im assuming it’s because of the irritation . I guess my question is is there anything I can do at home that would help him before he goes to the vet?

    • Hi – Such fluid is often, as you say, normal and decreases with time but glad you’re parents are taking him in for a check up. Always best.

      Why would you think cancer? Just worried? Would not expect that. And not sure what you mean by “isn’t really using the bathroom.” Not lifting his leg? If your dog is active and happy, I’d get him checked but would not be too worried. – Sarah

  72. Hi Sarah, I just had my 2 year old English bulldog/husky mix neutered two days which makes today the third day. He used to be very hyperactive and always wants affection. Now he’s just mellow? I wonder if he’s in pain but it doesn’t seem like it. He’s not whining nor is he hiding. The only thing that’s normal is the fact he’s going to the bathroom when we take him for short slow walks. His incision is normal, it’s not opened or is it bleeding but it’s like moist? It’s not from his licking. So my question is that, is he behaving normal and does everything seem to be okay from what I’m describing?

    • Hi Krist – It is not unusual for a dog to be quiet for a few days post surgery, so, from your description, he sounds like he is behaving normally, just quietly.

      Of course, always ask your vet, but a dog who is eating, sleeping, peeing and pooping normally without any incision redness or opening may just be a dog who is more sensitive to the surgery than others. Certainly a bulldog mix might be. Glad you are keeping such a close eye on him and don’t be surprised if he is back, in force, later today.

      Now, is there a pic of him up anywhere on the ‘net? I’d love to see a bulldog/husky mix. Sarah

  73. Hi Sarah , what do you mean sensitive? As of right now he’s just sleeping. There’s none online and this page doesn’t allow me to post pictures. But the bulldog gave birth to 4 puppies, three of them had bone structures like the husky. On top of that they acquired the muscular body from the English bulldog. So to sum it up, they mostly look like a pitbull (colors :brindle, light brown, white , and black) with a husky tail. If you want to see a picture I would gladly send you some.

  74. Hi there,, I’m looking for any sort of advice please and am grateful for any help with my question regarding on my eleven month old mixed breed springer//laberdor dog. Yesterday he had been neutered. Max is usely each day very very hyperactive type of dog always playful at all times. Myself and my family give him so much love. Since the operation he was slightly drowsy but also still slightly active after his surgery. He has been more crying which I had an idea he would be after all it is a major type of operation for any animal to go through. We are finding it rather difficult to keep max from licking his wound each time he does this we gently try remove him away from licking his womb. And he has recently been slightly snapping a little with showing his teeth when try to stop him doing this. And as he knows that by doing this is wrong he seems to say sorry by giving paw and giving us a kiss. I do feel for him as its an animals instinct to clean there own cuts and wounds. But really finding difficulty with trying keep max from licking his wound. Also he has peed normally however I’m little bit more concerned as he has not pooped since got him home after his surgery and worried incase this may cause max to feel have more pain as it can do this. And I don’t know what to do if he still not able to poop please please any help is very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Mary –

      Being sleepy a day after surgery is usually normal and so is not pooping for a day or two. It can be a reaction to the medication used to sedate him during surgery.

      The licking? Does his veterinarian have a plastic headline? That is what most people use to prevent the dog from licking and possibly reopening the wound. It IS natural for a dog to lick at a wound but natural doesn’t always mean safe. He can remove the stitches and reopen the wound so it has to be stopped until he is healed up. 10 days or so, usually.

      The pooping should resolve later today or tomorrow. If you have concerns, always speak to his vet as his doctor knows best.

      Hope this is helpful –


  75. My 8 mo Portuguese Water Dog was neutered 7 days ago. Incision was healing nicely but his scrotum started to swell on the third day. It’s hard and about the size of an egg. We’ve kept exercise to a minimum and out in his cone whenever we see him starting to lick. It looked like it was getting smaller until tonight. He had a bout of uncontrollable licking. He was frantic. We put the cone on and it actually seemed to scratch the incision from all his twisting and turning while trying to lick himself. It’s now weeping clear fluid mixed with blood. Is this normal for itching to start so late after surgery? Is this a complication of some sort?

    • Hi Tracey – That clearish, brownish fluid is probably serous fluid; a common fluid the body produces after injury. And yes, wounds can get VERY itchy as they heal (normally around day 5-7 or so in my experience.) And yes, the scrotum can fill with that fluid and then is re-absorbed, over many weeks/months. All THAT said, a seeping wound is not normal and I would absolutely get him checked by his vet just to make sure all is well.

  76. Hi. Our 7 month old male Cocker spaniel was castrated today, he seems fine in himself but is really lively and will not settle down. We’ve put loads of his favourite blankets and his bed on the floor but he just keeps walking around or trying to jump on things. He also keeps trying to luck his wound despite having a collar on. Any advice on how to keep him calmer? Thank you. X

    • Hi Katie – Keeping him on leash in the house with you can minimize his activity. Sounds like you’re going to have your hands full for the next 10 days! – Sarah

  77. Hi, Sarah. We just adopted a 2 yr-old German Sheprador (German Shepherd / Labrador Retreiver mix) from our local shelter who required neutering at their contracted vet. We picked our fur baby up Thursday afternoon and all has been normal until today when we noticed some clear, bloody discharge at the incision site – maybe a drop every 20 min. or so. Since it’s the weekend, I’m not sure if I should take him to the emergency vet hospital or watch/treat him at home if it doesn’t worsen and take him to our regular vet 1st thing Monday morning. Any suggestions?

  78. It has been 6 days since my chihuahua was neutered. They sent him home with 3 days worth of pain meds. He had a normal bowel movement a couple of days after the surgery, but the next one he had (about 4 days after the surgery), was a large amount of stool, and right at the end he yelped in pain. This morning he had trouble going, only got a little out, and yelped like he was in great pain twice. What could be wrong?

    • Hi Rebekah – That is unusual and, I am sure, really upsetting. I would certainly ask his vet about it. That said, some dogs are more sensitive to discomfort than others, just like people. It seems possible that bearing down while passing a stool is causing some surprising pain. But, that is not typical, in my non-vet experience and I would talk to his vet about it. Sorry he’s yelping. It is so distressing when our dogs are in distress. – Sarah

  79. Hi!

    My boy, Ghost, was neutered this morning. He is 5 month old, 21kg & a staffy x bull arab. We also have an almost 4 year old staffy Girl, Voodoo. We were told we have to keep them separate 7-10 days.

    The problem we are having is:
    When they are separated, they howl, yelp & bark
    When they are together, they play
    I have him sedated (not to mention still being under the effects of the anesthetic) but he STILL WANTS TO PLAY

    Our girl, I have managed to keep calm, but he keeps climbing all over her & wanting to play.

    AND we were told not to let him climb up & down stairs or on furniture for 7-10 days.

    However, when he tries climbing up on the couch, I carry him up on to the couch to sleep, he climbs down & then jumps back up. I stop him from jumping up & he barks at me, walks away, then jumps up somewhere out of reach or sight. Even when he was shut in the other room, he was jumping at walls, jumping at the door & jumping up at everything he could.

    What can I do? I am so scared he is going to bust his stitches. Please help me!!!!!!!!!

    Our girl wasn’t this much of a problem BUT she was 1 when she was desexed & the sedation seemed to work for her. The sedation doesn’t seem to be working on our boy.

    • Hi there – Yup, you’ve got your hands full! Crates for both and on leash for him when he is out with you. Great time to work your sits, downs and self control. Great time to work separation from each other as that upset will not get better with time. It will get worse without your help.

      Good luck! You can do it! Sarah

  80. My 8 month old female OES puppy was spayed on Friday August 21st 2015. She ended up needing umbilical hernia surgery as well. It’s now 4-5 days post-op. She has been wearing her cone and taking her tramadol regularly as prescribed.

    My question/issue is she seems overly restless. Constantly pacing or standing. Never seeming to lay down or rest at all. It’s now giving me anxiety. Not sure what there is to do. I really just want her to seem settled and/or lay down and rest some.


    Reed and Rosie

    • Hi Reed –

      My guess would be still uncomfortable for whatever reason. Sometimes pups can be sore after been tied on their backs for the procedure (standard and necessary practice, done when the dog is already “out”.) Some pups are really uncomfortable with the cone (also necessary.) Hopefully she will feel better and settle soon. She’s halfway there!

  81. We had our 6 month old Scottie neutered yesterday!! Today he is overly active, running, jumping and just won’t lay still for more than 2 minutes!!! Is this normal?

    • Hi Cindy – Every dog reacts differently and terriers have their own special “wiring” at times. So crating and keeping him on leash so he can’t open his wounds is key. 1 day closer to healed… Good luck! Sarah

  82. Hi I neutered 2 male dogs in february 2015. one of which was 8 month mixed breed- a stray dog and a 10 yrs griffon. After neutering both were confined in house for a week. Yesterday I noticed a few drops of blood on the floor. After checking both dogs, I found slight blood on both dog’s penis. I have neutered many steet dogs and never faced this problem. Any advise please?

    • Sorry I missed this and hope it is resolved by now. Have no idea and I agree with you that it is not normal. Did you get an answer on what was going on?

  83. Hi I adopted a 2 yr old terrier mix from a shelter.. They told me he was found in the streets. They didn’t really have any formation to give me about him, he was a little scared of people there all I knew.
    So in order for me to bring him home they needed to neuter him first then the next day I could pick him up and bring him home.. They gave me pain medication for 3 days and a cone do he won’t like.
    First night he did a little bit of poop outdoors on his leesh only , the 2nd day he only urinated in my living room.. Today is day 3 and no popping or urinating at all. And in all these days he doesn’t really have an appetite and just barely drinks water. He also sneezes a lot. He is healing up very good. Is all of that normal?

    • Hi Miriam –

      You may have more than one thing going on here. Take him to a vet. The sneezing could mean he is coming down with something and the vet will know what (probably “kennel cough” but best to find out.) Thank you for adopting an older dog and chances are this will all get straightened around soon. Good luck. Sarah

  84. Hi there,
    We had our newly adopted 7 year old beagle mix spayed a little over a week ago. We had her about 1 month prior to surgery. She likes her crate and when we first had her spent quite a bit of time in it but as time went on she spent most of her time with us either following me around or sleeping on the couch or bed except at night when she preferred the crate. Since the spay she spends most of her time in the crate and growls and barks if anyone (my kids, husband or other dig get near it). I feel like we lost our happy, social little dog. I assume I shouldn’t remove the crate since it provides her comfort but I don’t know what else to do. She is hanging out more and more but still seems to retreat back to the crate often.

    • Hi Erin – From the sounds of it, she is healing up. Major surgery with major hormonal impact. She is adjusting and will continue to get better as she heals. The fact that she is hanging out of the crate more and more is telling. But, it’s just been a week so give her another week or two. My guess is your happy dog will be back 100%.

      Some dogs have stronger reactions to discomfort than others. Where one might not notice, another notices all the time. Oh and absolute do NOT remove her crate. She needs it for now. As always, check with her vet, too. Hope this is helpful. – Sarah

  85. Hello my 6 month old Pitsky (Pitbull/husky) is being Neutered as I speak and I’m very nervous on how he will react to the treatment. He is generaly a very very hyper active dog and he “LOVES” his blanket… (more like loves on his blanket.) Will his behavoir towards inanimate objects change?

    • Hi – It should help. Training would help more. He needs your help making other, better choices. He’s a smart mix. You’ll have fun training him. – Sarah

  86. It’s been two weeks exactly since we’ve had our now 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback spayed. Before the surgery, she would hold her bladder forever to avoid peeing in her crate (we have an extra large crate for her to grow into and she we didn’t use the divider). After the surgery, she started peeing in it. I didn’t worry at first because I figured she was just swollen, but her exterior incision is almost completely healed and she’s still having accidents. Is it normal to still have bladder issues two weeks after?

    • Hi Mae – The peeing should be manageable with more walks. Hopefully more walks and a few more days will straighten things out. Be sure to check with her vet. The stress of surgery might have triggered a UTI so check that to be sure she is healthy. Hope it all resolves soon. – Sarah

  87. I had my 14 month old Great Dane spayed two days ago. She seems perfectly fine/normal today. No complaining, incision looks good, moves about like usual. My question is, the vet sent her home with 5 days worth of pain meds to be taken twice a day. By time I gave her this mornings dose it was past due, and she appeared fine, but the meds seem to make her groggy. Does she even need to take them?

    • Hi Amanda – So glad things are going so well. I would continue with the meds as they probably have anti-inflammatory effects your vet wants for your pup and a groggy pup is a less active pup, which is helpful to as they heal.

      Check with the vet office for details but I would always do as my vet instructed unless I spoke with them about a shift.


  88. Hi,
    Ive had my 4 year old dog “clooney” neutered 2 weeks ago. Everything is great. Thank god no change in character.. Except for peeing.. 🙂 lots and lots
    Of peeing.. Ive noticed a couple of issues.. One he has become so attached to me. Whatever i do hes there next to me. And he seems more hungry than ever. He keeps focusing on food. Is that a neutering reaction? Hormonal reaction? Also with other male dogs .. Hes still acting up a little. He has a little fear aggression. When will he “calm” down? Meaning when will his hormones fully go away? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Demetris – Glad to hear all went well. The clingy-ness may be more related to loving nursing care after his surgery than the surgery itself. Get back to your normal life, get to practicing training and self-control games and that clingy-ness should ease up a bit.

      The peeing? That should start lessening in the next week or so. If you have concerns, ask the vet.

      Food? Watch his intake to watch his waist. That is not a normal response to neutering but each dog is different.

      And lastly, if the behavior (like fear aggression) was not controlled by his hormones, then it will not be cured by removing those hormones. At 4 years old, he has habits firmly in place. Neutering him will make him easier to retrain but I would not expect his fear aggression to go away.

      Hope this is helpful – Sarah

      • My dog has bin neutered for 15 days and still can’t make it all night without accidents thinking might be to long of recovery 10 days

        • Hi Tyler – Pee or poop accident? Sounds like adjusting dinner time and taking up the water bowl well before “bed” may be in order.

          There is healing up from the surgery itself (10 days or do) and dealing with hormonal changes (2 weeks typically but can go longer.) So get your dog out more often, surprise closely, crate overnight near you and this too should pass. Soon if luck is with you. And, as always, talk to your vet about medical concerns. Sarah

  89. My 10 month old pitbull Henry was neutered on Monday. He seems to be doing well. He is still quite swollened and hard with some bruising. I noticed tonight he has a very small amount of seeping . Last night he got up around 3 am which is not normal for him. He vomited twice clear and when I wiped it up there was a pink tinge to it. He seems fine , eating sleeping etc but I am worried. Is the swelling normal ( he was quite large there) and him getting sick worries me

    • Hi Lisa –

      Yes swelling (sometimes quite a bit) and bruising is not uncommon. But the pink tinge? My guess is it is stress related BUT that is a guess and you need to talk to his vet to make sure all is well. Glad he is acting fine and that is always the best of signs. Oh, and check about that and the seeping. Again, my guess is serous fluid but only a vet can tell if all is truly well. Hoping all is well very, very soon. – Sarah

  90. This was a brilliant and very clear piece of infomation that i have been looking for. This has put my mind at ease. As my 18month old spaniel is going to be castrated tomorrow.

  91. I have a 10month old pit mix who recently got neutered. He never used to dig before but now he digs everywhere. Why? And how do I stop that? Thanks!

    • Hi Shasta – Dig where? Digging isn’t usually associated with neutering so the onset might be coincidental or related to limiting his exercise but not to the neutering, per se. Sarah

  92. My dog is around 6 and got neutered about a week ago because of his wanting to go outside to pee literally every 5-10 mins and now just this previous Friday and today he soaked a carpet and his own bed in pee we thought this would stop the excessive peeing but it seems to have gotten worse any advice ? P.s he’s a border collie

  93. My 3 year old chihuahua was neutered a week ago and the healing seems to be going good. My concern is that when he barks sometimes it will cause him pain but it usually goes away quickly. This morning he was barking and he started crying in pain and now every time he moves he cries. Should I be worried or is this normal?

  94. Good afternoon. Small question. My male dog just got neutered and it looks like his stitches are off and he just got it done a few hours ago. His bleeding alittle and there a small hole where there stitches was should I be alarmed or would it close on his own? He had the head color on so he can’t scratch. …

    • Yes, be alarmed. Go right back to the vet! The cone may be the wrong size (just had that happen and the cone was sent home with the pup from the vet but pup could still reach it) so he may be able to reach the wound. Do not leave it open—vet!

  95. Hi,

    My wife and I have a 18 month old Labradoodle. He was initially well trained, however my wife was pregnant and for one reason or another it was an incredibly stressful time, and our son was born 11 weeks early. In which time Watson became very strong willed and reluctant to listen to what was once engrained training. He’s been with my parents for several weeks now and is still refusing to listen, however he generally will when when our in laws… We are approaching the idea of getting him done, especially as he is fully grown now and still quite boisterous. What are the general effects we could expect if we take this course? He has never been aggressive, ever, but he is 3/4 standard poodle 1/4 lab, so need a lot of brain training as well as off the lead work. But as I say, prior to our son being born, he was acting up (with me, not my wife) frequently.

    Many thanks


    • My experience is neutering makes male dogs more accepting of training. It’s not a lobotomy but it does make them easier for most people to manage (people geld horses of the same reason, no sane person would ever tell you gelding a horse doesn’t make a difference.)

      What methods have you been told to use with him and define “acting up?”

  96. Hi Sarah, well its been almost over a month since his neutering (4 1/2 years old).. and i’ve noticed he is eating just about anything he can find. He has an urge to eat all the time. He never used to eat from the floor when we would be out. Now he does. And i can’t seem to stop him. Its crazy, he even grabbed a full on pork chop on my kitchen bench, when he would never pull something like that ever before. Especially when im at home. Is it something missing from his food? how can i stop this…i really do feel its from the neutering.

    thanks in advance.

    • Hi Demetris – That’s an extreme new behavior so first I would ask his vet. Have no idea if this be medical or behavioral but check medical first. Then I would actively train him, on leash, around the house about leave it and out. Catching him in the act won’t change his mind, you need to get ahead of it with training.

      Good luck –


  97. Hi

    I just had my dog neutered yesterday. And he’s been barking all day long getting pretty annoying. Vet said put him in cage. He has collar as well. He’s never been caged. Now he is because after neutering. My cat has no problem.

    But my dog keeps barking.pls advise.


    • I bet that’s getting annoying for everyone. I’d talk to your vet about other alternatives. Sometimes keeping the dog on leash with you can keep him calm. Good luck! This will all be over with soon. Sarah

  98. Hi, My male dog as neutered today and I brought him home at 3pm. It’s now after midniht and he hasn’t eaten or drank. I’m not so worried about food intake but he won’t drink either. I’ve tried to tempt him by moving his water bowl near him but all he wants to do is sleep. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Janette – Dogs can be given “sub q” fluids during surgery so he may be hydrated. If he’s peeing, he’s hydrated. If he were in my care I’d probably let him sleep. My guess is he’ll feel much better in the AM. BUT – I can’t see him. If he seems lethargic or sick or if you have concerns, call your vet. If he’s just sore and sleepy, that’s pretty standard.

      Hoping all will be well in the AM – Sarah

  99. Thank you so much for this article! I am sitting next to my freshly spayed dog nd she is in such a bad shape. I have regretted the whole thing several times over and I am so scared for her. I worry sick over every little sign that something is off so reading your article helped a little. She (and I along with her) has been awake for most of the last 48 hours. Spaying was on thursday and it´s been much harder then I thoight it would be to see her like this. Got her pain meds adjusted today so now my beautiful girl is sleeping, thankfully. They also put her on antibiotics and some tummy relief medication and some oil to help her have a bowel movement. She is still not peeing volunteerily. Only accidents when she tries to rest. It´s a nightmare seeing her like this! Heartbreaking!! Anyways a huge relief to read that the urinatingthing can be normal. Poor girl is so ashamed no matter how much I try to comfort her! This sucks!

    • So sorry this is so tough. It isn’t usually. Is she older? Really sensitive to chemicals? Just really sensitive? I would be distressed, too! Hopefully this will all get much better in the next 24 hours or so. Glad you are talking to her vet. – Sarah

  100. Hello Sarah,
    I have 3 dogs, biggest is a pit bull/ boxer mix and he’s a male- non-neutered and is 3-1/2, the smallest is a female chow/ blue heeler mix and 2-1/2, and the middle sized one also a male is those two dogs puppy the female had here when she was around 9 months so he’s right at 2 years old and is not neutered, all 3 have a wonderful, loving temperament, and stay in the house except for the last 2 months the male dogs have been fighting and just yesterday I had to seperate them because the smaller dog got his lip cut bad, I don’t know what to do my oldest dog is my baby and so loving but has been acting crazy the past couple of days and they can’t stand to be seperated. Should I have them neutered, are they 2 old, I have never had any problems until now, what’s your opinion. Thanks in advance

    • I’m surprised the fights took so long to start and that they are so relatively mild. The fights will intensify in every way if you do not act now.

      I would probably neuter the puppy first and the female. ASAP. If the female is intact, your males will fight when she comes into season.

      Get really, really good hands on help and start learning about behavior and training. I don’t know your dogs, this is just the action I would usually take. Neutering the younger male should lessen the tension between the males. Neutering the female should prevent some future tensions. Good luck – Sarah

  101. My 8 month old male Shih Tzu was neutered December 22. Today is the 27 and he is still pitiful. He will not walk, keeps his tail tucked between his legs, doesn\\\’t sleep much, pants terribly and yelps if you try to pick him up. Is this normal?

  102. Hi Sarah,
    I just adopted a dog from the shelter today and he has been neutered earlier today. He was shy and sort of fearful at the pound when I went to see him a few times before his operation. He seems so scared and depressed. He keeps crying and won’t eat, he had the operation earlier today and the vets told me I could feed/give him a drink after 8pm. It’s now almost 10 and he’s had a small drink. He hasn’t peed or pooped since I brought him home at 5pm. He is in and out of sleep and still seems very confused. I feel so bad for him and I want to know if this all sounds normal to you? He’s a lab mix around 3 years, I’m just worried about him and I want him to be comfortable in his new home. Thank you in advance

    • What a day you have both have! Yes, in my non-vet experience, all that sounds standard. Many dogs are “off” after the anesthesia for 24 hours or so in the best of circumstances. In a brand new home? Shy dog? He’s undone. I would give him a comfy spot to rest and leave him alone. Just watching you going about your life will be plenty for him tonight.

      As always, I can’t know what’s going on and if you are seriously concerned or he seems unwell, contact a local vet. Otherwise, I would let him sleep. He needs it. Best – Sarah

  103. Hi my dog got nutetured age of 9 yrs old since having him done he keeps pooing in the house I have my garden door opened most of the time but sometimes I’ve feed him and as soon as he has finished he walked into the living room and pooped I don’t understand why he’s doing this

    • No idea why he’s taken this turn but how about closing doors or feeding him in his crate and then going outside with him? Sounds like he needs some help getting back on track. Why? Who knows? Just where he is so… close doors and walk with him.

  104. Our 9 yr old male staffie was neutered 6 days ago but his legs are still weak and uncoordinated. Is this normal? Thanks.

    • Hi Lee – No, that is not normal. My only guess would be that when he was tethered upside down for the surgery, something that is routinely done once the dog is anesthetized, something got pulled or strained. At his age, he may have arthritis that you don’t normally notice because he is well muscled and stoic. I don’t know but I absolutely talk to your vet about it.

  105. My dauchhaund is almost 3years old fully potty trained and he got neutered about a month ago and I notice when we brought him home that he would coward down on the floor when we went to pick him up and would pee a little bit…we thought it was that he was just sore from just having the surgery…we are now a month out and whenever we go to pick him up or sometimes go near him he starts to pee some….could something have happened when he was neutered??? What should we do or can we do??

    • Hi Erica – For whatever reason, he’s a bit nervous. Try this, take a treat he REALLY likes and put it to his nose as you reach to pick him up. As you pick him up, give him the treat. Hopefully this will get him feeling happier about the process again. – Sarah

  106. Hello, My 1 year old Golden Retriever was neutered a week ago today. He had been doing great until the last several days. We have had multiple accidents of diarrhea. It doesn’t appear normal to me and am planning on taking him to the vet today to be seen for it. Could it be his hormones changing? Or a reaction to the procedure? All I know is it isn’t fun for either of us.

    • Hi Morgan – Glad you are off to the vet. My first question is: has he been getting any special chews and treats during his recovery? Many chews can cause diarrhea, esp. when a dog really binges on them. Or maybe a reaction to meds he’s been getting? But no, not a standard reaction to the surgery and absolutely a cause to get to the vet. Hope all is well soon. – Sarah

  107. Hi …my dog was spayed today at 8 this morning it is now 530 she had occasionally opened her eyes but has not had water or food yet and has thrown up once …she also has not gotten up to go to the bathroom …wondering if I am just being overly concerned ..she is 6 month

    • Very odd for her to be sent home before she wakes up fully and that it is taking her so long to shake off the meds so my guess is that you are not in the USA?

      If you can check with the vet hospital, I would. I would be concerned, too.

      Until you talk to a vet, I would keep an eye on her, keep her warm and leave her alone. Let her sleep. I would probably forget food for today but I would offer her flavored water like 1/2 chicken broth or some plain yogurt or cottage cheese mixed in. Anything to get her to drink a bit. But, as you know, I am not a vet and I would feel much better with veterinary input. Hopefully she will start to shake it off soon.

      I’ll be thinking of you. If you can, please come back and let me know how things are tomorrow.

  108. I adopted a 3y/o Siberian Husky / German Shepard mix about 2 weeks ago and he is getting neutered tomorrow.

    Currently, he is a BIG marker. I come home to the same 5-6 pee spots every day. And if I clean it with “specialized chemicals” and happen to leave the house again for 10min he will re-marked everything.

    Should I expect his marking to dramatically decrease after neutering or is it (at 3 Y/O) a “learned behavior” that will take corrective action?

    I realize it could be partly due to anxiety since he is still new to the house and I do have another male Husky, who is fixed. I have never had marking issues with him and still does not mark despite the marking behavior and arrival of the new dog.

    Things I have tried so far to limit marking:
    – I walk (sometimes run) every morning between 1/2 to 1 mile. (Depending how many times I hit the snooze button)
    – I removed his water bowl (to take away his ammo) but after that not making a difference I just keep it out for him.
    – I tried keeping him in a kennel, but he has severe kennel anxiety and has cut his self trying to get out by breaking a weld and bent the door.
    (Came home to pee and bloody paw marks)
    – used multiple different brands of specialized enzyme chemicals for marking. (Didn’t work)

    Note: he does not mark when anyone is home. So it’s not possible to correct him in the act.

    • Hi Jared –

      Sounds like a complicated situation, for sure. You will probably need some hands on help from a local pro. I’d retrain him to accept the crate, teach him to wear a belly band when you’re home, start working with him so he accepts your leadership and direction. This is a mental confusion more than anything else. Neutering should be helpful but I would not count on it removing it 100%. It should make him more amenable to retraining. Good luck! Sarah

  109. Hi Sarah,
    We are finding this board so helpful! Thank you. We just had our Aussie neutered 2 days ago. When we picked him up after the surgery he smelled horrible. I know we can’t bathe him so we have been trying to freshen him up with wipes and sponge bathes keeping away from the incision but the smell is still very bad. He smells like rotten meat. The incision looks clean and that it is healing. Is this smell normal or is it something we should consult the vet about? Thank you.

    • Hi Morgan – my guess is that your dog “blew” his anal glands. That is a… unique… stink. Cloying and gag worthy. These glands live just inside the anus so wiping around that area is your best bet. A mild white vinegar solution may help. It is an AMAZING and terrible smell. 🙁

  110. We got our 7 month old Jack Russell spayed on Friday. Safe to say it was traumatic! (For me not the dog! ) first night she definitely shouldn’t have been at home as she was still out of it. We stayed up all night with her. Now 48 hours later you wouldn’t even know anything was wrong with her!! But she’s been peeing a lot. Mainly just today. In 15 minutes she had 3 accidents in the house. All small puddles. I let her out and she still went out and squatted too. But I’ve read so much about spay incontinence I’m now freaking out as she’s my little baby! Do you think it is purely from the surgery?

    • Well… when she squats, does she whip around to lick herself (a sign of burning sensation) or “just” squat a lot?

      I’d check with her vet but I’d also be crating her (assuming she is clean in her crate) and keeping her on leash with you as well as walking her a lot more than usual. Hopefully this will all shake out ASAP but I’d sure be asking her doc about it. _ Sarah

      • No she just goes as she always has done. It’s the only times shes done it though. She’s had a few accidents over the weekend but not told her off as it’s been when we’ve not been home or if she’s been locked away in bed or something. Since the post she’s gone to the toilet once and that was outside. I think she’s just trying to worry me!

  111. Hi, we have a 7 month old female pitbull who was spayed Friday (2/26). When we arrived to take her him on 2/27, we were told that when they were bringing her out to us she started bleeding bad. The vet said she was fine all night. So they kept her and put her back in emergency surgery to find the bleeding and stop it. We were able to bring her home today (2/28). We were surprised how big her incision is. The vet said he had no time and had to go back in so her incision is more than double what it would’ve been if only going in once. She’s home now, thank God. But she’s not acting completely herself, which I’m sure is to be expected. However, she is peeing like crazy. She wasn’t fully housebroken before the surgery, but was very close. Now, she’s been home for about 3 hours and has peed over 10 times. Do u know if this is normal after everything she’s been thru? And if so, will it stop? Thank you for any information you are able to give.

    • Wow. Well, I’m glad she is okay and glad they caught it. My guess is that they probably gather her a bag of fluids during that second surgery because she had been bleeding. That liter or so of liquid has to now leave her system so she’s peeing a LOT. My guess is it will subside soon and that she will sleep long and deeply. HOWEVER, as always, not a vet so run concerns past them, please.

      And she won’t be “herself” until Monday afternoon or Tuesday, is my guess, too. Two surgeries is much more for her system to adjust to and clear.

      The incision size is unnerving but sounds totally normal given when you report. Now, your job is to keep her really quiet until she is all the way healed. Now THAT is likely to be rather a large task with a young pitty. Good luck and I hope it is all smooth sailing from here on out.

  112. We had our 6 mth old puppy spayed on Feb. 5. She’s seemed to have healed just fine, but I notice she’s panting and agitated a lot more. She also needs to go pee more often, but she can hold it all night. I’m wondering if she could have a UTI? Or a hormonal change b/c of the surgery. Or she just needs more exercise. Or I’m over thinking this LOL.

    • I also wanted to mention that she’s always laying on the bathroom floor like she’s hot, but we keep our house on the cooler-side.

    • Hi Carrie – Well… to complicate matters, she is right in the middle of her molars coming in. Some pups react more strongly to teething than others but she could be uncomfortable from that. Is she chewing more? Blood on her toys? If exercise has dropped because of life or weather, I would increase it again and see if that helps her. BUT… she should not be having many or any issues still from the spay so I’d sure run this past her vet. Best – Sarah

  113. My 1 year old Maltese and Pekingese mix just got neutured 5 days ago and his vet told us that after a week his cone could be removed but i know as soon as that cone comes off he’s going straight down to lick, and not only that but I also have a 8 year old female chocolate lab who is very maternal towards him and she too has tried to lick him so should I leave the cone on for longer?

    • Once the wound is healed, licking shouldn’t harm it and your dog won’t lick it much once it is healed. So, follow your vet’s directions and celebrate that you are DONE with this life event. Now, that must be one CUTE puppy! Best – Sarah

  114. My Male Yorkie was neutered 3 1/2 weeks ago, I am starting to get concerned about his behaviour. Is it normal for them to instantly fall asleep, he also has no energy anymore. and when he wants to go out, he walks into the door banging his head against the door, where he used to bark to want out. I know it takes roughly about 6 weeks for his hormones to level out, but this is scaring me now.

    • Hi Nicola – That does sound extreme. I’d talk to his vet to make sure everything is okay. I’ve had plenty of dogs of both genders who stayed active and fit after neutering.

      Now, being a Yorkie, I would caution you not to show your concern too much of he may shift his behavior to match your expectation. Whatever gets him the most attention wins. But before I looked down that path, I’d make sure he is medically 100%. Hope he is.- Sarah

  115. My schnoodle is being castrated tomorrow and I am feeling so nervous about it. I am even thinking of cancelling. He is just 12 months old and a dear little thing. Feel dreadful about it. Will he be very sad?

    • Nope, he will not be. It’s actually a straight-forward procedure and males tend to recover VERY quickly. I recommend neutering of all pet male dogs so I think you are doing exactly the right thing for him.

  116. Hi

    I got my 1 year old French Bulldog boy neutered a couple of weeks ago and every night at the around the same time he attacks my 6 year old Frenchie, he had never done this before, he seems quite upset before it happens and not sure why, could it just be hormones and will this pass? He has never been aggressive before.

    Many Thanks

    • That is odd. Since it is predictable, why not crate him around that time?

      My short guess is that being doted on while recovering has tipped his inner applecart a bit so I’d search “Grounded” here and apply those suggestions. See if that makes things better.

      Also, talk to his vet as this is odd and the upset before head even more so.

      Good luck –


  117. Hi
    6 days ago we had to have our 9 year old westie Harry that we have just adopted castrated due to one of his testicles was in his abdomen. He has two incisions and he seemed to be coping well with the recovery but now 6 days later he seems much quieter and although the wounds seem a little sore his sac seems to be troubling him. We gently touched it tonight and he gave out a little. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • 🙁 Glad you noticed, Sue. He needs a vet check of the wound to make sure all is well. At 6 days in, I would not expect him to be yelping at a gentle touch.

      Hope all is well –


  118. Hello,
    I had my older female dog spayed on Monday she seems to be recovering great and is eating and drinking just fine. She also is doing great with going potty and going outside. However she is acting strange the last 2 days with trying to sneak off and hide anywhere she can under beds behind doors and when we make her come out (worried she’s licking) she whines and then quickly gets over it and goes and lays down on her blanket. But as soon as we aren’t watching she hides again. She has no redness at her incision a little swelling. Should I be concerned? Thank you so much.

    • Some animals, especially sensitive ones, can want to hide when hurt or, in her case, going through rapid hormonal changes. I’d expect this to get better over the next few days as long as people don’t fuss over her when she is hiding. Fuss over her when she is out and about, let her hide when she wants to. Run all concerns past her vet, of course, but this is my best guess on what’s up.

      • Ok thank you very much she is very sensitive usually and very much the baby here. I just worry over her licking her incision when hiding but it seems to look really good right now so I don’t think she is messing with it much. I’ll watch her over the weekend and see if she gets better. She does have periods of excitement still and is finally up and about eating and such. So I’m sure it’s hormones. Thank you.

  119. Hi
    I am writing to ask about a few small blood spots and maybe a little pus around my neutered dog’s incision site.
    My 1 year old large breed mix was neutered 12 days ago. About 5 days ago I brought him in for a check (I was concerned about slow healing) and the vet said the outer stitches were gone but the incision site looked pretty good. He gave me 5 days of antibiotic “just in case” and an anti-itch and antibiotic salve to apply twice a day. He also told me to start taking off the plastic cone collar and leave it off if he doesn’t lick. The cone has been off, he licks very occasionally, and I check the incision twice daily. It has looked fine until this evening when I saw the blood spots. Can that be normal?
    He is eating well, and seems to feel fine. Yesterday I took him for his first off-leash walk since the surgery, and I planned to have him go back to his play group tomorrow. Now I am not sure what to do.
    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Skye – Might have been the off-leash romp or might be a suture working it’s way out (sometimes they do). He “should” be healed up but I might wait another day or two on the playgroup and keep an eye on it. My guess is that all is fine but I can only guess from here. This will all be over with soon and he WILL be healed up! Sarah

      • Thank you so much Sarah! It is very helpful to hear your suggestions based on a lot more experience and knowledge than I have.

  120. Have border terrier pug with neuter and ambib hernia repair three days ago meds wore off and tonight he became stirring and wanting protection. No wimpering unless I didn’t hold him for a while. I changed his crate blanket with my clean hunting ground cover and he seemed satisfied. All quiet,but I’m deaf so he might make a fuss and I won’t hear. Do you think his pain may be problem for him? His sibling had neuter also at the same time ,no problem yet but hernia either. Play is hard to control when they are together in the day time so I try to keep them crated mostly. Thier crates are in the same room and one is very tolerable with sepetation from other.

    • Hi Fred – Chances are the pain isn’t too bad as long as you keep managing the play by crating. A hernia repair is easier than a spay for a female and they come through that with flying colors most of the time. Your biggest challenge with both pups, for the next week, is managing their energy because they will feel FINE and keep tempting you to let them play. Hold strong! You know best. Long individual walks, good in-crate chew toys for the crated one and you all will get through this. 🙂 Sarah

  121. Thanks for the confidence

  122. Hi Sarah,

    We got our chocolate lab puppy neutered about 13 days ago. We kept the e-collar on him as long as possible but he broke it off on day 11. We were home to watch him all weekend but Todd night I noticed a small amount of blood near the incision site. It also looks like he may have pulled off some of the absorbable stitches that were on the surface. He doesn’t seem to be in pain and the wound doesn’t look bad except for that small amount of blood. Should I be worried that he messed up the healing process too much? Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks!

    • Hi Natalia – after 11 days, he “should” be healed up. As the body heals, those stitches can itch (I say from experience). My guess is that this is a stitch the body is rejecting or it was itching. That happens and is a brief thing with no big consequence. However, check with his vet. Pats to your pup! Sarah

  123. Thanks Sarah! Coco’s incision site looks much better now. 🙂

  124. I just had my 4 month old Pittie rescue pup neutered. I can’t keep him calm. He is back to him old self the day after surgery. How do I keep him from wanting to be so active? I also have a 2 year old Pittie.

    • Hi Rosalie – His healing is up to you. Crate him, crate your other dog, keep the pup on leash, separate them with a gate-do what works but do NOT allow them to play together hard until your pup is healed. This is your task. Good luck! Sarah

  125. Hi we just had our 1 yr old schichon neutered yesterday. So far he seems good the incision looks good. What is worrying me is he can’t seem to get comfortable, he is not running or being too active but slowly walking walking walking. I know he needs to rest and I feel bad for him because I think he is sore and it hurts when he lays down. Any suggestions? We were not sent with any pain medication.

    • Hi Chastity – I would not expect him to be running around quite yet. He does sound like he is uncomfortable so call his vet and report that, see what they say. I would probably advocate for some pain medication for him. He should feel better soon. Best – Sarah

  126. Hi Sarah,
    My mini Dachshund who is 6 years old was neutered last Friday. So one week to date. He has been peeing, eating, and has pooped. Today he has been acting a little different. We did have to put a diaper on him because he was licking when he had the opportunity. We took him to the vet day before yesterday and they said the incision looked good, and they also gave us more medication. He is just acting very quiet, a little whiny, and not walking around a whole lot. When we out the diaper on him he acts like he can’t go that far but he didn’t do that yesterday when he had the diaper on. Today he hasn’t pooped either. Could that be a side effect of tramadil?

    • Hi Elizabeth – Incisions can start itching as they heal. My guess is that is why he is fussing with the wound. Quiet? Slow poop? Yup, Tramadol can do that. At this stage of things, I would not expect pain management to be needed. If vet gives the okay, how about stopping those meds and seeing how your doxie feels. My guess is: just fine.

      🙂 Let me know, if you can. Sarah

  127. My dog was fixed almost a week ago male 5 months old. He was doing good no accidents in the house. Wouldn’t let him run or play to much. Even though it was really hard no to let him. He is now super swollen I don’t know if it’s normal or not. His nuts all the way to his tip are swollen.

  128. Hi Sarah!
    Greetings from Singapore 🙂

    Just wanted to get your opinion on dog behaviour after sterilisation surgery.

    Pre-surgery – My 1 year old adopted male toy poodle was great around other doggies. No signs of aggression, curious and wanting to play.

    Post-surgery – He had his surgery about 3 and a half weeks ago and is fully recovered. But when we take him out for walks and there is a dog within sight, he barks for the life of it!

    Just want to get your input on this matter and how to go about it. Thank you

    • Hi Rachel – Hard to know the why of that and we can hope that he will return to his affable self soon. Sometimes, all the attention a dog gets after surgery can give them a bit of a high opinion of themselves. How about signing up for a training class. Something fun together. That could help you both get back to a more even keel with other dogs. Good luck! Sarah

  129. Hi Sarah,

    What a wonderful site. We have a 1 year 8 mo Yorkie/Sish-Tzu mix. Due to a reaction to Lepto vaccine he was not neutered at the usual time frame. Now he is healthy, thankfully. We are considering neutering. He has an undesended testicle that seems to be visible from the outside. How much longer would this complication typically add to the recovery time.

    • If the testicle is right there, as it were, then the surgery will probably not be significantly more complex than usual. If it is inside the belly then the surgery is more like a spay but a spay is not a big deal either. Aftercare is similar: keep them calm and on leash until they are healed up.

      Had dogs react to the Lepto vaccine, too. Personally, I avoid giving it now. Glad your pup was in your loving care. – Sarah

  130. Hello, I have 5 rescue dogs. 2 are male. As you can imagine it’s pretty crazy at times.
    The boys are getting neutered tomorrow. Is there any advice you could share about aftercare with them? 1 just turned a year and the other we think around 3. All of them are in the house, and the 1 yr old is crate trained. The 3 yr old we just got in Dec and never had a reason to try. He’s pretty well behaved.

    • Hope all goes well today (and expect it will). Keep them separate and calm or one on lead. They heal quickly and you’ll be through it soon as long as the wounds don’t get opened up.

  131. I was given a 3 year old male shizt tzu. He was neutered yesterday. He is not eating or walking today. Last night he did jump in our bed. Today nothing. Should I take him back to the vet?

    • I’d check in with the vet, yes. I’d expect your new dog to be “off” today, being one day after surgery. Is he on pain meds? And you want to prevent him from jumping on furniture for a week or so while he heals.

  132. I know this is an old post and I’m not sure if you’re still actively checking comments, but if you are…

    I have looked EVERYWHERE to find “bloodshot eyes” in connection with possible spay/anesthesia side effects and have come up with nothing! She was just spayed today and needed to come home due to her anxiety/activity in the crate. Her eyes are droopy, bloodshot, and weepy. Is it something I should be concerned with i.e call the vet/schedule an appointment ob?


    • Oh, this is an active post and yes, I respond to comments whenever I can.

      The “weepy” could be from eye ointment often put in during anesthesia. Blood shot? No idea. Droopy? I would assume the anesthesia but if you have questions or concerns, always check with your get. For me, I’d be more curious than worried but let me know what you find out, if you have time.

  133. Hi Sara!

    First I must thank you for all of the information you’ve provided for everyone. Second, I am concerned after reading about the major hormonal change with males after neutering. Our very high spirited, demanding, loving, hilarious 6 yr old Yorkie baby was neutered a little over a week ago. The checkup went well but for the scab on his scrotum (doc says could be from the cone and we are watching it). My question is, will his personality change completely? I mean, I’ve always wanted him to be more cuddly and loving but I do love his fiery spunk as well. What has been your experience with this?

    Thank you for any help, suggestions, insight..

    • Not to worry. Your dog will be your dog. It is not a lobotomy at all. Neutering helps prevent some problems from developing, keeps other dogs from viewing them as intact males and can make them easier to retrain around certain issues, it does not remove who they are. 😀

      • Yay! That is great news! …and actually, I have noticed some subtle changes in behavior but nothing that is alarming or even close to being a lobotomy – lol! You are very kind to continue this thread and I cannot thank you enough! Happy Sunday!

  134. My dog was castrated Tues gone and i am wondering if he is ok to go outside for longer now. He is healing extrrmely well. Seems really happy just fed up. He loved the garden.

    • Hi Amber – He’ll feel fine but the skin takes a week plus to heal so it’s on leash until his doc says it’s okay. Feeling fine and being all healed up are two different things, sadly. Be strong!

  135. Hi,
    I’m curious after getting Camouflage neutered, how long does it take for “the male hormones” to leave his system? I thought it was 4-6 months but maybe I’m remembering info wrong.
    Of all male dogs I’ve had, (Several Rottweilers, Chihuahua, Schipps, and now an Aussie) after they’ve been neutered for awhile, they have never gotten really “excited”. My soon 9 month old Aussie was neutered just 2 weeks ago and am wondering when all his “excitements” should cease to almost none. There are no accidents with him peeing in the house or any diarrhea. Life resumes back to normal like before the neutering, except I’m wondering on the male hormone taking over.

    • Hi there – “Excitements”? Do you mean erections? Some dogs get erections when they are stressed/worried and Aussies often fall into the sensitive group where such erections are not uncommon. Nothing to do with sexuality or lust. Positively focused training and day structure so he knows exactly what to expect from life can help that. Hope this answers your question. – Sarah PS: 4-6 weeks, not months, is what I have heard.

  136. Hi! This has been such an awesome and informative post. Thanks! I just had my 7 month old Aussie neutered today. He refuses to walk and go to the bathroom! His appetite has been fine but he didn’t drink any water and only ate a few ice cubes I gave him. I tried to take him for a walk to go to the bathroom, just in my back yard, but he just seems so scared and kind of curls into himself. I’m just wondering if the no peeing is normal? If he doesn’t go in the morning I definitely plan on calling the vet. But just wanted to get another opinion. Thank you!!!
    Also he hate hate hates the cone and it breaks my heart when he looks at me with those eyes. I know I did the right thing by neutering him but I’m so sad he’s feeling so terrible!

    • Hi Alyssa – He’s had surgery and is tired, sore, still fighting off anesthesia and confused. Many sensitive dogs just want to curl up for a while though I am glad you are going to speak to his vet if you continue to be concerned. Typically, he will feel better this AM and then much better by tonight. And yes, many dogs hate the cone. He’ll survive it. I hated my braces. – Sarah

      • Ok thank you! He still hasn’t gone but he is so much more alert this morning. I really appreciate you getting back to me so soon!

        • He hasn’t peed yet? Give his vet a call, that does seem like a long time without a pee.

          Glad I could be helpful –


          PS: Had Aussies for years and love the breed. 😀

          • He finally wound up going sometime yesterday! He’s feeling so much better and just wants to play. It’s so hard because he has so much energy! The cone is still a problem he gets himself so worked up. They are an awesome breed I love them!

          • Yup. Now your challenge is to keep him on leash and calm. Use this as a week of training time for him. Might as well make the most of it. 😀

  137. I just had my dog neutered today … It’s 100 degrees out and his ears, nose and mouth are FREEZING. I can’t wrap him up in a blanket or one of his winter coats because of his stiches and sore tummy. What should I do? Should I be worried or am I just a crazy dog mom?

    • How’s he doing today? My guess would be he was still stabilizing after anesthetic and that he is 100% normal now. Hope I’m right. If not, your vet is the right person to ask.

  138. My 8 months old Bichon Mix had a neuter procedure on saturday. He took it really well but what I have noticed from last 2 days is that when he eat, in the middle of it, his tail goes down in between his legs and he run for my laplike as if he is hurting somewhere. I rub him and pet him and he wait for a minute or so and as i offer the remaining food he eats it. Its not his usual habbit nor it seems as if he needs attention. Im really concerned as to whats going on. Can someone add their opinion to this situation.

    • Hi Kiran – that is unusual but my guess is that it is left-over irritation from being intubated during surgery (standard practice) and, if that, should clear up in a day or two. But, no way to know and always run medical concerns passed his vet. Glad it all went well. – Sarah

  139. My 9 month old Maltese got neutered 2 2wks ago. Wound healing ok, no signs of infection or anything. My concern is he sleeps more than he used to do before neutering. Like he has less energy than before. Not that I want him jumping around but its just weird.. Is this something hormonal?

  140. We rescued an English mastiff who will be 9 years old in a few months. We had to get him neutered due to testicle issues. It’s been 3 weeks and he is still having accidents which never occurred before. We live in an apt building and sometimes he can only make it to the elevator. Is it normal for it to last this long?

    • Hi Kristine – that does seem long but 9 yo is very old for a Mastiff so he may be having a harder time recovering than a younger dog. Age slows some things down. I’d definitely speak to his vet but will hope he returns to normal in the next week or so. Until then, travel with towels. 🙁

  141. My five month old Cavachon was neutered two days ago. He seems to be feeling well and improving quickly, but ever since the surgery he is getting frequent erections. Prior to the procedure we never ever noticed him having an erection and now it really seems to be nearly constant and doesn’t seem to have anything to do with him being excited. In fact, I noticed him simply sitting in his crate earlier experiencing one. Is this normal from the swelling and stitches? Will it stop?

    • Hi Lisa – that is a bit unusual but I would not worry. My guess is a response to some sensation or discomfort. Dogs can also get erections when stressed or worried. This isn’t sexual, that I can promise—just the body reacting and will resolve, I am assuming, as he heals up. Does that help? Sarah

      • Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I just sent a detailed email (sorry for going on and on…) to you and/or Noelle through the Smiling Dogs Training site hoping to find a time to discuss a number of other questions and concerns pertaining to our sweet little guy and moving forward with successful training. I look forward to speaking to you soon. Thanks!

  142. I have a husky his name is Poseidon he was neutered over 2 weeks ago and yesterday I noticed some swelling today it’s even worse. Is 9 months old about 50 pounds and is extremely swollen I have read so much I’m not sure what to do any information would be helpful thank you

  143. Hi Sarah,

    I have a lasapoo, Huey (15 months old). A very happy and excitable dog too. He was neuted 3 days ago. Obviously, he wasn’t himself yesterday. However he still refuses to walk, he takes a few steps and quickly puts his bum firmly on the floor, He hasn’t returned to himself at all yet. Normally he is glued to my side and follows me everywhere, even to the loo!!! Yet he simply won’t, he won’t even walk to his treat draw (normally his first port of call) I have been back to vet today who has given him anti-inflammatory injection. He does lick a bit but the vet says no need for one yet???? He normally cant wait to get out and walk (usually 5 mile a day) but he wont go out. I have to pick him up and put him on the grass to go to the loo? Is any of this normal??? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Graham – Glad you’ve had him to his vet. Since he has the all clear, then it sounds like he’s just sore and should be better and better every day. Yes, carry him outside. Don’t give him too much attention for not waking and, by next week, this should all be a distant memory and he’ll be strutting his 5 miles a day as he always does. Sarah

  144. I have a two years old Dashound desexed about three month ago had no problems now keeps biting at it and a bit red do you no what it could be very uncomfortable

  145. Thanks for the heads up about the peeing. My dog is well house trained, but if IV fluids add that much water, then even he might struggle a bit. I also assume that it is a bad idea to leave my dog unsupervised while he is recovering, right? I mention this because I normally let my dog out into the yard a couple of times a day to get his wiggles out, most of the time unsupervised and wanted to be sure that I should be with him in the yard.

    • Quite right. Until he is healed up, no off-leash playtime. He just had major surgery and could rip is stitches, both inside and out. That can be emergency surgery which is terrible for everyone, including the wallet. So, follow your vets instructions carefully for as long as they say and your dog will be healed and happy soon.

  146. Hello ,
    I got my border collie desexed yesterday , picked her up yesterday afternoon . Since then , she hasn’t urinated or pooed …
    should I call the vet ?
    She doesn’t seem in pain but may be a little uncomfortable when she walks .. always sits and tries to lick herself .
    She has been drinking quite a bit of water today but no urine .. any suggestions ?? ?

    • Hi Shanty – She’s just had major surgery so changes in normal behavior are not unusual, especially the first 24-36 hours after. However, do call and talk to your vet about any concerns. Always better keep the vet in the loop and to be reassured by her doctor. My guess is that things will be normal soon but her doctor will know for sure. Happy healing – Sarah

  147. my dog has two balls right underneath his penis and above his neutered testicals .. They almost look like a new set of testicals . they’re very hard and round .. Is this normal ?

    • Hi Christina – Yes, those are, if they are what I believe you are describing, 100% normal. When dogs mate, they “tie” which means the female contracts behind the “bulbus glandis” (those two hard lumps) and that holds them together until her muscles relax and they can go their separate ways. Awkward, right? So they are a normal part of the canine male anatomy and do not go away with neutering. If you are concerned, check with the vet. Okay? Sarah

  148. Hi Sarah, had my dog neutered a week ago and I wish I never had him done now. He used to be such a happy loving dog, very playfully. Now he’s just tired all the time, and just not himself. He’s eating and his scar has healed so he can’t be in pain. Is this normal?, feel so upset, he’s half the dog he used to be.

    • Hi Rachel – That is not usual and we will hope he is back to his old self soon. Many of the top competition agility dogs are neutered. I have personally had neutered dogs for over 30 years and they have been lean, athletic, happy dogs. I will hope the same for you. One suggestion: get him out and walking. Have fun. Teach some tricks. See if that gets his mind going. Good luck!

  149. What if it’s swollen around the area where she was fixed

    • Hi Joy – That’s a vet question because “swollen” can mean all sorts of things and those things can range from minor/normal to needs immediate attention.

      Hope it’s the former.


  150. My male dog ran away gone 2 days I found him with a female he came home and just cries now If I get him nutured will he return back to his old loving self and stay around home again?

  151. Hello, just had my dobe spayed Wednesday afternoon — she pooped early that morning. Now its Saturday morning and she has been eating normal since the spay but not a single attempt at pooping. Its now 3+ days and Christmas eve with no vets open until at least Monday. Should I be worried?

  152. Hey there Sarah, just got my 9lb 6 year old terrier mix baby fixed today. Finally! ❤️ She seems to be trying to be her normal self. Wagging her tail, perking her ears up at sounds and being the small tough girl she is, soft growling at the dogs outside. I’m worried about taking her outside to pee, concerned about urine getting in her incision site. Or dirt or grass rubbing up against it. She is trained to go on pads when it’s raining or if I’m not home. If she doesn’t go on the pad, is it safe to take her outside? Also, am I supposed to clean the wound or let it heal on its own. It’s not bandaged so I’m worried about things getting on it when she lays down. And lastly, how soon after surgery (it’s been about 4 hours) can she drink water and eat food. Thanks so much Sarah

    • Hi Jazmin – Not a vet so I can just share my experience.

      1) Never had any issue with taking dogs outside and dirt getting on the wound. I would not let her lay in the dirt but a walk outside on a normal lawn? I’ve never had an issue or been told to be concerned about that by a vet.

      2) No wound care is usually needed. It heals up on it’s own nicely. If it gets red or hot, I’d speak to a vet immediately but that is very, very rare.

      3) I happen to have a pup here who was spayed yesterday. The vet said a little bit of water soon after and about half the usual meal that night. Then back to normal food and water-wise.

      4) The biggest task is keeping them quiet. I walk pups on leash until they are healed up, no ball or chasing games, no play with other dogs, no racing up and down steps. Even when they “feel fine” they need to be kept quiet.

      Does that help?

  153. I rescued a male yorkie he is 2 years old…He got nurtured 2 days ago before he got fixed he didn’t use the bathroom inside it since he got home he has peed & pooped inside is that normal after surgery?

    • It can happen. Get him outside twice as often as usual and keep him on leash with you inside or crated when you cannot watch him for the next week. That should get him back on track and give him time to heal up.

      Always talk to your vet about health concerns so call him or her and run this passed them, too.


  154. Hello,

    My 7 month old Pomeranian was potty trained and now 3 weeks after her spay she can’t seem to hold her pee or poo. Now she is having accidents all over the condo and not telling me when she wants to go out.

    No blood in her urine, very clear. She has a great appetite for a little 6 pounder and full of energy.

    Could it still be a UTI?

    • Three weeks is a long time for this so talk to her vet. In the mean time, back to a crate schedule and free time with you ONLY after she has gone outside then keep her on leash in the house so you can SEE her need to go and get her out. A few weeks of this sort of ‘reset” button and all should be well. Worth the effort.

  155. i had my male pitbull neutered 3months ago and he keeps peeing in house even after just being out. he never had accidents since 10wks old. please help

    • Hi Nicki – Three months ago means this is probably behavioral rather than a result of the neutering. Often neutering happens around adolescence so could be more a timing issue than a medical one. Of course, check with his vet but if he is lifting his leg in the house this is confusion and some assertiveness so look at training and structure for the answer. Good luck – Sarah

  156. I have a 10 year old schnauzer. He is on a SD C/D because at age 2 he came down with struvite crystals. He also ONLY gets pre-measured SD because he can get an upset stomach. Vet said that once he gets pancreaticis he will have flare-ups the rest of his life and not to feed him anything but his dog food. I took my schnauzer in the first week in December because when he pee\’d it took him some time. Normally he\’s out, lifts his leg and he\’s done. Now he\’s out, lifts his leg and 2-3 minutes. (unusual and because of the crystals I keep a very close eye on him, guess I\’ m over protective) He is not neutered and my vet has been after me to neuter my dog for years. After $500.00 plus dollars, xrays scans, blood test, there was nothing that showed up. No crystals, stones, everything looked good but his prostrate was a bit enlarged, My vet convinced me that neutering would fix it. So I let him neuter my dog. BAD idea!!! Since, he goes outside and does not lift his leg but stretches out to pees (sometimes crying) and it takes a long time and this is repeated over 20 minutes along with trying to poop. He looks frantic. His poop was 3 turds the size of your index finger. Now its like spaghetti. Its solid, but he runs all over the yard, squats to poop, a little comes out and repeat. I was careful not to let him be active after the surgery, he is normally an active dog. He will not jump on the couch, but scratches to be put on it now. He will not jump off either. I have to take him out every hour, if not he has an accident. I am not just talking about during the day. I am now sleeping on the couch. When he has to go, he shakes/shivers violently. I have to pick him up and take him out or if I he trys to walk to the door by himself he wets before he gets there. I took him to the vet last week and they said everything checks out and it would just take time. His personality has changed. He no longer waits for the kids to get out of school, bark at the window and then come tell me they are out. He lays beside me and shakes alot. He looks like I have beaten him. He no longer plays tag with the cat and she knows something is wrong, she is giving him hugs and licks. Yesterday his weenie was hanging out about an inch and was dry. I went on line and looked it up (Paraphimosis). So now I am putting mineral oil on his weenie and following the instructions to put it back inside. He is also walking with a humped back, tip toe like he hurts and is losing his appetite. Normally when feed it takes only minutes before his food is gone. Now it sits there. I go over to his bowl and try to get him to eat, but only a few bites and he walks off. I am taking him back to the vet in the morning. No dog should have to live like this. I am really surprised that I was not told of the negatives to having him neutered. They far out weigh the benefits. Sides affects are lose of bladder control, could have to wear diapers, can be put on hormone therapy to help stabilize the bladder and Paraphimosis where his weenie hangs out. So, I know that neutering controls pet population, but my dog is an indoor dog and only goes outside with me. He is never alone. So what I can say is that its the vets way to make revenue and reoccurring revenues. No dog should have to suffer like this. I am at a total lose, I love my pet he is with me 7/24 and goes everywhere with me (now diapered). What are your recommendations? Please, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • I’m so sorry your friend is so sick and that’s what he sounds like – a dog in discomfort. The hunched back, the low appetite, the other changes – he’s unwell in some way. Have no quick answer other than seek a second opinion if your faith in his vet has been shaken.

      All that said, neutering on a younger, healthy dog rarely causes any such issues and is a benefit to many dogs and people. There are always exceptions and I would never have encouraged you to neuter an older dog with existing conditions in a breed prone to kidney issues.

  157. Dear Sarah, we just had our male Corgi neutered on January 9th. It’s almost 14 days later and he’s now peed inside the home 4 times over the last 4 days. It’s like he’s not able to control his bladder and just starts peeing, even while walking or laying down. We took his cone off after 7 days as instructed by the clinic, and resumed letting him go to the bathroom on his own in our fenced in yard. Prior to that, I walked him on leash so as to prevent him from running around too much. Was 7 days too soon? He hasn’t shown any signs of infection as far as swelling, redness, or reaction to painful urinating. When he does pee outside, it is a full healthy long pee. Could this be the hormonal change still occuring with some mild anxiety? How long do we watch him before contacting our vet? I hope you have some helpful suggestions. Thank you.

    • Always call your vet with questions.

      I’d assume it is hormones and just get him outside more and use the crate as you did when he was a puppy. Should be all back to normal in a week or so.

      If he was fine with on leash walking, go back to that or go outside with him to make sure he goes. Good luck!

  158. My boy was neutered 3 days ago, he has a lot of anxiety and energy most of the time. I had to make him a collar for his licking and it’s been making him run around and be higher strung.
    I have done my best to keep him from messing with it and he has stopped but now all he wants to do is sleep.
    Could he just be worn out from all the anxiety that he has been dealing with?

    • Hi Jenny – Short answer is yes. Sure, he can be worn out from not sleeping normally and the surgery and the hormonal changes. For anxious dogs, try not to baby him too much. Give him structure and “chores” – ask for his self control. That can help himself down. – Sarah

  159. Hello.

    Got my shihtzu 1 and half year old neutered yesterday we picked him up at 4pm and he slept most of the rest of the day.

    He had a little bit to eat and something to drink. It is now 2am in the U.K. And he is sleeping and waking up whinning *sounds like a puppy sound/cry* -is this normal

    Looks like I am going down to the sofa as my OH starts at 6am. Feeling like bad mama right now.

    • Sounds like he’s either in a bit of pain or his breathing is a bit impacted by the anesthetic. Either way, he should be feeling better by now. Sorry I missed your reach out, I was on vacation for a couple of days.

  160. Hi Sarah:

    My 4 year old Pom was neutered on Thursday, he had one undescended testicle just under his skin in the groin area. He is eating great and peeing, but has drops of blood at the end when he pees. He does not seem to be in pain. He is on antibiotics and pain meds. His urine had been dark but now is clearing up. His incisions look red and bruised a little swollen, but they are not bleeding or draining. I called his vet about the blood, etc. I was told it should resolve in a few days. I’m worried sick. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • I’m glad you asked your vet because that is what I would have suggested. That is not a side effect I am familiar with and I hope that it does resolve promptly. Glad your little guy is feel good and recovering well otherwise.

  161. My friend just adopted a three year old Scot Terrier he was recently been neutered and keeps whinninh he also is rubbing is face against the carpet does that mean he has an ear infection & is he hurting for the surgery?

    • Hi Micah – not sure how that would be related to the neutering. I’d ask his vet. Could be a dental issue or an allergy or something else. Good luck – Sarah

  162. My little Shih tzu is in a little pain it we can’t seem to get him to take his Pain medicine what do you suggest we can do . The vet is closed . He doesn’t like the pills ,he is alert and want let us give it to him ,we have already lost three little pills a day he has one left please help

    • I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Have you tried disguising the pills in a bit of cream cheese or peanut butter? Give him a bit without a pill first, then with. If all that fails, he’ll be okay until the vet opens tomorrow. Not as comfortable as he could be but okay. Pain meds never used to be given out for neutering (and I am assuming that is what we are talking about here). I am GLAD the meds are, but for most of my career in dogs, they were not and everyone managed. Talk to your vet tomorrow about how to get it done. Sarah

  163. Hi there I have 6 months old beagle puppy she got spayed 4 days ago and since then she is weeping everywhere in the house, and what’s worst in her crate. Over night she must we their few times and in the morning its all soaked. She was potty trained asking to go out for a pee outside by barking and now her routine is all over the place.. Every morning I need to wash her blankets from crate.. What to do what to do… Is it normal? In a day she can wee now every half an hour..

    • Hi Paulina –

      That would be a pretty extreme reaction to a spay. It’s possible, even at 6 months, that she was approaching going into heat which could make this issue a bit worse but that’s just a guess. I’d talk to her vet.

      Now, that’s a LOT of pee and I am wondering if she is getting any special chews or treats that might be causing her to drink more than usual? All that liquid is coming from someplace… Anyway, sorry you’re having a hard time and hope it resolves quickly. It usually does. – Sarah

  164. Hi Sarah,
    I got my 5 yrs old Male Labrador neutered 3 weeks ago. Before neutering , he was super friendly and playful with other dogs and with us also but was getting crazy for female dogs since last few months.After neutering, his wound is fine. He is ok with eating and all but he is not showing any interest in playing or walk or interacting with other dogs. He looks shattered.Is it normal?will he get back to his playful mode soon?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Nikki – No, that isn’t standard at all. Most male dogs never seem to even notice (as shocking as that is). I wonder if something else is going on. Is he moving any differently or more cautiously? Sounds like orthopedic pain might be in play. Sometimes the way they have to be tied to the table for surgery can cause something to be sore. It would be unusual but I’ve seen it from time to time. And three weeks “should” be plenty of time for that to resolve but not sure what else could be up. Hope he feels back to himself soon. – Sarah

  165. Hi Sarah,
    I just got my 4 year old Male Chihuahua neutered 2 days ago. He keeps whimpering and shivering. What do you recommend i do? I’m terrified to see him like this 🙁 he also hasn’t pooped either.

    • Hi Rachel – Speak to your vet about this. I assume you were given pain medication, if not, ask for some. Also, a small breed dog MUST eat. Several times a day. Also, put a sweater on him in the house or give him a warm blanket to curl up in. When the body is stressed it can need some extra coddling. He should feel better very soon but do talk to his vet. Best – Sarah

  166. Hello , our 9 month great pyernese cross was neutered and declawed , we brought him home same day and he has slept maybe 2 hours with the rest of the night crying / whining .Is this a normal reaction ? And how long will this go on for . Thank you

    • Hi Janice – Did they give you pain meds? My guess is it could be a combo of shaking off the anesthesia and some surgical pain. The anesthesia will be cleared usually in 24-36 hours and the pain lessens quickly for most male dogs but the declaw removal adds a twist to that. Should be minor but each dog is different. Always call the vet once they open to discuss your concerns. Hope he’s all mended soon. – Sarah

  167. Hi Sarah,

    Got my 9 month old Yorkie neutered a week ago. He is an indoor dog – refuses to walk outside and is potty trained to only go on paper in one spot in house. He was so well trained that he would pee on command. Before surgery his only accidents have been in new enviovments and mostly marking.

    After surgery he started to hold his pee all day as opposed to the many, many times he would go before. When he finally goes, he will pee on the rug. He absolutely refuses to go on his paper. He is very stubborn about this. I place him on the paper after he drinks and eats, before bed and several other times in between. Sometimes he is sneaky about it and sometimes he does it in the open – one time he did it by his food! He did pee on his paper once and was so highly rewarded that I was positive he was going to be back on track but then held his pee until I was asleep and went on the rug. Guess I was wrong


    • Oh, poor both of you. He’s not being as stubborn as he is confused and recalibrating. I’d use the crate and probably a pen so you could leave him near the papers when needed. If you scolded him for going off the papers at first then he may have gotten the message that you get upset if you SEE him go so he tries hard to hold it until he is out of sight. Can’t say from here. But use a pen. Get him back on track. Good luck – Sarah

  168. So I adopted my 1 year old lab mix on 03/27/17 and they took him to get neutered today 03/28/17 now I don’t know this dogs behavior because I’ve only had him for less than 24 hours but even with him being in a crate he will just not lay down !!! I’ve tried everything . I’ve left the e collar on .. nothing . Took the e collar off … nothing . I know they say to keep him still but that’s kind of a hard thing to do . All they gave him for pain was Vetprofen 75mg and with him continuously standing or sitting in just afraid the incision is gonna come open .. apparently they ran out of sutures so they glued him instead so that even more the reason to make him lay down . What can I do ?

    • Deep breath. Chances are he’s just still shaking off the anesthesia and feeling “not himself”. Sitting, standing, walking should not open up the wound (never had that happen) and, even if it did, unless he had a retained testicle, it is “just” a skin incision. It would need vet care, of course, but not like a female cut into the gut.

      My guess is that he will be trending better this AM and be relaxing more easily by the afternoon. As always, check with his vet with health questions but my assumption is he’s just had a BIG week plus the meds=a bit undone.

  169. I got my male Schnoodle fixed on Thursday and he was doing fine. Sleeping a bit more, was eating and drinking fine until today. He seems not interested in eating or drinking and seems to be shivering and I have never seen him do that before. Any advice?

  170. Hi Sarah, I have a 9 month golden that got fixed 4 days ago. His scrotom is very dark at the back end, and he keeps trying to lick it. He is still rambunctious as ever and is very vocal any time he goes into the crate, for about 5 minutes. Is it normal for it to be so dark, and for him to try to get to it so much.

    • Hi Jennifer – Check with his vet but yes, that sort of dark bruising can happen. Also, injuries seem to get extra itchy around 5 or so days after healing starts so that timing matches, too. My guess would be that healing is happening but again, check with his doc. Sarah

  171. Hi there,

    I recently had my two baby boys neutered, they are Yorkers and both 1 year 10 months old. My Buddy is doing well, healing, not licking and generally doing well. My Johnny however seems to be struggling abit, his scrotum is dark blue/purple, and I’m starting to get concerned.

    They had their op on the 29 March 2017. I’ve taken pictures each day but still abit concerned. Is this normal?

    • Some scrotums bruise during surgery and others don’t. Some fill with fluid and others don’t. All variations heal up fine with time. Check with your vet to make sure all is well with Johnny. – Sarah

  172. My 5yr old pit mix was spayed and had a lumpectomy today and the vet notes said that it was a long procedure and she lost some blood is it unusual for her to nt hardly mve or even stand up yet she wont even take any ice chips yet she wasnt hardly eating anything before the surgery but drank a lot i just am so worried because she cant even get up yet please help me

    • Such a long surgery can wipe any dog out for a day or two. Many hospitals keeps dogs overnight for just this reason. My guess is that by now, all is well and she’s acting like nothing ever happened. Hope so.

  173. Hi!

    I have a 6 month old Australian Sheppard who was neutered a week ago and he has been quite the handful since. I swear he has more energy now than before the surgery, keeping him down has been an absolute struggle. He has always been very loving and shows his love by jumping up in my arms and licking my face when I get home from work, its our ritual, but of course with him getting neutered he isn’t suppose to jump and I am constantly pushing him down and correcting him to not jump, its a full time job! We had pain meds for a few days which I swear was some kind of adrenaline shot because even though he was in a pen he was getting zoomies and doing somersaults and running in circles. Aside from sitting on the floor and holding him, I can’t get him to stop moving!

    With all that being said though, his incision looks darn near perfect absolutely no bruising, swelling, redness or puffiness, so I know he is okay, but I just was not expecting this level of energy from a pup who just went through surgery!

    • You’re almost there!

      Cutting back on his exercise (as is required) will absolutely create this and correcting him for doing what he’s been rewarded for all his life will create stress which, in many young dogs, creates energy. Don’t correct him for that previously rewarded jumping , just help him sit and love on him there. Soon you can both go back to things as normal. 🙂

  174. My 5 1/2 month old Cav. King Charles Spaniel just got neutered on Wed morning. He has pain meds which I’ve been giving him which help some but he drags his butt (testicles) on the floor and that is causing them to look a little rug burned…what do I do. I can’t get him to sit on an ice pack (which was the doctor’s recommendation)…he jumps like he was electrocuted when I try to do that.

    • Hi Sally – Well. You can try not to worry about it, if your vet isn’t worried about it. Chances are good that as your pup heals, this will stop. Or you could get him a pair of “bitches britches” that females where during heat. That would over the area and prevent more “rug burn”. Try to find him something manly. 😉 For cooling, I might try a cool washcloth wrung out rather than an ice pack. Hope he feels better soon. – Sarah

      • Thanks Sarah. Turns out he was rubbing his scrotum area with the top edge of his hard cone….! I finally figured it out after days of this and several trips to the vet for creams, pills, etc. Got some blue duck tape (blue is calming apparently) and wrapping it over the edges. Had considered taking the pills for myself there for a while. But now he is doing a little better – not as red and doesn’t have that crazy look in his eyes anymore. Hoping a few more days and back to normal cross fingers.

        • Good catch and glad things are on the mend. This will all just be a story soon and he’ll be 100% himself. Well done. And thank you for the update. Always glad to know how things turned out and hey, I got a chance to learn something too because that’s a new one on me. 😀

  175. My daughters Staffie and our jack Russell pups were castrated Friday all well till Sunday morning, jack Russell 9months old and tends to sleep on our bed and likes going under the covers, this am all of a sudden climbed out and looked as if he was going to be sick, stretching his neck then his neck was twisting and body as well as if he had muscle cramp, that\’s the only way I can describe it hubby and I were worried then Monty heard our daughter cough and jumped off the bed as if nothing was wrong. Quite difficult keeping them both calm as don\’t have crates but so far so good and operation site looks good no licking yet, eating drinking pooing peeing fine and vets three day checkup tomorrow. But worried bout this distortion type thing this am. Thankyou for any advice.

    • Hi Megs – not sure what that was exactly but haven’t ever seen such a thing related to the neuter itself. That surgery is, on the whole, minor surgically speaking. As long as all else is normal, I would try not to fret and speak to your vet when you can. If he was having trouble is other ways that would worry me more but this is your call. Watch him carefully and trust your gut.

  176. Thankyou for speedy reply, fantastic page and will keep on hand for advice in future (hopefully not needed) x

  177. My 9 pound 4 year old poodle was neutered monday morning and its been the worst 4 days of our lives. He had a better day today then the past 2 but after taking a bowel movement for the 1st time tonight started crying and trying to eat his way out of the cone on his neck. Hes been licking the cone nonstop and groweling at me to the point that im afraid to touch him. What csn i do to calm him down i got his pain pill in him with a very small piece of baby asprin but hes getting worse.

    • Hi Kelly – I’d talk to his vet about this as it is both extreme and unusual. I would not give a pain pill with baby aspirin unless your vet has directed you to do so. I would start getting him out for walks, if possible and if vet okayed. I’d also start teaching him some tricks and having fun with him, if he’ll buy into that, as a way to lift both your moods. Things should be improving soon. – Sarah

  178. I’m sorry to ask but my dog is going crazy. Acts a if he didn’t get fixed. My female is ok. But my male is acting like my female is in heat constantly trying to hump constantly whining about getting up and down and he only does it when I, the male figure am home. Is there a solution? thank you for your time and attention I look forward to hear from you have a great day

    • Only when you are home? That’s an interesting piece. My first question is what have you tried, specifically, to stop this behavior?

  179. Hi there,
    My 10 month male whippet was neutered 5 days ago. Today he has started experiencing runny diarrhoea. Before this he was completely normal. Now he won’t eat or drink anything. I have gotten him to drink a little bit of water to stop him from becoming dehydrated.
    He didn’t have any pain medication, so I don’t think it would be that. Also his wound is now healing very well. He still wants to play too.
    Just wondering if that is a normal reaction to the surgery?

    • Off to the vet you go, Nicolette. The stress of surgery can cause subclinical issues to “bloom”. Not cause them but simply open the door to them. My guess would be coccidia or giardia, gut bugs, but only his doc will know.

  180. I just got a rescue yorkie male he was neutered and up to date shots yesterday I got to bring him to today he won’t eat and throws up every time he drinks water,,is this normal

    • Hi Sherri – Not eating much the first few days in a new home isn’t that unusual but vomiting water certainly is. I’d talk to the rescue and his vet ASAP. Toy breed dogs can be less resilient to fasting than larger dogs, so you can’t let things “work themselves out”. – Sarah

  181. I know this is a old post but I figured I’d try. I have a 3 yr old healer that was neutered 13 days ago. He has always been a cuddler and never had to discipline him for anything, always very well mannered. Since his surgery he seems nervous and will startle easily. He can go outside or for walks and won’t pee. When he finally does its inside and it’s when he gets startled. Then it runs like the hover damn just gave way making a lake. I never get upset,he already looks pitifull, you can tell he knows he shouldn’t. I understand he’s going through alot after this. But is it normal?

    • Hi Red – Nope, that isn’t typical. I’d certainly be adding long walks and lots of play outside to the schedule. Play time with other canine buddies, too, since he’s all healed up now. That can keeping him on leash inside so you can hustle him out when you see him about to go should help get things back to normal. Finger’s crossed. – Sarah

  182. Hi, I had my two siberian huaskies neutered 4 days ago on is fine but the other won’t walk but a couple of steps then sits and whine’s he’s really trying to lick it alot to. It looks red and swollen but not bleeding.Is this normal?

    • Hi Anjie – I’d talk with his vet. That isn’t typical at this point in my experience. He might need a bit of pain relief for a bit longer. Also, sometimes, the process of shaving them pre-surgery, can cause clipper “burn” that is painful, too, but I would expect that to be over by now. Hope all improves soon. – Sarah

  183. Hi, I have a 5year old male lhasa apso. I got him neutered 2 weeks back on 15th may. He has been alright uptill last week, after removing the stitches he started behaving weird. He is eating at odd hours and fears a lot, he doesn\’t let us touch him if he do he shouts as if he is in lot of pain..he fears to go under the bed and sleep and he is not at all sleeping in the nights and keeps crying as if he is withering wd pain..we took him back to the doc and he says that the dog got fear phobic due to the surgery pain. we kept him under observation for 1day where he behaved perfectly normal. I am so confused on what to do. Please help me with a solution

    • Hi there – none of that is standard, in my experience. Is he on any pain relief? Would not need it for the surgery itself, at this point, but sometimes the typing the dog upside down when sedated (so they can do the surgery) can make a dog sore. Just wondering if such a thing might have happened. It would be a long shot but if he perks up on pain meds then you have a clue. – Sarah

  184. Hi!

    I have an 11 month old toy morkie, and he just got neutered 5 days ago. He’s in pain, and the SPCA only prescribed two .4 ml of liquid pain medication. He’s sitting down in the middle of walking around in a room (I keep him enclosed in my room). And also just sits and shuffles around. I know the incision gets itchy, but should I be worried about his actions?


    • Hi Nicole – Five days is right on time for ITCHY incisions so that would be my assumption if all else is normal and his vet isn’t worried. This part is over soon. You’re almost there! – Sarah

  185. Hi Sarah
    My 6 m o cockapoo was neutered 2 days ago. I feel like I have made a huge mistake as his whole personality seems to have changed. My happy carefree dog is now listless (depressed almost), won’t communicate with us and is still suffering from an upset stomach. The wound is driving him crazy. He destroyed the plastic cone within several hours so that he could get to it. I bought an inflatable one from the vet which was a waste of time as he can still reach the wound. I’ve even tried putting on a pair of knickers but he manages to pull them off!! I just cannot stop him from licking and then running around the house before flopping with exhaustion I presume. When he’s not attempting to lick he just sits (not really lying down) in unusual spots around the house – places where he would not normally go. He is normally like our shadow around the house. Luckily there does not appear to be any infection. I’m really concerned about this dramatic change in him. ?Janet

    • Hi Janet – Give him a few days (if vet confirms all is well medically). Some dogs are more impacted by surgery than others and being “off” for a few days after is not all that unusual. I’d get a larger plastic cone so he can’t get at it or chew it. Give him his pain meds and my bet is that by next week he’ll be romping around again as before. Keep your vet in the loop with all the licking at the wound so they can check it as needed. Hope the weekend is better. – Sarah

  186. Hi Sarah. I recently had my 3 y.o. neutered 17 days ago. I left the cone on him for a full 10 days as suggested. As of today, I noticed that his scrotum is very swollen to the point it looks like he was never even neutered and he does have some drainage. Is this normal to occur so long after his surgery and why would this be occurring now?

    • Hi Jessica – that sort of swelling certainly can be normal and often takes a while to resolve but I would not expect it to develop 2+ weeks after surgery. Give his vet a call and see what they recommend.

  187. I have a chihuahua she is 7 month old she got 2 day ago i try to stop her from running but she doesnt listen any suggestions

    • She doesn’t know anything yet so leave a light leash on her when she’s out with you so you an start to gently teach her what you want. Use lots of praise and TINY treats to help her understand.

  188. My dog was nuteured two days ago and he has pee but has not pooped in two days he’s been eating so i don’t know what the problem is

    • Anesthesia can “slow” things down with some and squatting can be a bit uncomfortable for some dogs at first. I’d expect results today but if you get worried, call his vet.

  189. Hi Sarah!
    I got my dog Oscar castrated the day before yesterday. Before his surgery, he was one of the most crazy and hyperactive dogs I’ve ever known which is what I love so much about him. However since the surgery, all he does is sleeps. His appetite is fine, his stool is fine, it’s just his behaviour. I took him on a walk earlier which he seemed to enjoy but as soon as we got back he just slept again and has been sleeping since which is not like him. I miss my crazy dog and don’t want to think he’s changed for good. He’s only a baby (7 months) so surely he shouldn’t be so sleepy 90% of the time? I’m very upset and worried.

    • Hi Sorcha – Surgery can leave you, me and Oscar low-energy for a few days. My bet is that by Friday, you’re problem will be trying to get him not to rip open his stitches as he bounds around. As long as all else is normal and his vet isn’t concerned, I’m guessing all IS just fine and he will be his old self very soon. Best – Sarah

  190. My 7 month old golden doodle was neutered 10 days ago and yesterday he started pooping on our deck and has peed once on the deck too! I’m happy it’s not in the house but why on the deck and why now, does it have to do with his surgery? He does go on the grass as well, also he is more hyper than normal! Is this all normal?

    • Hi Sherry – doubting that will be related to the neutering at this point. So why now? No idea but go down the stairs with him for a few days and reward him for going on the grass. Hopefully that will set things to right again. Hyperness can be related to less exercise and fewer rules after the surgery. Increase both, if vet gives the OK, and he should settle back down.

  191. My female Shepard was altered and she keeps licking it ,how can I tell if she has opened up the incision?

    • You may need to pick up a cone from the vet. If it is open there will be a gap between the sides of the wound and that requires immediate veterinary attention!

  192. Hi Sarah, we\’re on day 4 from the op,it\’s says short walks for exercise,but what is classed as a short walk. He\’s a 8month old cavapoo. Thanks

    • Hi Debbie – Sorry but don’t have the answer for you. Check with your vet tomorrow. He’ll be all set and ready to roll soon! Sarah

  193. Hi, my 9 month old pomsky got neutered today. Hes doing ok so far, but starting monday me and my husband go back to work, and im just worried him being crated a good portion of the day (his normal routine). Is it ok to resume pir normal schedule or should i make amu adjusments?

    • Hi Angela – Chances are he’ll be just fine but he may need a midday walk, if he doesn’t get one, for a week or so. Start midday then move it back an hour every day so he’s back on normal time by the end of the week. He may not need it. He’ll let you know. – Sarah

  194. Hi there! We are about one month POST neuter of our one year old labradoodle. He went from urinating one million times a day outside to MAYBE three times a day. I assume this is normal since he is not “marking” things. But I’m still a tad bit worried.

    • Sounds like he may have been marking before and now he’s just “going to the bathroom”. If he’s clean in the house, I would not fret too much but run it past your vet just to be sure.

  195. Glad I found your site and I’ve read the article and some posts from others but didn’t see one that matches the behavior I’m see in my 14 month old Cockapoo who was neutered 5 days ago. He doesn’t want to go outside or walk. When he does come out to walk he wants to run and/or sit every so often like he’s still in severe pain. I had the bet check him 3 days after the procedure and he said his “prostrate” was swollen and prescribe more meds to go with the pain meds. He won’t eat unless I hand feed him and won’t drink water unless I remind him where it is and sit next to him or hand feed him ice. Is he just “tricking me” to be at his beck and call? I don’t know when to be worried and when not. Today I tried to get him to drink water from his water bowl and he peed on the floor. Then trying to take him outside later he peed on the floor on the way out the door. He acts like he’s scared. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  196. My dog was just neutered. The smae night as his surgery he got a burst of energy and started running through the house. The more we tried to catch him the more he ran. Now he appears to be in pain and just lays around. Should I be concerned?

    • Absolutely. Call his vet ASAP! And from here on out he is on-leash or in his crate 100% of the time until healed. Hope he’s okay but please check.

  197. My 6 month old silky terrier got neutered 13 days ago. He’s totally acting like his normal self. He wants to play with the other dogs, he’s active and happy and going potty where and when he’s supposed to. But his secondary incision site (one of his balls hadn’t dropped so they had to do an additional cut) is still red. It doesn’t look infected – no warmth and not red anywhere except the immediate site). Should I be concerned that it hasn’t fully healed yet? Our other puppy got spayed the same day and you can barely see her incision anymore.

    • Hi, Melissa – Each dog heals a bit differently. At 13 days out and from what you describe, sounds like you’ve done a good job getting both your pups through surgery but I’d always ask his vet to double check.

  198. Hi Sarah,

    My maltipoo of 13/14 months was neutered five days ago. The sutures seem to be healing well, although with some mild redness on his scrotum. His personality has changed, however. He’s been super cuddly since the surgery (he was already cuddly before). I’m wondering if he’s doing well, psychology.

    I, personally, have not been doing well. Is it normal for me to feel emotional for him?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Both empathy and sympathy are normal (and good). He’s all healed up by now and, hopefully, back to his usual playful puppy ways.

  199. Hi, 10mnth GSD 41kg. neutered 2 days ago, has diarrhoea in middle of night. On painkiller 10ml. evening. Is this normal.?
    Hi from Australia.

    • Hi, Lyn – Nope, not typical but GSD can be sensitive, both emotionally and physically, so not shocked. Could be the meds. Could be just plain stress. If his attitude and eating/drinking are normal I would not worry too much but I would absolutely call his vet for suggestions. Hope all is well. – Sarah

  200. I never knew that dogs might have a hard time pooping after surgery. It would make sense considering that they would need a week or so to heal from the stitches. I’ll have to remember your information when we go to neuter our own dog.

  201. This is some really good information about neutering a dog. I just got a puppy a few weeks ago and I want to get him neutered soon. So it is good to know I should clean his crate out daily for a while after he has the surgery done.

  202. Hi! I rescued a 12 week old puppy from the Humane Society last week. I was told he was neutered, however, they did not mention to me that I needed to go and have his sutures removed (I assumed they were dissolvable). I finally got around to reading through all of his vet paperwork, and it says that he needed to have his sutures removed 10-14 days from surgery. The paper was dated 1/29/2018. When I went to look at the surgery site and they were gone! Is this a problem? The incision looks like it’s healing fine. He doesn’t seem to be in pain, he runs and plays all day long.

  203. My one year old Shitzu just had surgery he moving a lot I tried putting him in his cage but he get all hyer he want stay laying down so idk what to do

    • Walking around should be fine but if he’s running and jumping, how about putting him on leash so he can move and you can limit his choices?

  204. Hi, my 5 year old shin tzu got spayed yesterday morning. She still hasn’t eaten or even drank and water. She won’t even take her favorite treats. The vet gave us anti inflammatory medicine that’s she’s supposed to take every 12 hours but we can’t get her to take them. The incision is bright red and swollen. We called the vet and they want us to bring her in. How worried should I be?

    • Not too worried. It’s a major surgery and some dogs take a while to recover from the anesthetic. The older they are, the longer the time. My guess is she’s feeling better today. As for meds, have yur vet show you how to give them so she gets them whether or not she wants to take it. (Who wants to take meds?) Hope all is well.

  205. I am thinking about rescuing a Boarder Collie. He is 4
    Months old and had been neutered. The shelter says he squats when he goes to pee. Will he continue to squat or will he be a leg lifter??
    Thank you in Advance

    • Hi Molly – He’s still a youngun’ – many dogs don’t lift until 9-10 months and neutering doesn’t prevent lifting. So, time will tell but, as a general rule, the longer they squat the sweeter they are. My late, great Aussie, Caras, squatted most of the time most of his life. All depends.

  206. Our 6 month old German Shepherd was neutered today. They sent him home without pain meds. Is it normal to not have pain meds?

    • Hi Emily – It varies quite a lot by area, I find. Most of my life, pain meds were not given. Now they are by many but not by all. How’s your pup doing?

  207. Hi;

    I\\\’m planning on having both of my GSD\\\’s neutered in the next few weeks. They are 9 months old and brothers. Although they do get along fine, naturally they fight over who\\\’s the boss.
    I\\\’m not overly concerned about getting them neutered but after. I know I\\\’ll have to leash them to go outside and I use to do this when they were puppies. One is 83 lbs the other is 72 lbs.
    I\\\’m thinking if they are both done at the same time, they\\\’ll both be going through the same pain and healing at the same time. Other than one at a time. Then there would be one feeling great when the other isn\\\’t.
    Keep reading about the cone. Guess I\\\’ll be needing 2 of them and these dogs have never been crated. They both have been very good but as they are getting older, I don\\\’t want one to hurt the other in their \\\”play-fight\\\” secessions, hence the neutering.
    Any input here?
    Thank you; Rockee

    • Hi Rockee –

      Keeping them from playing will be your big issue and, possibly, tending each other’s wounds. I’d separate them when they heal, but that’s me. The cones “might” keep them calmer – or might not. Each dog is different. Good luck to you – Sarah

  208. Job sarah, I found your site/page when googling a question regarding our 6 yr old long haired Chihuahua, Pomeranian mix. He was Nuetered last Friday so 8 days ago. At the same time he had surgery on a complete tear of his RHL ACL. He has been doing okay and getting more and more active every day. Today however, he started to hump his “humping toy”. Is this healthy or okay to do 11 days out from being Neutered? I also worry about the stitches opening. Should I avoid letting him do this?

  209. Just had our Maltepoo neutered Wednesday and now 5 days Post-OP is vomitting and have diarrhea… Is this normal? If not what can we do for him

  210. Hello, I recently neutered my 4 year old shar pei mix pit bull. Since surgery, he hasn’t played or really acknowledges his best friend a 2 year old lab/pit. Is this common?

    • Hi Jacob –

      Sort of depends on how recently “recently” is. Neutered in the last few days? Yes, that could be common. Neutered a week ago? Nope, that isn’t common. When in doubt, ask his vet. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. – Sarah

  211. 4 year old labradoodle mix, Rhodie, was neutered 3 weeks ago, today started panting. Behavior has been getting back to normal but concerned w the sudden change in breathing pattern. No issues with the wound and healing…

    • Hi David – After 3 weeks, she is healed up so I would not expect the panting to be related. How warm were things this weekend? – Sarah

  212. Hi Sarah – We had our almost-10-month-old mini Goldendoodle neutered 2 days ago. He is in good spirits, rests comfortably as he should, and overall seems to be handling things better than I had even hoped. (I was terrified for him on the day of surgery!). All seems pretty normal based on my research and what our vet advised. HOWEVER, within the last few hours, my husband and I have become aware of an absolutely horrible odor coming from him. It’s not his breath and his fur doesn’t smell. The incision looks fine to us; he doesn’t seem to be in any pain; he is eating, urinating, and pooping as he should. We are so puzzled…and I cannot put into words how awful this smell is! Should we contact our vet? If so, is this an emergency?

    • Oh yes – a HORRIBLE odor is usually the anal glands. And they are RIPE! If it’s that, it’s not an emergency but I would check with your vet to make sure that’s what it is. By now, it’s all sorted out. Your question came in when I was overseas having a computer-free vacation.

  213. Hey Sarah,
    I’ve got my 7 months old Rhodesian Ridgeback desexed on Tuesday. The vet gave me pain medication for the three days after. Everything was perfectly fine he was back to his normal self on Wednesday. We had a check up on Saturday morning and the Vet said the wound is healing well.
    Throughout the rest of the day I started noticing changes in his behaviour. When a friend that he knows well and never had issues with came by my dog started growling and barking at him and it was a very difficult situation to handle. My RR also started to be very restless and started whining which than turned into barking a lot. He’s been doing that for the past few days excessively. When taking him for walks he started being very reactive and launched at everyone and everything. He even went after me which left me with a lot of bruises and in a lot of pain. This is not typical for him and at this point I am too scared to take him for any more walks as I don’t have him under control at the moment and don’t want him, others or me to get seriously injured. He never really barked and only showed slight signs of leash reactivity which I was working on and making good progress with.
    I took him to the Vet today because of all of this. They just gave me more pain medication and said it will figure itself out.
    I was left hanging with answers for the other questions. I really don’t know what to do. Is the aggression he showed towards others when on and off leash something that will continue to happen or will that settle down after a while? I also don’t know how to deal with the whining and barking. I haven’t reacted when he did it as I thought it might be for attention but that doesn’t seem to have an effect at all. Am I supposed to react to it and if so how?

    I’ve been trying to exercise him when possible (only the suggested amount) at night or in the early morning when no one is around. We usually go to the empty dog park or I take him for short walks. I’ve been playing with him and we do a lot of mental stimulation exercises and games. I’m trying everything so that he doesn’t develop cabin fever but gets the rest he needs at the same time.

    I really don’t know what to do and how to deal with his behaviour, especially the whining and barking.

    Any suggestions would be welcome. What can I do differently or start doing to ease the situation for both of us?

    I already want to thank you for your advise!

    • No way to know exactly why this was triggered but the place to go when such things happen are the basics. Up your structure and routine at home, have him work for all attention and life benefits. Usually, that helps put the genie back in the bottle. Good luck!

  214. I got my 7 month old Dachshund neutered 8 days ago on 6-22. He has now developed sneezing and coughing. He is stilling peeing and pooping he has wanted a little more water and seem to eat most his meal there has been a time or two where he hasn’t really want to eat. Do you think it could be from the tube when he was but to sleep or do you think he could have picked up kennel cough for the vet. He has also been sleeping in a different room then normal since his surgery. He came home on pain killers and nasuea medicine for 3 days, and amoxicillin twice a day for 7 day. He just finished his last dose of antibiotics yesterday. Is this normal or do I need to take him to my primary vet. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Christine – Sneezing? And with that timing, kennel cough is a reasonable guess. (Incubation ranges from 3-10 days and is typically 5-7 days.) I’d talk to his primary. Bummer….

  215. Hi Sarah, Im getting my 7 year old beagle neutered in 3 days. I brought him to the vet because he was dripping blood from his penis. They took his blood,urine, and X-ray and gave me relexine to give to him because they think its UTI. The blood and urine came back normal and good X-ray. After 2 days of relexine there is no more blood dripping but his stool is soft from the antibiotics I’m assuming. I made another appointment but it was another doctor and she said to stop on the antibiotic because of the soft stool. She pulled up the X-ray picture with me and said “look its an enlarge prostate” and then made me schedule my dog’s neuter this Friday. The first doctor I met with didn’t say anything in the X-ray besides that there isn’t any stones and she also went it his butt to feel his prostate but said it was normal. Is there any reason I shouldn’t get him neutered? I don’t want my older dog to get worse when he is still healthy. His blood, urine, and urine culture came back normal so I don’t know if my doctor is just trying to get money from me or what. I also have the X-ray pictures that I can send to your email. Please give me your opinion.. It’ll be much appreciated, thank you!

  216. Hi sarah my dog have hard time pooping after the surgery ( neutered) when he poops it only seems like a dot and he poops all over the place is this a normal thing for a dog and if it is how should i fix this

    • Hi Juan – that doesn’t sound usual. I’d talk to his vet. It might be a reaction to a medication and, if that’s it, it should go back to normal as soon as the meds are done.

  217. I just got my dog neutered today, I checked his incision when we got home it was fine there was no swelling or blood. I checked right now 5 hours later after the first time I checked his incision and he had a little dried up blood. I was searching and searching online to check if it was somewhat normal and I read a few things that he can have had fluid and blood come out his incision and it’s normal as long as it doesn’t continue to happen. And it also doesn’t look like a lot of blood it’s just a tiny bit. I was just wondering if it’s normal? Even a tad bit, because I’m very nervous and I’ve called my vet and they’ve asked me to bring him in but the thing is that I have no transportation right now.

    • Hi Mary Jane – Keep him quiet. Sometimes allowing a dog too much freedom too soon can cause a bit of incision stress. Keeping an eye on it and keeping his vet in the loop is the right thing to do. Hopefully, it’s nothing. Keep him calm.

  218. Hi sarah my Frenchie got done yesterday and keeps getting diarrhoea is that normal had it before I gave him his pain meds is it normal or should I contact the vets

    • Hi Darren – Your dog had a big day. Yes, some dogs can get upset stomachs from the stress of the surgery? Yes. From the medication? Yes. Usually, that is not a big deal in the long run but always run it past his vet to be sure. By the end of the weekend, all this should be behind you both.

  219. Found your post while browsing for info post neuter on my 8+ month old Lab — Great Dane mix. He was essentially recovered in disposition by that evening, three days later he is overwhelmed with the desire to resume his normal boisterous play.

    Of course, I’m containing him as directed by the vet…

    Posting just to say “Thanks” for posting originally and for keeping the comments active. There have been a lot of people and pets that have benefited from your expertise.

  220. Hi Sarah, my Goldendoodle was neutered about 3 weeks ago. He’s got a great appetite, active, no issues – except an off-putting odor that is lingering. His scrotum has shrunk significantly, there is no redness or swelling- just an odor. No evidence of infection. It reminds me of when you burn your hand on a pan; a burnt flesh type odor. While it’s starting to fade, it’s still present – even after a bath. Any thoughts on this??

    • Hi Linn – My guess is your smelling anal gland fluid. It could have been released during surgery or they may have expressed the glands while he was asleep and gotten some on him. I don’t know but that’s my suspicion. All dogs have it and it STINKS! A good washing under his tail and bum should help.

  221. My lab is 3 years old and has not been neutered. As of late he has become more protective and aggressive when other dogs approach us. This has never been an issue before. Will fixing him help with this issue, since he will have less testosterone?

    • Hi Kimbre – Neutering can be helpful because other dogs are less likely to come on quite a strong with him and he can lighten up a bit, but it isn’t a personality change. Also, sometimes pain can make a dog more aggressive around other dogs; do you know if he has any hip or elbow problems?

  222. Hello I had my female Bishon spayed on Monday ..and what a week Iv had ? She doesn’t appear to be in pain but is acting very depressed..doesn’t want to leave her bed I have to carry her outside for the toilet sister took her for a short walk ..I mean like less than five minutes..and she seemed fine but once home straight to the bed ..I’m beginning too think it’s me ..if I go to talk to her she turns her back on me …up until this she followed me as if I was the love of her life …I’m feeling upset about this and seriously wishing I hadn’t spayed her …I expected a little huffing from her as she is a spoiled lady ? but this is five days later her wound appears to be healing well ..Any advice would be much appreciated..Thank you ..Also is it to early to walk her ..short walks ..

  223. Our husky was neutered yesterday but since coming home he has not stopped crying the area looks very red he has taken painkillers but does not appear to work

    • Hi Rosemary –

      Some dogs tend to being vocal and huskies can be one of those dogs. Whining can be confusion, malaise, general stress – it isn’t always pain. Many dogs react strongly to the anesthetic and it could be part of that. If it is, the whining should decrease over night. That said, please contact your vet to confirm all is okay.

  224. Hello, my 6 months old labraddodle was neutered 4 days ago and every waking minute he wants to scratch himself. He has his ecollar on all day. We take him out for walk on leash and all he wants to do is scratch himself. He is not acting his normal at all. He is obsessed with scratching himself. His incision looks ok…a little red because of his cone rubbing against it. Should we be concerned? How long before he will get some relief? Anything we do to help?

    • Hi Siri – That’s not typical. Talk to his vet about what can be done. It will all be over soon, that much I know.mOn the plus side, I doubt it is anything serious but again, run it past his vet. – Sarah

  225. Is it normal for neutered dogs scrotum to look like he isn’t neutered? He has no ill affects, i.e. tenderness, fever/or heat in scrotum.

  226. Just had my 7 month old puppy spayed during surgery she pooped and has since been doing little poops in her sleep. Only while she is asleep. I contacted the vet she said give it a few days. Is it possible that she is just uncomfortable from the surgery that she is not pooping fully? Or did the vet do something wrong by accident. This isn’t my normal vet. We lost our beloved 3 year old very healthy bulldog 3 hours after she had a cesarean due to a ruptured stomache in June. I’m so nervous when it comes to surgery now.

    • Hi Brandy – Is this another bulldog? My guess, like your vet, is give it a few days. I’ve never heard of any spay complication involving bowel incontinence. It may be, as you say, that she isn’t pooping fully or she could be sleeping more deeply or something. Whatever it is, it may be triggered by the spay but not caused by the spay. As she feels better hopefully this will cease again. I would think it should.

  227. My dog just got netured yesterday and one of his eyes are red. Should I be concerned? Does it have anything to do with his cone collar?

    • Hi Roxanne – The eye should be unrelated to the surgery but maybe to the cone. I’d give his vet a call and see what they say.

  228. Our 8 1/2 month old Coton was neutered this morning. We picked him up midafternoon and went home with pain meds and a sedative. He was alert but seemed uncomfortable and wanted to lick his incision, so we have had him on leash while supervised and with an e-collar otherwise. He went out to pee at dinnertime and then ate his vet-recommended amount of kibble and drank water. Our instructions were to give him a dose of sedative and pain med after he ate. Within a half hour or less he fell asleep. After sleeping a half hour or so he tried to get up to go to his crate area and was very wobbly. I helped him into his bed, and he has been sleeping since then. He has moved to a different position now. I am planning to let him sleep and feed him his usual amount of food in the morning. Does the wobbliness sound normal given the drugs I gave him? He was steadier on his feet before then. I do plan to double check with the vet in the morning.
    Also, what is the best way to check his incision? He is very furry, and normally he has to be on his back for me to see anything. Is that OK? Thanks!

    • Hi Kay – That is an excellent report, thank you. Yes, it can make him wobbly, esp. with the other meds he had for surgery. Do check with his vet though. And cradling him to look at the incision is just fine if he’s used to that sort of position, which it sounds like he is. My guess is he’ll feel quite a bit better today. 🙂

  229. Sarah – we did see the vet this morning after his incision was a bit red and slightly swollen (he rolled over on his back and I could easily see it). Our vet was happy we brought him in to check. He thinks it is just some irritation and applied a powder with antibiotic and numbing properties. He also recommended cutting the sedative back to 1/2 – 1/4 and only if needed to curb overactivity. Our little guy is much better today, especially this evening. My prior experience (20 years ago!) was with our then puppy that never even noticed he’d had the surgery, never bothered the incision area, and never missed a beat! Thank you for continuing to respond on this post – it helps to read other people’s experiences. And especially thanks for hammering home the importance of using the cone and restricting activity for proper healing!

  230. How I just had my Maltese fixed. 8 8 days ago it looks like she’s healing good this is a little bit of a knot up under the situation is that normal

    • Hi Elvie – Usually that is entirely normal. There were two incisions – one through the skin and one through the belly wall. The one on the belly wall feels bumpy under the skin for a while. In time, it heals up, as the skin one is healing, and gets less bumpy but will probably always have a bit of a bump. As always, check with her vet about any concerns but that second incision is normal. Best – Sarah

  231. Hi Sarah. We just adopted a 2-3 yr old husky from the shelter last Saturday. He was neutered 3/5/19 and unfortunately the incision didn’t heal properly due to his inflatable cone deflating and us not being strict enough about licking 🙁 He needed another surgery to remove necrotic tissue and get stitched up. The surgery was Tuesday (2 days ago), and since then we haven’t been able to make him pee or poo on our light walks outside (we’ve gone multiple times a day, 30-40 min with no luck). We’ve been leaving the cone (new plastic cone) on 24/7 because while walking I took it off thinking it might make him more comfortable to go potty, but he just writhed around aggressively and still did not go. He has only peed inside the house when left alone in his room so we didn’t see it happen. It’s possible he dribbled on himself in the room because I saw drips of urine on the floor and on his fur just moments ago while lying down/ sleeping. I’m at least glad he has let out some pee, but is there something we can do to help him relieve himself outside? He’s been drinking lots of water and eating normally. The vet says his inflammation is just making him not want to go, but if we still are concerned tomorrow we can make an appt. I feel helpless. Side note: he has been taking an antibiotic, anti inflammatory, and Trazadone. Should we just wait it out?

    • Oh, I’m concerned, too. He needs to go and I don’t understand his “writhing” after a neuter or a clean-up surgery at all and esp. on all those pain meds. He MUST urinate – it’s been way too long. Glad you are heading to the vet today; they can at least empty his bladder with a catheter, if need be. Hope he is feeling better soon. 🙁

      • After I wrote my message we went for a walk and he took a very long pee! I was so relieved. Still waiting on the #2, and hoping today is the day. Thanks so much for the response and concern.

        • Oh, phew! That is GREAT news. 🙂 Poop will happen; that is not the big deal peeing is. Thank you for letting me know. I do worry…

  232. My 6mth old Goldendoodle was neutered yesterday morning. Since getting home he is barely walking and when he does it’s onlt at most 10steps and he has to sit or lay. Is this normal? we are going on 36hrs post surgery

    • That’s more extreme than most but I’ve had a few Goldendoodles who had extreme reactions to discomfort. I’d talk to the vet to make sure this is all normal. Is he on pain relief?

  233. My 5 month old Black Lab was neutered a month ago. Before this we was COMPLETELY house broken and had no issues. Now, he pees on the bed, in the hallway, etc. I don’t think it’s a behavioral problem because he whines at the door to go outside. I also get that he needs to be on a specific schedule and that there will be accidents. That being said, it’s been a month now and no luck. I try not to give him too much water at night so he is fine through the night but I’m just not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong or if it’s due to complications. Otherwise he is a great dog I just need some answers!

    • Hi Brandon – Sorry you’re both having a backslide. It could be because he is right, smack in the middle of teething. Get him out more often, crate on schedule, soak his food before each meal and this “should” be over with soon. He’s still a baby. To be great at 4 months is awesome but unusual. Take a few big steps back and he’ll catch back on again. Always check with your vet on health concerns; from my side, it sounds like teething, neutering, and getting a bit ahead of schedule.

  234. Hello My 11 month old German Shepherd was spayed on Tuesday 4/30…I know its really soon after surgery but she has started this scratching thing. She will scratch at my area rug, blankets on the couch, and even the tile floor. Was wondering if this is normal? Is it a sign of pain?

    • Hi Melissa – Shepherds are quirky (having had them for 15 years). Might be a response to discomfort or the incision may itch as it heals or a reaction to medication or she’s trying to get comfy…whatever it is, I expect it to go away over time. When in doubt, as your vet.

  235. Greetings,
    I had my dog neutered this past Monday. He is 14 months old and so far everything seems to be fine. He seems happy and eats well. His bathroom habits are good and he goes outside. The only thing I wonder about is his scrotum bag has turned black and looks bad hanging down. Is this normal and will it stay that way or will it eventually come off?

    • Hi Keith – My assumption is that it is bruised and/or filled with fluid from the surgery – both are common after neutering. If the scrotum is not hot or tender (both those things would alert me to infection) then I don’t worry but I urge you to check with your vet if you are concerned or have questions. Also, if your dog is not focused on it at all then that also helps me to relax. Hope this is helpful. – Sarah

  236. I just wanted to to say thank you. After having rescued pups all my life (which have almost always been spayed or neutered), I found myself in a different part of the country where they make adoption incredibly difficult and actually purchased a blue heeler baby from Craigslist. I feel like this was a bit of a rescue situation too. Anyway, took him to have him neutered and received no after surgery care instructions. I was a complete wreck yesterday until I finally fell asleep reading all your posts. He is so much better this morning. The care with which you answer every question is incredible. Much appreciation and gratitude to you!

    • Thank you, Anna. So glad to be helpful to you and your pup. Answering here is one of the ways I pay it forward. 🙂 Off to help someone who just adopted a 14 yo dog. Pats to your pup. – Sarah

  237. My 7 month old chocolate lab got neutered about three days ago and we’ve paid for training and everything was going perfect. But now he’s so aggressive he keeps biting. He’s eating the grass and it just being very mean to all of us. He won’t lay down unless he’s in his kennel. Idk what to do. I knew it was going to be hard but biting and Being aggressive is just too much.

    • Hi Gabriella – That is an unusual result of a neuter. Is he on pain meds? If not, I’d ask for some from the vet tomorrow and see if your pup goes back to more normal behavior. I’d also talk to the vet and his trainer about what is going on. I hope, as he heals, things settle back down. Best – Sarah

  238. My male chihuahua was neutered on Saturday 6/22/2019. Last night around 9:30 he vomited everything he has eaten since. Then around 10:30 pm he had diarrhea. This morning around 3:30 am he had blood in his stool,still diarrhea. He pooped again around 5:30 am and it was still diarrhea and he still had blood in his stool. Please help me . his name is GEO and he is 3 years old.

    • Hi Phillip – Go (like RUN) directly to a vet. Something is seriously amiss and, with toy breeds, extra care is necessary. Hope it all turns out okay. – Sarah

  239. Our teddy bear shitzu got fixed at 7 mo. Never humped or anything. But once a mo he looked like he’s riding a wild bull. Than a few times a mo and now about 3 times in past week. Why is this happening. We have never had any dog do this. I’m ashamed to ask I’m an old gramma and gramps

    • Hi Fred – Probably just some confusion and hormones shifting; my hope is it has passed by now. If not, it could be the result of the attention and extra care he’s been getting. That can go to their, um, head. If that’s it, sign yourselves up for a local training class and get some education into that pup! 😀 Best – Sarah

  240. Hi! I just got my 8 month old mini Aussie spayed and brought her home about 9 hours ago (she did not stay overnight, same day pick up). She peed once and had diarrhea once. Every time I get her to get up (to potty) she will walk a couple of steps and then just sit down, walk again, sit down (you get it). Is this normal? I love her so much I am just so worried. Thank you.

    • What you describe is typical for the first day after surgery. I’m sure things are sorted out by now but, when in any doubt post any surgery, ask your vet. Best – Sarah

  241. I adopted a make lab retriever mix, he had to be neutered before I could bring him home. At the shelter they said he was eating several bowls a day, but since I’ve had him home he’s not easy anything or small amounts of food, he will definitely eat table scraps if offered. But I’ve noticed he’s throwing up yellow bile and eating grass lately, I brought him home in Friday,I work weekends and the shelter has limited hours, so now I’m concerned with him eating so little though he will drink a decent amount of water. But not an excessive amount.

    • Hi Austin – talk to his vet. My guess is the bile is from the lack of eating and that straightened out as he recovered. Hope so – Sarah

  242. My 15 month old Morkie was neutered 3 days ago. He was out of it for most of the first day. Then the next day he was right back to his old self, very very active. I am not letting him out off leash outside. We are taking many walks. In the house he wants to play with our other dog and act like he normally does. He got out today and ran all around the yard like there was no tomorrow!!! His stitches look good. He goes in his crate at night and if we go out. If I put him in his crate other times he barks and jumps at the gate. I play with him and have gotten him a kong to keep him busy(interest has warn off). Honestly I am exhausted( I’m 71)trying to keep him somewhat restricted. I’m afraid I’m not keeping him quiet enough. He is eating and going to potty like usual. He acts as though he hasn’t had surgery. I don’t know how I can keep him quieter.

    • Hi Sara – That sounds normal. 🙂 Keeping him on leash inside and out will keep him safe from himself. Crate time, absolutely! He knows not what he knows not so you can’t let him set his own pace. Want to keep him busy and mentally tired? Training helps. Self-control games and tricks would probably be good.

  243. Hello Sarah.
    Wow, I’ve had many of my questions answered just by reading this page. Thank you for that!
    It’s been exactly 2 weeks since I got my 10-month old poodle/shihtzu rescue neutered, and he’s been having a lot of accidents around the house (which I can see it’s normal)
    What is worrying me is that he’s been having lots and lots of excitement/submissive pee, for any reason, something he had learned to control before the surgery.
    Is that normal? In your opinion, will he eventually learn to control his bladder again? Is there anything I can do to fix that?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Liv – Glad this piece is helpful to you. He “should” be getting control about now. Up your supervision and walks and add as much calm, loving structure as you can manage. Often a little external structure can help them regain internal structure. Good luck – Sarah

  244. I have question my dogs was neuter on nov21st 2019 but my dogs are chewing my house apart chewing furniture and purse and shoes backpack wooden thing broom and mops Tina rose

    • Hi Tina – That sounds tiresome for everyone but the dogs. I’m doubting the neutering is linked to the chewing but rather that they got more freedom then they were ready for. I’d be suggesting: crating, getting them off puppy food (if they are still on it), upping their exercise a lot and upping their structure and training even more. Good luck!

  245. Hi Sarah, had two shiatsu males get neutered at the same time. One is perfect the other one acts like the stitched his butt too tight. He tucks his butt as if in pain licks and then will chew on a bone. He’s very upset. It is day 3. I am worried about him. He’s completely out of sorts. His bottom really bothers him. Thank you.

    • Hi Sandy – Check with his vet but my guess is that this too shall pass. For whatever reason, he’s just in more discomfort than your other pup. This pain should resolve soon but do run this past his vet. Hope by the weekend this is all just a memory for all of you. – Sarah

  246. I am so worried. I got my two cockapoos nuetered yesterday. They are lethargic and on of them stays under the bed. When they do get up they prance from one room to another and they slip around corners. They are 5 month old males. They were perfect dogs before and I think we made a mistake. Does neutering change their personalities at all? The reason we got them nuetered is because they were humping each other all the time, and we were afraid of marking with two males. Will they ever be the same dogs? I am so worried and I think we made a huge mistake. They are potty trained and I am reading that that has to be redone now.

    • Hi Gina – It can take a couple of days for the anesthesia to get out of their system. And once that happens, I expect you’ll see them be back to normal quickly. Any concerns, always call your vet but it does take any pup a couple to a few days to recover from the surgery itself. Best – Sarah

  247. Hi! My 8 month old Pomeranian just got neutered yesterday. He is on pain meds and is peeing and pooping although it’s still very runny. The problem is his appetite is not great. He has ALWAYS been a very picky eater, but now he doesn’t want to eat his food at all. He will eat cookies/treats/fruit, but not his actual food. He been sleeping the whole day which I assume can be expected as this is only the second day post surgery. I’m just concerned about his food intake.

    • Give him some time. He is eating. My guess is that within 2-3 days, he’ll be back to normal — if he doesn’t get used to being hand-fed tummies. 🙂 As always, any concerns should be run past his vet.

  248. We neutered our 10y old dog yesterday around 4pm, and the vet allowed us to bring him home 1h later after he’s surgery was done. He was very groggy afterwards, could bearly move his eyes. Once we came home, around 8pm thursday (long trip to the drugstore to get the isabeliane collar and food took us more than expected), the anesthesia started wearing off but he seemed he was feeling discomfort. He started lifting the bottom part of his body and kept very stiff while his upper part (head) was laying down, we thought he was feeling pain but was not complaining nor crying. It’s almost 2am on friday and he’s still making the same moves, lifting his bottom and keeping very stiff and by the look of his eyes I can see he’s in pain. The vet told us the pain killers are scheduled 24 hours after the surgery was done but I’m not sure what else to do in the meantime.

    I’ve been searching if this is normal but can’t find an answer :(.

    • Hi Evelyn — Hang in there. Dogs do all sorts of things post-anesthesia and this sounds like it could be part of that. Let him rest and give him water if he’ll drink it. As an older dog, it may take him a bit longer to clear the scheme out of his system.

      Also, to perform the neuter, the dog is tethered on their back (once under meds and to keep them still). With an older dog, that can cause some soreness for a few days — or not. It’s possible.

      Lastly, my guess is that they dosed him with painkillers already so his next dose is due 24-hours later. It is HARD to watch our dogs be disoriented and harder still not to attribute that to a problem but my guess is all is okay. Check with his vet to be sure. Best – Sarah

  249. Hello I have a 9 month old English Bulldog who we just got fixed. Male
    He has been potty trained for months and since the surgery has had numerous poop accidents in the house and his stools looser. Vet gave me some med to help. He has only had the same food and we are strict with any other food items.
    He also has been really defiant with me (woman) over the other males in the house.
    HELP! What happened to my sweet puppy?

    • Adolescence happened. It’s not unheard of for a somewhat pushy puppy to become more pushy or bold with his main nurse — probably you. Time to start training along with getting him out more. The meds and the surgery could be throwing off his system. So, more walks and, if the mistakes are overnight, maybe feeding him a bit later.

  250. My dog was a crypt neuter. One out and one in. He has had two accidents in his kennel and drips urine while walking. We are at day 7 post surgery. He is 5 years old. There is also a large hard sport along the abdominal incision. Could it be suture reactions/rejection? He is on antibiotic now.

    • Hi Kate — Older dogs can have a bit of a harder time at first. This should all pass. Hard spot is usually normal and yes, part of the stitching of the abdominal wall. Hope he feels 100% soon. – Sarah

  251. Hi hopefully someone can help! my dog was neutered 16 days ago. all of a sudden the incision is Pussing and red and has some black spots around it. Just around the incision but I am super concerned. Already called the vet but they’re closed on Sunday. I have an entire leftover thing of Cephalexin. Should I clean it? use neosporin? the antibiotic?

    • Hi Caroline – That’s right on time for the body to be rejecting a stitch (the black things). If that’s what’s happening, then the stitch may come out in a perfectly tied loop. In any case, of course check with the vet but if the incisions been just fine and now is suddenly doing this, my guess from here is that it’s rejecting an internal stitch. Once the stitch is out, the body calms down. If that’s it, it’s nothing I worry about but absolutely something to check up on tomorrow with his doc.

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