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7 Reasons to Use a Dog Treadmill


Here are top 7 reasons people decide to use a dog treadmill.Dog Treadmills

Bad Weather
You’re in Florida and it’s August. You’re in New York City and it’s January. All sorts of weather makes taking your dog out enough nearly impossible.

Poor Health – Yours
If you are your dogs only caretaker and your dog is active, an injury to you or an illness can sideline your canine walking time.

Dog is Overweight
Overweight dogs, especially significantly overweight dogs, can benefit from slow, steady exercise. Walking on leash is great but such dogs often can’t go for long. Several short treadmill sessions a day on a slight incline may be needed to create more weight loss in a more doable way for you.

Dog has More Energy than You Do
For some dogs a few miles on leash is a lovely warm up while for you that can be your full day’s activity. If you have a marathon dog and you’re a stroll-in-the-park kinda person, treadmill time can bridge that gap.

Unsafe Area
If your neighborhood is not safe for walking your dog, if it has loose dogs or no sidewalks or things that scare your dog (or if your neighborhood has things that scare you) a treadmill can be a big help.

Injury or Surgical Rehab
I’ve rehabbed dogs after surgery and it takes a long time. Slow, steady exercise – as outlined by the veterinarian or canine physical therapist – can help your dog recover faster and better.

Dog Sports
You and your dog compete in dog sports? Then keep your canine athlete fit during the week by logging miles jogging. Keeping your dog fit is an investment toward being injury-free and can give you the edge you need to excel.

There are many reasons to add dog treadmill work into your life with your dog. Share the reason that got you thinking about it below.

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