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10 Great Gifts for Dog Lovers under $25


‘Tis the season of gift giving so I’ve selected 10 great (and reasonably priced) gifts for the dog lover in your life.

Fun and Funny

I admit dog shaming pics make me laugh. The good natured camaraderie of dog lovers; all of us have had SOMETHING like this happen at one time or another. Will be a win with almost any dog lover.

The Chicken Soup series is a reliable source of heart-warming stories. For the “I like to curl up with a good book and my dog” person in your life.

These will crack up any dog person or should I say, it will give them paws….


This “appeals to everyone” gift is a safe bet for any dog-focused person or family. Everyone has a chair, after all.

This mug features cartoony enough dogs that no ones “but that isn’t my breed or mix” button is likely to be pushed. A safe bet for people who like both dogs and a good-sized mug of coffee or tea.

Love this set of three dish towels. Classically black and white, good looking and fun, I’d totally use these happily and I know many of my friends would, too.


This is so simple and so elegant. I’m always looking for jewelry that speaks of my attachement to dogs without being silly or goofy. This fits that bill perfectly and at a great price.


Pip and I are out all year around so I’m always looking for the “next best thing” to year-round dog walking.

Winter walking is both cold and dark. Here are two items I love for my winter strolls with Pip. A rechargeable hand warmer? Be still my winter heart! :

Happy Holidays!

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