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Dog Expert

3 Ways to Help Dogs With Arthritis


Arthritic dogsDogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia need our help. There are simple changes we can make to lessen their pain now and in the future. Here are 3 proactive and productive things you can do today:

1) Prevent Slipping – Slipping and sliding hurts when you have sore joints. Dogs in orthopedic pain often avoid slippery floors for just that reason. You’ll see them standing at doorways, hesitant to enter or going from carpet to carpet avoiding slick tile or hardwood. Slipping = pain.

Use skid-resistant carpet runner or non-skid rug pad.
No more games in the house where he slips!
Instead of fetch, play catch.
Instead of chase me, teach him tricks.

2) Up Those Fatty Acids – Fatty acid supplements can improve mobility and are a powerful anti-inflammatory. Dogs with arthritis are creaky so should take it daily. In fact, it’s good for all dogs (and us, too).

3) Let Him Rest – We all heal when we rest. Your dog’s body will heal best in deep comfortable sleep. To provide that, do the following:

  • Let sleeping dogs lie. When he is asleep, make sure he is left alone. He needs deep, restorative sleep.
  • Get him an orthopedic bed. Such beds really can help. Not only do they provide the right combo of support and soft, but their firmness can help dogs with arthritis get up more easily.

Making these three changes allows you to prevent soreness, gives the body needed support and allows for restorative sleep. Those will help your beloved dog be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.


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